2013 MLB Draft - College guys

Here are the top college guys I've seen the last 3-4 years since HS or in college early in their careers or this season.

My Top 5 would be in no particular order:

RHP, Ryne Stanek, Arkansas
RHP, Andrew Mitchell, TCU
3B, Colin Moran, UNC
OF, Philip Ervin, Samford
LHP, Sean Manea, Indiana St


RHP, Ryne Stanek, Arkansas, 6'4 190, R/R, smooth righty with arm speed and arm strength, up to 96, pitches in low 90's, has some late tail life in vs RHH and sharp slurve type breaking ball, can see him filling out and adding a lil more velo in the future, front side rushes at times, causing eratic command, otherwise, good feel for pitching and could be one of top 5 MLB Prospects for 2013 DRAFT.

SS, Dom Ficociello, Arkansas, 6'4 190 S/R, a decent fielder who played mostly first for the hogs this year, he's best suited for the other corner or 2b, could fill in capably at SS, but range may keep him from SS, has arm strength and has a knack for hitting the ball where it's pitched, not much power, even during BP he will hit the ball the other way and occasional pull the ball down the foul line. Worth a good look for 2013, utility type of guy who does enough things to get to the ML in time.

RHP, Barrett Astin, Arkansas, 6'2 210, R/R, strong armed righty with plus slider at times, fb hits low 90's, occ will touch 94, throws strikes but can be a bit of a nibbler. Two pitch guy who has a shot at being a short man or middle man on a ML club.

RHP, Karsten Whitson, Florida, 6'2 220, R/R, good quick arm and arm strength, hard slide piece, arm action a bit rigid for me, was shut down as a precaution earlier in 2013, was up to 95-96 in early March. Has filled out in college thus far and is on the radar as a top prospect for 2013, just have to be wary about potential arm woes.

RHP, Jonathan Crawford, Florida, 6'1 205, R/R, got on the map with his no-no in the post season, has low 90's fb with good command, throws strikes, breaking pitch and off-speed improving, but still need work. Must watch in 2013.

LHP, Daniel Gibson, Florida, 6'2 220, L/L, a bit under-rated perhaps, also shut down his senior summer season in HS, this kid has a live arm when healthy and will throw strikes and competes, up to 94 early this spring, has big breaking and will need to tighten it up some in 2013. Worth good look!

RHP, Bobby Wahl, Mississippi, 6'2 190, R/R, saw first in TOS in Cary his jr year to be sr, has improved overall velo to 96, fb still fairly true, easy to see, hard slider/cb is the out pitch, when he has it all together, some similarities to Kip Wells with Padres, when Kip was younger and at Baylor U.

OF, Austin Wilson, Stanford, 6'3 220, R/R, arm strength, fair speed and plus power, best three tools, actions are a bit stiff for me, but he looks great in a uniform and has improved his pitch selection in college, but still a way to go before he gets to the show.

RHP, AJ Vanegas, Stanford, 6'3 205, R/R, has gotten a lil better each year since his Jr yr in HS, up to 93 with some arm side run in vs RHH and sharp breaking ball that still needs fine tuning to be solid out pitch, throws strikes, a bit too fine at times, will go as far as 3rd pitch and command improve.

1b-OF-UT, Brian Ragira, Stanford, 6'3 200, R/R, long neck, arms and legs, first saw as a jr during TOS events in 2010, shows bat speed and uncanny ability for getting on base, also throws well enough to play corner OF positions or fill in utility role at either IF corner, runs well on the bases, 4.4 out of the box from RH side, 6.8, 60 guy, occ power to LF and RF alleys.

C, Andrew Knapp, Cal, 6'1 200, R/R, first saw in Northwoods League 2 years ago, this kid is a gamer with strong receiving skills and some bat speed to work with, definite ability to be one of top catchers in 2013 MLB Draft.

1B, Conrad Gregor, Vandy, 6'2 220 L/R, strong bat with power potential, also not a bad runner on the way and can field position, could be role player in the OF if needed, needs to leave low breaking pitches alone and be more selective as a hitter.

LHP, Kevin Ziomek, Vandy, 6'2 205, L/L, starting to come into his own in college, his fb has improve a smidge in velo and overall control has improved, breaking pitch consistency and release point consistency needs the most attention, potential short man in a ML bullpen, don't see the stamina here to be a 4-5 man in a big league rotation, so that is an area of opp that this kid needs to improve on to improve his stock.

