Top 2013 HS Talent from TOS

These are the names of kids I've seen the last 3 years who will be eligible for 2013 MLB Free-Agent Draft. Please note that not all players who will be on a lot of the published amateur/pro web sites will be listed here as I have not seen all of them, only the names below I've seen. Thanks!

C, Jeremy Martinez (PONY)Mater Dei HS, Ca, 5'10 195 R/R, can still rake, has enough defensive presence and skills to keep an eye on for 2013, ball jumps off his bat, good discipline at the plate, throwing arm is at least average and knows what he's doing. Reminds me of a poor man's Yadier Molina. Good bat speed and pop.

RHP, Adrian DeHorta, South Hills HS, Cal, 6'3 175, R/R, slender build and good arm speed from 3/4 slot, looks like a decent follow for 2013. (AABC) up to 91 tops with fb.

C, Jonathan Denney, (AABC), 6'2 210, R/R, Yukon HS, Yukon OK, raw with plus arm strength, some pop in his bat, interesting to watch for 2013.

RHP, Chris Oakley (AABC), 6'8 220, R/R, clean delivery, a bit deliberate and has arm strength, up to 91, good size and is around the plate, St Augie Prep, Egg Harbor NJ, definitely need to see again for 2013.

CF, Eugene Vazquez (AABC), 6'1 185, L/L, athletic build, runs well, better underway, decent arm strength and range in OF, shows enough bat speed and hitting presence to make impact at next level. Definite watch for 2013 from Timber Creek HS, Orlando FL.

C-1b, Nick Ciuffo (shoe-fo) (American Legion) 6'1 190, L/R, one of better hitters in tourney, shows good presence as a fielder, idea as receiver, with arm strength, also pop in his bat, with some power, had some trouble vs LHP, but there is something there to work with, Lexington HS, Lexington SC, watch him in 2013, has gotten a bit better last 3 yrs I've seen him.

LHP, Chris Kohler (Am Legion), 6'2 190, L/L, lefty with some pop and late movement on fb away from RHH, makings of decent breaking pitch and control was ok, worth a good look for 2013, from, Los Osos HS, Rancho Cucamonga CA.

SS, Andy McGuire, (Am Legion), 6'1 190, R/R, decent glove and arm from SS, shows good sound mechanics overall as hitter and appears to have frame to get bigger and stronger with maturity. Good game face! James Madison HS, Vienna VA, 2013.

OF, Kort Peterson, (Am Legion), 6'1 180, L/R, clean hitting mechanics, bat went to the ball each time AB, throws well enough to play in the OF, was in RF on the two days, on the way runner and comes to play, definitely watch him in 2013 from St Francis HS, Mountain View, Cally.

RHP, Jack Roberts, (Am Legion) 6'4 210, R/R, one of better righties in tourney thus far, clean full windup from upper 3/4 slot, fb with run down in zone, up to 92, also good bite and rotation on breaking ball and was around the plate, kept ball down, will be a good one for 2013 to see.

3B, Logan Shore, (Am Legion) 6'1 200, R/R, strong arm and good hitting mechanics, worth taking a strong look at him in 2013, didn't see him pitch just yet, runs ok, better on the way guy, Coon Rapids HS, Minnesota, Minnesota appears on the map for 2013 with decent class coming up.

C-1b, Tyler Alamo, (Babe Ruth), 6'3 200, R/R, reminds me some of Pauly with Pale Hose, good game face, sound mechanics as hitter and receiver, also did good job handling first sack. Cypress HS, Buena Park, Cally for 2013, one of better kids in Tourney for sure.

RHP, Dustin Driver, (Babe Ruth) 6'2 220, R/R, strong arm, up to 93, needs some work still, strong durable pitchers body, must see again in 2013, Wenatchee HS, Washington.

LHP, Stephen Gonzalves, (Babe Ruth), 6'5 180, L/L, loose and limber with arm speed and arm strength, up to 90 on the day with proper spin on cb, a bit of a loop in cb, but workable, wants to hit, plays the field with instincts in OF and 1b, need to see again in 2013, Cathedral Catholic HS, San Marcos, CA.

OF, Willie Abreu (Dixie), 6'2 195, L/L, interesting player with decent mechanics as hitter and fielder, better speed on the way, ran 4.4 from LH side, shows arm strength and some pop in his bat, worth a look in 2013, Mater Academy, Hialeah FL.

