Justin Upton - possible landing spots and trade packages

It appears the Diamondbacks are pushing hard to move him. This doesn't mean they will be giving him away. His value is very high with over 3 years of control, but there are some questions of lingering shoulder problems.

note: And while a trade isn't complete without a physical I don't believe physicals include MRI Arthrograms (ink dye injection or MRA). If someone can confirm/deny this it would be appreciated.

It's said Arizona is looking for help at SS, 3B, TOR starter. Some of the teams being mentioned are Pittsburgh and Toronto but I expect Texas and a handful of other teams will be involved.

Where do you think he will go? What package do you think is fair?


Yankees, Red Sox, Rays - Don't see it happening. NY and Boston are near their payroll threshold and I'm not sure NY has the prospects to get him. TB would be a great fit but it's the payroll issue again.

Blue Jays - could offer some combination of Hechavarria, Nicolino/Syndergaard/Norris, Marisnik/Gose. I highly doubt D'Arnaud will be made available. But with the amount of talent they have at all levels in their system it should not be a problem.

White Sox - I don't see them having the prospects.

Indians - They could do it with Lindor, but I'm not sure that's the route they want. And they haven't been inclined to spend much either.

Royals - They have Myers to call up and are falling out of the chase. More importantly it's pitching they need.

Angels - They have too many OF'ers already. One could dream of a Trout, Trumbo, Upton OF though.

Rangers - could offer Profar and Olt and the deal would be done in a heartbeat but I doubt that is going to happen. They could offer Profar and some lesser talent or they could offer Olt, M. Perez and an upside pitcher. But my guess is they first have to figure if this is the way to go or should they look to move Olt for a Hamels or Greinke.


Nationals - Werth coming back might stop them from pursuing this even though Upton would make that OF sweet for years to come.

Braves - they have plenty of pitching prospects and Teheran could likely need a fresh start. The Braves are probably looking for pitching help though.

Mets - Do they have the farm system to get him?

Pirates - Do they sell the farm while their team is still very young? Seems premature to me but very doable.

Reds - Do they have the farm system after the Latos deal?

Cardinals - This might be a good fit as they have a good farm system but OT will be ready soon.

Dodgers - I could see them looking to make a splash. Kemp, Ethier, Upton would be a sick OF.

Giants - They need the offence but I highly doubt Wheeler is moved. Maybe Arizona would take Big Time Timmy Jim.

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