RHP, John Simms, Rice, 6'4 210, R/R, long and loose with fb that has run and sink, also hard slider, change still in development stage but has made improvement with release and command of this pitch, low 90's fb, will be remembered by me for beating #1 draft of the Pirates, Jameson Taillon, in a game where Simms dominated and Taillon had a poor outing.

RHP, Austin Kubitzka, Rice, 6'5 200, R/R, long and lean, good arm speed and arm strength, low 90's guy with hard breaking ball that is sloppy at times and other times unhittable, also arm has some rigidness that could lead to a problem down the road. Stamina appears good through 6 innings, have seen him up to 94, mostly 90-91, could be a 4-5 man in ML rotation in time, a lot will depend on durability and consistency.

RHP, Andrew Mitchell, TCU, 6'3 210, R/R, came onto the college scene last year as a frosh phenom, this yr he settled in as the frogs best pitcher, the jury is still out on him as he's basically a two pitch guy who can change speeds and spots his fb well for his age, fb tops out at 93 with good life and hard cb that hits 81. Definite early round potential for 2013, will have to see how far he improves over the course of the summer and fall into next spring.

RHP, Jeff Thompson, Louisville, 6'5 255, R/R, a big one to say the least with a heavy two seamer and lively 4 seamer that will touch 95 on occasion and he comes down hill fairly well, but biggest knock is he's around the plate a bit too much and tries to aim his breaking ball which is still developing and shows slurvy action, it should end up a power cb or hard slider, keeps the ball down for the most part, some people say he is like former Cub and current Yankee bullpen coach, Mike Harkey.

3B, Colin Moran, North Carolina, 6'2 190 L/R, pure hitter, will spray the ball around and can drive the ball out of the park in the alley, throws well enough to stay at 3rd with good range, glove at times is eratic, will lift on occasion and get a poor read on balls to his left. Runs just ok, not a flyer, 4.35 from LH side a touch below ave, better on the way.

LHP, Hobbs Johnson, North Carolina, 5'11 200, L/L, a gamer with good arm speed and change of speeds, lively arm and hard breaking ball 72-76, fb tops at 92, most fb are 87-89 with late life down in zone. Has enough control and movement on his pitches to be a set up man in a ML bullpen.

LHP, Kent Emanuel, North Carolina, 6'3 190, L/L, lively arm with potential, will touch 92-93 on occasion, crosses right side some during delivery and is sneaky quick, with downward action on the cb, throws strikes and has good pickoff move to 1b, has chance to be a 4-5 man in ML rotation, still developing.

LHP, Sean Manaea, Indiana St, 6'5 220, L/L, pure pitcher with late action on riding FB up to 94, most fb are 90-91, has increased velo from mid to upper 80's in HS and has gotten smarter and improved his delivery to get good deception. Potential to be top 10 pick in 2013.

LHP, Bryan Radziewski, U of Miami, 6'1 190, L/L, deceptive lefty with hammer cb, fb touches 92 at times, with late tailing life, shows ability to pitch in and up vs RHH. Potential 1-3 round prospect for 2013.

OF, Dale Carey, U of Miami, 6'1 1/2 185, R/R, CF for Miami, good follow for 2013, has arm strength, plus runner, average power, still needs to improve eye at plate and balance, plays plus "D".

RHP, Ben Lively, UCF, 6'3 195, R/R, strong armed righty with slightly abv ave velo, also shows cutter and slider, both capable ML pitches, fb touches 92-93 on occ, most fb are 89-90 with some sink when down.

RHP, Conner Wade, Arizona, 6'2 1/2 190, smooth righty, knows how to pitch can cut and turnover his fb for sink effect, 2 seamer and 4 seamer with hard cb that is a ML 2nd pitch, also throws straight change which still is in development stage to be a solid 3rd pitch. FB mostly 87-89, will touch 92-93 on occ. Lean build, has enough stamina to be a 4-5 man in a ML rotation or set up man in bullpen.

OF, Jason Monda, Washington St, 6'4 185 L/L, Shawn Green comp, long and lean build with bat speed and slashing power to alleys, can turn on a fb for HR foul line power, runs well, better on the way, 6.7, 60 guy with solid ML arm, best suited for LF can play either corner well and occ CF.

