Astros MOD #2

I've spent some time mulling things over for both 1.1 and the picks that come after for the 'stros, and here's where I stand right now.

1.1- I mentioned in the first MOD that I had narrowed down my choices for the first pick to Gausman, Zunino, Correa and Appel. Right now I'm leaning heavily towards Carlos Correa- I firmly believe he will be an above average defensive shortstop with immense potential at the plate... I think he could turn into a Manny Machado-esque prospect, perhaps even a bit better than that from a raw power standpoint, and the Astros haven't had a great shortstop since I've been a fan, Jed Lowrie is probably they've had.

Am I totally wrong in my assessment of Kevin Gausman as lacking depth as a pitcher? His fastball, frame and delivery are all huge pluses, but I've yet to read anything too encouraging on his breaking ball or change. A changeup can develop, but I'm not sure I can ever expect a college pitcher to pull a plus breaking pitch out of nowhere. He's still in the running just based off of his velocity and college dominance, but unless someone can assuage my concerns about the rest of his arsenal, I don't think I'll be taking him.

1s Round (41st pick)- It's really tough to say what I'll do here, as it's impossible to project who will be on the board. If a guy like Piscotty or Roache were to fall here I would probably snap them up, but here are some names I'm looking at that are a bit more realistic-

Chris Stratton- I love guys with diverse arsenals, and Stratton's 4 pitch mix is exciting to me, especially since it includes two potential plus pitches. If I do go with Correa at 1.1, I'll be looking pitcher here for sure.

Clate Schmidt- I thought MG's comparison of Odorizzi for Schmidt was pretty spot on. I love pitchers with top notch athleticism as I feel it reduces risk, and Schmidt qualifies. He also has an advanced breaking ball which is important to me.

Trey Williams- He's dipped quite a bit lately, but I still like him a lot. Powerful build, bloodlines and all the athleticism you can ask for. Worth the risk imo.

Rio Ruiz- Another 3B. I like the smooth lefty swing and advanced approach. He reminds me a little bit of a lefty Arenado.

Nick Travieso- Good chance he isn't on the board, and he sort of has a reliever's build and stuff, but I'm all for taking a guy like him and letting him start until it looks like he can't anymore.

These are just a few names I like. Obviously there are a lot of guys other outlets rank higher that I didn't list because I don't expect them to be around, but I see these 4 as realistic options at 41.


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