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2012 MLB All-Star Game: Origins of American League Hitters

American League 2012 All-Star Ian Kinsler, second baseman of the Texas Rangers, drafted in the 17th round in 2003 from the University of Missouri. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Continuing with our breakdown of the 2012 MLB All-Star Rosters, we turn to American League Hitter origins.

2012 MLB All Star Game: Origins of the All Stars, American League Hitters

Elvis Andrus, SS, Rangers: Free agent, Venezuela, 2005
Jose Bautista, OF, Blue Jays:
20th round, Chipola JC, 2000
Adrian Beltre, 3B, Rangers:
Free agent, Dominican Republic, 1994
Billy Butler, 1B, Royals: First round, Florida HS, 2004
Asdrubal Cabrera, SS, Indians: Free agent, Venezuela, 2002

Miguel Cabrera, 3B, Tigers: Free agent, Venezuela, 1999
Robinson Cano, 2B, Yankees: Free agent, Dominican Republic, 2001
Adam Dunn, DH, White Sox: Second round, Texas HS, 1998
Prince Fielder, 1B, Tigers: First round, Florida HS, 2002
Curtis Granderson, OF, Yankees: Third round, University of Illinois-Chicago, 2002

Josh Hamilton, OF, Rangers:
First round, North Carolina HS, 1999
Derek Jeter, SS, Yankees: First round, Michigan HS, 1992
Adam Jones, OF, Orioles: Supplemental first round, California HS, 2003
Ian Kinsler, 2B, Rangers: 17th round, University of Missouri, 2003
Paul Konerko, 1B, White Sox: First round, Arizona HS, 1994

Joe Mauer, C, Twins:
First round, Minnesota HS, 2001
Mike Napoli, C, Rangers: 17th round, Florida HS, 2000
David Ortiz, DH, Red Sox: Free agent, Dominican Republic, 1992
Mike Trout, OF, Angels: First round, New Jersey HS, 2009
Mark Trumbo, OF, Angels: 18th round, California HS, 2004
Matt Wieters, C, Orioles: First round, Georgia Tech, 2007

21 Players
6 International free agents (3 Dominican Republic, 3 Venezuela)
11 High school players (3 Florida, 2 California, 1 Texas, 1 New Jersey, 1 Minnesota, 1 Michigan, 1 North Carolina, 1 Arizona)
1 Junior College player
3 Four Year College players
9 First or supplemental round draft picks
2 Second or Third Round Picks
0 Picks rounds three through ten
4 Picks after the 10th round

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