My "Flag" Players- Guys I like more than almost all of you

I'm going to start this by saying that I'm not trying to be holier than thou with this- I just want to list some guys that I feel like I think way more highly of than the average MinorLeagueBall reader. I just wanted to draw some extra attention to guys I feel don't get enough- and yes, "plant my flag" for possible future gloating :P

Dan Vogelbach- Vogey has been getting plenty of buzz lately, but I still don't think it's enough. I'm not convinced he isn't the best 1B prospect in the minors, and I say that as an Astros fan. I'm not ready to make that leap yet, but I do consider him a top 60 prospect and rising FAST. White Prince is a nickname that was mainly given to him for his girth, but I really think that is the kind of ceiling he has- there might not be a bat with more upside in the minor leagues right now when we're talking about pure offensive production, ignoring positional value.

Addison Russell- First of all, I think Addison can stick at shortstop. Second of all, I think he can turn into a "do it all" hitter- hitting for above average power for his position, good average and OBP, and make a bit of noise on the basepaths. His pop is very real, and he's shown some very good contact ability in his pro debut along with great discipline. I think Addison will rise quickly- both on lists and through the minors. I have him in a similar range to Vogelbach- top 60.

Travis Harrison- He hasn't gotten a ton of attention, and it is the Appy league, but he's racking up hits and showing a good approach, things that weren't really expected of him when he was drafted. One thing that was expected when he was drafted was big power, and that hasn't manifested itself yet, but I think it will soon and he'll make a big charge up lists. For now, I see him as a back end of the top 100 guy- I like him a lot.

Barrett Barnes- He's been okay, not great so far as a pro, but I think the Pirates got a steal in Barnes- He's another guy I see as a "do it all" bat, and his tools I feel are underrated. I think once he gets a year of instructs in and irons out the kinks he's really going to crack his fair share of top 100s this time next year. I listed him as an honorable mention.

Henry Owens- Most top 100s that have come out lately have included Owens, but I don't see him talked about much. I have him in my top 70, and I think he could rise significantly from that spot next season. His stuff is frontline quality, and his command may never be plus but I do think it could become good enough for him to be a #2 starter in the future. His dominance ratios are ridiculous.

Brian Goodwin- He's slowed in his AA debut, but I'll chalk that up to an adjustment period. Goodwin has tools that readily translate to being a baseball player- he's got big raw power and big time speed and his approach is excellent. He's another "do it all" hitter- and a potentially better one than any of the other guys I've mentioned. I have him in my top 50 and once he gets on track at AA he'll make a good move up, possibly to the 30 range.

Nick Maronde- I've mentioned Maronde several times in gameday threads, and I want to take another moment to express how highly I think of him. He may have a reliever's build but he has a starter's arsenal, and his stats so far show it. Had it not been for the lat strain that sidelined him earlier in the year I think more people would get behind him, and I really believe in him as a future #3 starter, which to me makes him a back end of the top 100 guy.

Alex Meyer- I have Meyer in my top 40, and I'm not especially afraid of looking silly because of it. Meyer absolutely shredded low-A and has performed pretty well at A+, and I think he'll only get better. His stuff is frontline and his command is getting there, and like Henry Owens, his dominance ratios are worth gushing over. I really like Meyer.

Lance McCullers, Jr.- I'm already ready to consider McCullers a top 80 prospect- I thought he'd be a top 10 selection in the draft and jumped for joy when the Astros drafted and signed him. I don't share the concerns about him sticking as a starter, and think that he has a real chance to be a top of the rotation arm. His pro debut so far has been excellent, and I think his fastball/curve combo will take him places.

There are a few more guys I could list, but these are the big ones. What do y'all think of these players? Am I spot on, or am I totally crazy? Maybe a mixture of the two? I hope y'all enjoy the read.

And as always- don't be afraid to tell me when I'm wrong. Like I always say, the reason I read this site is to learn.

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