RHP, Shaun Anderson (Dixie), 6'5 220, R/R, some sink to fb with good size and presence, up to 91, most were 87-88, worth good look, from good HS program that will be watched next spring, 2013. American Heritage HS, Plantation, FL.

RHP, Kevin Davis (Dixie), 6'1 190, R/R, set the record for the number of times his hat fell off during pitches to the plate that I've seen in my lifetime! up to 93 with challenging nature, h 3/4 slot with no fear! Good dixie kid to follow for 2013 @ T R Miller HS, Brewton AL.

LHP, John Kilichowski (Dixie), 6'5 185, L/L, smooth lefty with decent arm speed from 3/4 slot with arm strength, can reach back when he needs to, worked in stretch, has enough to watch for 2013, will be a good one in college for sure, was up to 89, most fb were 86 with some late sink when down in the zone. Tampa Jesuit HS, Tampa FL, 2013.

C, Chris Okey (Dixie), 6' 180, R/R, fearless competitor, showed one of better overall mechanics as a catcher thus far in tourney, accurate throws with arm strength to 2b, bat goes to the ball, has some pop in the bat and definitely the game face you want, would love to see him again, have seen him now for 3 years, Eustis HS, Mt Dora, FL. 2013

LHP, Garrett Williams (Dixie), 6'2 190, L/L, one of my favorite arms in the tourney thus far, athletic build and projectible frame to get better, was up to 91, showed hammer type cb, also puts the bat on the ball and good fielder in OF and 1b, from Calvary Baptist HS, Shreveport LA, 2013.

RF, Justin Williams (Dixie), 6'2 210, L/R, interesting, nice size, has some on the way running speed and arm strength, top hand at plate lagged some for me, some raw strength to work with, 2013, will be strong college player if he goes that route over pro ball, Terrebonne HS, Houma LA.

SS-3B, Cavan Biggio (NABF), 6'1 180, L/R, sound hitting mechanics with bat speed and raw strength, not afraid to take extra base, has decent running speed and arm strength, comes to play with good game face, worth good look in 2013 at St Thomas HS, Houston TX.

RHP, Mark Ecker (NABF) 6'0 180, R/R, strong arm, long armer, slight hook in back swing, was up to 92, worth look in 2013, Sandra Day O'Connor HS, Helotes Tx.

LHP, Josh Rogers (NABF) 6'3 195, L/L, nice lefty with some arm strength and life on fb down and away vs RHH, up to 88 with fb, most 84-86, front side needs some work in delivery, will get better with further development and instruction at next level, 2013, New Albany HS, New Albany IN.

RHP, Kyle Serrano (NABF) 6'0 180, R/R, good bloodlines, quick arm from h 3/4 slot, some run in vs RHH, up to 91, most fb were 87-89, no fear, has bite on breaking ball and makings of solid change, around the plate, worth a good look in 2013 fo show!

OF, Ryan Boldt, (PONY), 6'1 185, L/R, one of better hitters to follow for 2013, another Minnesota boy to see, has enough arm, leg speed and strong hitting skills, knows how to play the game, you can see he likes being out there, Red Wing HS, Red Wing, Minnesota!!!!

LHP, Ian Clarkin (PONY), 6'2 185, L/L, loose and lean, strong 2013 follow, touched 90 a few times, showed good action on breaking ball and around zone enough to be in the show in the future, from James Madison HS, San Diego CA.

SS-OF, Anfernee Grier (PONY), 6' 170 R/R, good bat speed and on the way running speed, solid ML arm strength with carry, and good glove range and actions in the infield, worth good look in 2013, Russell County HS, Seale AL, first saw him during NHSI in Cary this spring.

CF, Corey Ray (RBI), 6' 175, L/L, one of many kids to come from a great school, Simeon Career in Chi-Town, Illy, gamer, with tools, runs well on the bases, fearless, loves the game, 2013.

C/1b, Zack Collins (USA), 6'1 220, L/R, solid bat strength, throws well enough to stay behind the dish or play the sack, has some thunder in his bat, hands a lil too close to body, shows good glove skills and throws accurately for most part to 2b, from good program too, saw him this spring as well at NHSI, American Heritage HS, Plantation, FL, 2013.

CF, Josh Hart, L/L, 6'0 180, Parkview HS, Georgia, runs, shows bat speed, slap type hitter, good range and instincts in OF with arm strength. Saw this spring at NHSI in Cary.

College names to come after All-Star tilts in Cape & Coastal Plain leagues.

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