3b-2b, Kavin Keyes, Oregon St, 5'9 175, S/R, gamer with solid running speed, 4.3 to 1b from RH side, makes solid contact, not a power can, can occ turn on a fb for foul line/gap alley power to LF, has ave arm strength and enough range and glove to be competent as utility infielder or move to OF if needed. Extra guy on a ML roster type.

C, Jake Rodriguez, Oregon St, 5'8 185, R/R, pocket rocket of an arm and quick, 1.86 release to 2b, also makes solid contact, not much power, can drive ball to LF alley, solid range and hands, also can play 2b or the OF, runs ave at best.

OF, Spencer O'Neil, Oregon St, 6'4 170, L/R, bat is biggest opportunity, has bat speed, tends to be too tentative and shows barely any power, good arm and speed and defensive skills, will go as far as bat comes.

OF, Daniel Palka, Georgia Tech, 6'2 220 L/L, strong bat with power to alleys, throws well, capable of playing 1b, best suited for 1b or LF, enough arm for the OF corners, runs ok, not a burner or sb threat. Also could be closer type if the bat fails. Plus power should keep him from pitching!!

RHP, Matt Grimes, Georgia Tech, 6'5 210, R/R, live arm, fb low 90's, mostly 91-92 with arm side run in vs RHH, also developing solid CB which is eratic still, delivery from upper 3/4 slot and lands on heel at times, command and control are ok, can use some improvement to be solid 3-4 Man in ML rotation, still young, potential early rounder in 2013.

RHP, Scott Frazier, Pepperdine, 6'7 220, R/R, tall with loose arm from H 3/4, fb has late life in vs RHH and also slider which is ave ML pitch, best suited for closer or short man role in ML, has stamina through 5 innings, delivery is not easy and puts a lil effort into his pitches, but good size and downward plane help him get deception vs hitters, not a power arm, throws upper 80's mostly will touch 92 at times. Potential early rounder.

OF-LHP, Aaron Brown, Pepperdine, 6'1 200, L/L, contact hitter with occ alley power, aggressive, doesn't get many walks, runs better underway, plus arm from the OF, also will show 91-92 on the bump from left side with deception and movement down in zone, best shot as LF or RF if the offensive ability can be consistent, has problems vs LHP.

OF, Aaron Judge, Fresno St, 6'6 230, R/R, some comps to Giancarlo Stanton, Judge has good straight away speed, 4.3 out of the box from RH side, plus power, needs to make consistent contact and better discipline as a hitter although he walked 48 times in 58 games, can steal a base on occ, had 13 steals in 16 attemps, shows corner OF ability with ave arm strength, could be capable at 1b if needed, potential early rounder in 2013.

LHP, Tyler Linehan, Fresno St, 6' 220, L/L, power arm with low 90's fb, touches 93 with late life, must pitch down in count to be effective, tends to challenge and be fine too much, breaking ball is big and needs to tighten it up some and change speeds to be effective at next level, shot at ML reliever or closer in time.

RHP, Justin Haley, Fresno St, 6'5 220, R/R, smooth righty with easy delivery, 3/4 arm slot with some sink and hard slider 80-81, fb touches 92-93, most are 89-90, throws strikes, has enough stamina to be starter at ML level, will go as far as 3rd pitch develops. 4-7 round type projection currently.

LHP, Cole Swanson, San Diego St, 6'5 195, L/L, lean lefty with arm strength, has yet to put it all together, fb will touch 92 on occ, pitches at 87-89 mostly, has big breaking ball that needs to tighten up some, not real deceptive, long look at his fb from hitters view, 3/4 arm slot with cross body delivery, gets on side of breaking pitch, a work in progress, but great size and ability to work with.

RHP, Jonathan Gray, Oklahoma, 6'4 250, R/R, a horse with good arm strength, pitches at 89-91, can touch 95-96 when he wants, also hard cb that has downward tilt and control, also will tease with straight change and cutter action on fb 89-91 at times, poor man's Curt Schilling type, could be early rounder.

LHP, Dillon Overton, Oklahoma, 6'2 170, L/L, slender lefty with deceptive arm strength, good arm speed, fb touches 93, most are 88-91 with arm side run vs RHH, also 2 plane cb that will dive in vs RHH and backdoor on the corner. Command is good, also good move to hold runners at bay. Stamina is of concern, solid for 5 innings, drops velo after 80 pitches, may be middle man in the future.

