My 2012 MLB Draft Top 100

Hey everyone, I am no important expert, but I did put a lot of work into draft rankings for the mock draft, and figured I would share it with everyone. Otherwise, I need a life (well, I still may, but that is a different subject).

I do not have time to give scouting reports, or explanations, but between what John and Matt have posted here, and info you can find on great sites like,, and, you should be able to learn all you want about any of these players. Hell, just Google their names. For video, check out youtube. Anyway, here goes.

1. Byron Buxton OF Appling County HS (GA)
2. Mark Appel RHP Stanford University
3. Kevin Gausman RHP Louisiana State University
4. Carlos Correa SS Puerto Rico Baseball Academy (PR)
5. Mike Zunino C University of Florida
6. Max Fried LHP Harvard Westlake HS (CA)
7. Kyle Zimmer RHP University of San Francisco
8. Albert Almora OF Mater Christian HS (FL)
9. Lucas Giolito RHP Harvard Westlake HS (CA)
10. Marcus Stroman RHP Duke University
11. Deven Marrero SS Arizona State University
12. Michael Wacha RHP Texas A&M University
13. David Dahl OF Oak Mountain HS (AL)
14. Lance McCullers RHP Tampa Jesuit HS (FL)
15. Gavin Cecchini SS Barbe HS (LA)
16. Richie Shaffer 3B Clemson University
17. Courtney Hawkins OF Carroll HS (TX)
18. Stryker Trahan C Acadiana HS (LA)
19. Lucas Sims RHP Brookwood HS (GA)
20. Addison Russell SS Pace HS (FL)
21. Tyler Naquin OF Texas A&M University
22. Joey Gallo 3B Bishop Gorman HS (NV)
23. Walker Weickel RHP Olympia HS (FL)
24. Matt Smoral LHP Solon HS (OH)
25. Stephen Piscotty 3B Stanford University
26. Andrew Heaney LHP Oklahoma St
27. Nolan Fontana SS University of Florida
28. Ty Hensley RHP Santa Fe HS (OK)
29. Lewis Brinson OF Coral Springs HS (FL)
30. Chris Stratton RHP Mississippi St
31. Zach Eflin RHP Hagerty HS (FL)
32. Victor Roache OF Georgia Southern University
33. Brian Johnson LHP University of Florida
34. Tanner Rahier SS Palm Desert HS (CA)
35. Corey Seager SS Northwest Cabarrus HS (NC)
36. Travis Jankowski OF Stony Brook University
37. Hunter Virant LHP Camarillo HS (CA)
38. Chris Beck RHP Georgia Southern University
39. Nick Travieso RHP Archbishop McCarthy HS (FL)
40. Adam Brett Walker OF Jacksonville University
41. Trey Williams 3B Valencia HS (CA)
42. Duane Underwood RHP Pope HS (GA)
43. Nick Williams OF Galveston Ball HS (TX)
44. Carson Kelly 3B Westview HS (OR)
45. Clint Coulter C Union HS (WA)
46. D.J. Davis OF Stone County HS (Miss)
47. Rio Ruiz 3B Bishop Amat HS (CA)
48. Barrett Barnes OF Texas Tech
49. Pierce Johnson RHP Missouri St
50. James Ramsey OF Florida St
51. Jake Barrett RHP Arizona St
52. Jesse Winker OF Olympia HS (FL)
53. Ty Buttrey RHP Providence Sr HS (NC)
54. Kenny Diekroeger SS Stanford University
55. Pat Light RHP Monmouth
56. Nolan Sanburn RHP University of Arkansas
57. Shane Watson RHP Lakewood HS (CA)
58. Jose Orlando Berrios RHP Juan XXII HS (PR)
59. Alex Wood LHP Georgia
60. Clate Schmidt RHP Allatoona HS (GA)
61. Mitchell Traver RHP Houston Christian HS (TX)
62. Josh Elander C Texas Christian University
63. Branden Kline RHP Virginia
64. Dylan Baker RHP Western Nevada CC
65. Daniel Robertson SS Upland HS (CA)
66. Martin Agosta RHP St. Mary's
67. Wyatt Mathisen C Calallen HS (TX)
68. Mitch Brown RHP Century HS (MN)
69. Mitch Haniger OF Cal Poly
70. Jeff Gelalich OF UCLA
71. Mitch Nay OF Hamilton HS (AZ)
72. Patrick Wisdom 3B St. Mary's
73. Anthony Alford OF Petal HS (MS)
74. Brady Rodgers RHP Arizona St.
75. Jesmuel Valentin Diaz SS Puerto Rico Baseball Academy (PR)
76. Peter O'Brien C Miami
77. Brett Mooneyham LHP Stanford University
78. Kieran Lovegrove RHP Mission Viejo HS (CA)
79. Brandon Thomas OF Georgia Tech University
80. Cody Poteet RHP San Diego Christian HS (CA)
81. Tom Murphy C Buffalo
82. Taylore Cherry RHP Vandalia Butler HS (OH)
83. Freddy Avis RHP Menlo School (CA)
84. Rhett Wiseman OF Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School (MA)
85. Austin Maddox RHP Florida
86. C.J. Hinojosa SS Klein Collins HS (TX)
87. Mitchell Gueller RHP WF West (WA)
88. Fernando Perez 3B Central Arizona JC
89. Kyle Twomey LHP El Dorado HS (CA)
90. Lex Rutledge LHP Samford
91. J.T. Chargois RHP Rice
92. Jameis Winston OF Hueytown HS (AL)
93. Dane Phillips C Oklahoma City University
94. Alex Bregman SS Albuquerque Academy (NM)
95. Christian Walker 1B South Carolina
96. Tony Renda 2B California
97. Tyler Gonzales RHP James Madison HS (TX)
98. Stephen Johnson RHP St. Edward’s College
99. Avery Romero SS Pedro Menendez (FL)
100. Kyle Hansen RHP St. John's

I tend to be a bit more conservative with jumping someone up or down due to late season helium. This list attempts to rank based on a mixture of talent and signability. So, what do you think?

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