2012 MLB Draft Mock (1st Round)

The following is my attempt of predicting the 2012 MLB Draft. Every year, there are players that rise and slide so I did my best to try and identify those players while using team's past draft tendencies.

1. Houston Astros - Mark Appel, RHP, Stanford

The Astros simply cannot swing and miss on this pick as it could set them back even further if they do. They need help in so many areas but Appel seems to be the safest and surest bet in the draft.

2. Minnesota Twins - Carlos Correa, SS, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy

The Twins seriously need an impact bat and Correa plays a premium position while appearing to be the player with the most superstar potential. A somewhat large cavet to this selection is that the Twins haven't picked a prep player, Revere, since 2007.

3. Seattle Mariners - Mike Zunino, C, Florida

This pick seems to be almost set in stone though I think if Correra is on the board, the Mariners may be tempted. Still, Zunino is an impact bat, should move somewhat quickly, and fills an organizational need.

4. Baltimore Orioles - Byron Buxton, OF, Appling County High School, GA

After taking Dylan Bundy last year, the Orioles likely won't be gun shy taking a prep star. Buxton might take a little bit of time to develop but the wait could be truly worth it.

5. Kansas City Royals - Kevin Gausman, RHP, LSU

The Royals are looking to be contenders in just a handfull of years and college star Gausman might be able to arrive just in the nick of time to contribute.

6. Chicago Cubs - Max Fried, LHP, Harvard-Westlake High School, CA

Fried is obviously the best LHP prep arm in the draft and according to Epstein the Cubs are building for tomorrow.

7. San Diego Padres - Deven Marrero, SS, Arizona State

The Padres just haven't had any luck drafting a SS in the past but Marrero's potentially high average and elite defense could play nicely at Petco very soon.

8. Pittsburgh Pirates - Gavin Cecchini, SS, Barbe High School, LA

With past selections Cole & Taillon, I believe the Pirates go after a needed infield bat here but will need to remain careful. So, selecting Cecchini and his pedigree would be a smart move here.

9. Miami Marlins - Albert Almora, Marion Christian Academy, FL

While some believe McCullers will be the selection here, his lack of size and potential projection as a reliever hurts him. Almora still fills the Florida connection that many Marlins picks have as well providing a little more security for a revamped organization.

10. Colorado Rockies - Michael Wacha, RHP, Texas A&M

The Rockies could be turning a corner and they will want a college pitcher that can be counted on to move quickly. The pitchability of A&M's Wacha should prove attractive.

11. Oakland Athletics - Kyle Zimmer, RHP, San Francisco

The fact that Zimmer hasn't pitched that long will likely scare off some teams but I doubt anybody has scouted Zimmer more than than Oakland. This pick will additionally fit into Beane's college player tendencies.

12. New York Mets - Courtney Hawkins, OF, Carroll High School, TX

Hawkins remains a highly valuable talent due to his immense tools. His power potential would immediately catapult him as the #1 Mets hitting prospect.

13. Chicago White Sox - Richie Shaffer, 3B, Clemson

Shaffer should provide a legit power threat at the hot corner for years to come and he fits in with the team's tendency to draft college players in the 1st round.

14. Cincinnati Reds - Chris Heaney, LHP, Oklahoma State

Adding Heaney would provide the Reds with a needed impact lefty, should be a relatively easy sign, and should move fairly quickly which would help a contending team in need. Jocketty has had more success selecting college players near this pick.

15. Cleveland Indians - Chris Stratton, RHP, Mississippi State

With Wacha, Zimmer, and Heaney off the board, selecting Stratton here makes a lot of sense. The Indians are looking for upside and stability and Statton combines both in addition to apparently being an easier sign than most.

16. Washington Nationals - Marcus Stroman, RHP, Duke

Not one to stay away from talent, the Nationals will look past Stroman's statue and look to add his talented arsenal of pitches.

17. Toronto Blue Jays - Lucas Giolito, RHP, Harvard-Westlake High School, CA

This is basically the earliest I can see Giolito going with his injury. It is a protected pick, the Blue Jays have another 1st round pick, and would block potential AL East teams from selecting Giolito if the Blue Jays are not able to get him to sign.

18. Los Angeles Dodgers - Stryker Trahan, C, Acadiana High School, LA

Trahan is the #1 prep catching prospect in the draft and the Dodgers would do well to take advantage of that fact despite tendencies to target arms in past drafts.

19. St. Louis Cardinals - Pierce Johnson, RHP, Missouri State

As a compensation pick for losing Pujols, you can expect the Cards to play it somewhat safe here to guarantee a signing. A college pick here is likely and Missouri State's Johnson would likely do just that.

20. San Francisco Giants - David Dahl, OF, Oak Mountain High School, AL

Dahl posses some of the skills that has been lacking within the Giants system for quite some time. While, he is not a sure thing, his has the talent to become a true impact bat.

21. Atlanta Braves - Cory Seager, 3B, Northwest Cabarrus High School, NC

The Braves typically like to draft southern players during the 1st round. Combine that with the fact that Seager's brother is currently tearing it up in Seattle and that Cory looks to have more offensive upside, the younger Seager would be a good fit.

22. Blue Jays - Chris Beck, RHP, Georgia Southern

With the Giolito selection and the run on college arms, selecting Beck here might be a tad premature but could be a smart way to offset slot allotments in addition to ensuring a perceivable easy sign.

23. St. Louis Cardinals - Jameis Winston, OF, Hueytown High School, AL

After selecting Johnson with pick #19, the Cardinals could look to go out on limb with Winston's selection here. The team tends to favor prep bats late at this range in the 1st round.

24. Boston Red Sox - Matt Smoral, LHP, Solon High School, OH

If not for a foot injury, Smoral might be a top 10 pick in the this year's draft. Picking Smoral here would be a protected pick so the risk could be warranted as the Red Sox have an additional, though un-protected, 1st round pick.

25. Tampa Bay Rays - Lance McCullers Jr., RHP, Jesuit High School, FL

There is a stigma surrounding McCullers that his size and arm action could propel him into relief but his pedigree is enough for the Rays to take a chance.

26. Arizona Diamondbacks - Tanner Rahier, 3B, Palm Desert High School, CA

Adding Rahier here would be an excellent get for the D'Backs as he is the type of bat the world normally go much earlier in some drafts. His future is at 3B and that fits an organizational need.

27. Milwaukee Brewers - Tyler Naquin, OF, Texas A&M

This pick is compensation for the loss of Prince Fielder and that will need to be considered here. Naquin will be an easy signing and is average to good at all facets of the game.

28. Milwaukee Brewers - Joey Gallo, 3B/1B, Bishop Gorman High School, NV

Losing Prince Fielder hurts but adding Gallo could someday help soften the blow. Gallo could be moved to 1B in the future but his bat will likely translate anywhere.

29. Texas Rangers - Ty Hensley, RHP, Santa Fe High School, OK

Getting Hensley this late is likely the product of the new draft guidelines but Texas will not be one to complain in adding such a talented prep arm such as Hensley.

30. New York Yankees - Carson Kelly, 3B, Westview High School, OR

There are few prep stars as talented as Kelly and his stock has been rising quickly. Having just as much upside but less issues than someone like Addison Russell or Trey Williams could prompt the Yankees to take Kelly here.

31. Boston Red Sox - Travis Jankowski, OF, Stony Brook

Jankowski is the type of player that the Red Sox could surely take with this unprotected pick. Jank is good at just about everything and possesses the type of intense play that is refreshing to see.

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