RHP, Tyler Skulina, Kent St, 6'5 240, R/R, transfered in from Virginia, strong arm with durable body, fb touches 94, ability to be set up or closer in bullpen, depends on improvement of overall command and development of solid breaking pitch a bit slurvy, also throws cut action fb, most fb are 90-91. Has size and arm to work with in future.

RHP, Josh Dezse, Ohio St, 6'5 225, R/R, good size and body for starter, live fb down in zone, fb runs up to 95 on occ, most are 90-92 with sink in vs RHH, breaking ball at times explosive, other times flat and readable, crosses body during delivery which hinders his stamina makes him work, control and command should improve with more pitching exposure at the next level, possible early rounder.

SS, Zach Alford, Auburn, 6'0 180, R/R, gamer with solid tools across the board, 8-10 type HR power, runs well, better between bases, has solid ML arm with range to his right, can be good utility middle IF at next level, can steal a base on occ, still needs work on breaks and leads to be threat on bases. Top 3 rounder projection for 2013.

RHP, Randy LeBlanc, Tulane, 6'4 195, R/R, tall righty with arm strength, up to 92, most fb are 89-90 with some sink down in zone, breaking ball (cb) a bit loopy at times, also makings of straight change, shows decent control and command at present, but nothing to put you away consistently at present, will go as far as 2nd and 3rd pitch develop. Has season ending surgery in 2011, draft eligible in 2013 due to age, turns 21 March 2013.

3B-1B, RF, Sam Koenig, UW-Milwaukee, 6'4 210 R/R, nice size and ability, runs well for his size, has long stroke at plate makes lots of noise with hands, needs to keep bat quiet and set trigger better, has power ability but doesn't translate in games, contact guy at present but can drive the ball, throws well, has decent quickness to his left to stay at hot corner, may end up moving to 1B or RF eventually. Will go as far as bat takes him. Physically intriguing.

RHP, Josh Uhen, UW-Milwaukee, 6'4 205, R/R, soph eligible in 2013, tall with H 3/4 arm slot, rushes body some and crosses front leg, fb will touch low 90's, most are straight, fb down on knees with sink depending on release point, cb still slurvy break, must keep pitches down in zone and get ahead in counts more, still developing, could be good with further pro development. Strong follow for 2013.

OF, Philip Ervin, Samford, 5'9 190 R/R, plugger with power and speed, throwback version of toy cannon Jimmy Wynne, this kid has a strong arm from the OF, plays, runs 4.18 from RH side and can steal bases, pure speed, 6.55, 60 guy, can touch low 90's with FB on bump, only struck out 39 times in 260 abs in 2012 spring, puts the bat on the ball for the most part, will chase fb up at times, pull power, has ave range in OF with decent hands, makes up for poor jumps with speed. Could be top 25 guy for 2013.

3B/RHP, CK Irby, Samford, 6'1 190, R/R, dual threat for Sammie program, makes solid contact with occ power as a hitter with short level stroke from RH side, runs well underway, not a flyer, 4.35 runner home to 1b, arm strength is solid, will touch 92-93 on bump that is relatively straight, shows cutter type break on slider, flat, but useful in closer role he's been used for thus far. Enough overall ability here to make impact at the next level.

RHP, Tyler Barnette, UNC-Charlotte, 6'3 210, R/R, max effort guy will touch 94 on occ with FB, gets away with fb up in zone early, not real deceptive, breaking ball flat plane break, throws strikes, loses steam after 4-5 innings, will end up a set up or closer at next level unless stamina improves and development of solid breaking ball improves up the ladder. Very good size and arm to work with at next level.

RHP, David Whitehead, Elon, 6'5 240, R/R, tall righty with 3/4 arm slot, true fb, touches 93 on occ, most are 88-90, must keep fb down in zone, breaking pitch still in development stage, but effective enough at this level to get hitters out, will have to improve overall command and breaking ball to excel at pro level, has proper spin and break on cb, battler, will go as far as development improves.

RHP, Kevin McCarthy, Marist, 6'3 185, R/R, lean build with decent arm speed, fb runs up to 92 on occ, most are 88-90 with middle in run vs RHH, used in relief, closer roles mostly, competitor and throws strikes, will show occ hard slider, 80 with bite and late break vs RHH, needs to work on consistency with release point and landing with balance towards home plate, rushes on occ causing fb to stay up in zone-flattens out. Something to work with here though!

More names to come late in the summer, early fall!

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