kyuss94's Notable Short Season Hitter Tracker (Updated w/ June 30 lines!)

Hey all,

I just wanted to share a little project I started with y'all. It's a list of 51 position players in the short season leagues (excluding DSL and VSL, my knowledge doesn't stretch that far) and their performances day by day, color coded as a good game (green), bad game (red), neutral game (yellow) or DNP (gray). I started this yesterday, and I haven't yet put in season numbers because I feel like it'd be pointless until at least the end of this week when we have some more data from these guys. I know that the good/bad/neutral distinction can get cloudy, but it doesn't have to be ultra precise- it's just a general guideline so if you see a lot of green in a guy's row you know he's on a hot streak, or if you see lots of red you know he's gone cold. I'd love some feedback on this, and it'd be really great if it could get rec'd and kept up top, I plan on uploading an updated version at 12 AM CT every night and updating season lines weekly.

The spreadsheet (updated June 29th, 11:49 PM) can be found here-

June 30th Notes-

  • Line of the day goes to Joey Gallo of the AZL Rangers- He smacked 2 HR, added a double and finished 3 for 4.
  • That line also pushed Gallo over the top for inaugural Player of the Week honors- he finished the week 9/21, 2 2B, 3B, 4 HR, 6 BB, 6 K.
  • Your other homers today belong to- Dwight Smith, Jr., Jean Batista, Brandon Nimmo and Jobduan Morales
  • Joey Gallo and David Dahl had 5 green games this week to lead all listed players. Players with 4- Jeremy Baltz, Matt Olson, Deven Marrero (finished with an 0/6, K performance on Saturday), Jesse Winker.

June 29th Notes-

  • Line of the day goes to 2012 11th overall pick, Addison Russell- 2 for 2, 3B, HR and 2 walks
  • Matt Olson blasted a pinch hit 3 run homer to earn his 4th green game. Daniel Robertson, Dwight Smith Jr., Phillip Evans and Tanner Rahier had your other home runs.
  • A couple ouch games in the 17 inning Greeneville/Danville contest- Trenton Moses (1 for 8) and D'Andre Toney (1 for 7)
  • D.J. Davis had the only 4 hit performance of the day.

June 28th Notes-

  • No debate on who gets line of the day this time- Kenny Diekroger nabs it with his 3 for 5, 2 HR, BB, K line.
  • The AZL Rangers went OFF. Guzman, Mazara, Gallo, Nick Williams and Brinson all had multi-hit games.
  • Jeremy Baltz's streak of 4 green games came to an end with his 1/4 performance, putting him in the yellow column.
  • Dylan Cozens has been impressive in the two games on the sheet- 3 walks, no Ks.

June 27th Notes-

  • Jeremy Baltz was the only player to reach 4 green games on Wednesday, doing so with a 2 for 5 performance.
  • David Dahl, Matt Olson and Jesse Winker all have 3 green games and 1 yellow game.
  • Kenny Diekroger was the only player on the list with a home run today
  • Co-Line of the Day honors go to Barrett Barnes (4 for 5) and David Dahl (3 for 3, 2B, BB).

June 26th Notes-

  • 3 players have 3 "green games" this week- Matt Olson, Deven Marrero and Jeremy Baltz. Olson and Baltz are personal favorites.
  • Line of the day goes to Reds' 2012 draftee Jesse Winker- 3 for 3, 2 2B, BB
  • David Dahl has been really impressive in a somewhat aggressive assignment to the Pioneer League.
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