2012 Community Mock Draft: National League East Review

More reviews of the 2012 Community Mock Draft, moving ahead with the National League East.

2012 Community Mock Draft National League East

Atlanta Braves
1-21) D.J. Davis, OF, Mississippi HS
2-85) Adrian Simpson, RHP, Bellevue CC (Wa)
3-116) Dan Langfield, RHP, University of Memphis

John's Take: Davis' stock has been rising since he's showing more power to go with blazing speed, and I think that's a realistic pick. Simpson is a Tommy John survivor with a three-pitch mix and one of the top JC arms in the draft. Langfield also has three strong pitches but won't go in the first round due to lack of height and some control issues. He could be a steal in the third round, though.

Miami Marlins
1-9) Lance McCullers, RHP, Florida HS
3-104) Kyle Hansen, RHP, St. John's
3S-127) Max Foody, LHP, Florida HS

John's Take: Two live arms with major league bloodlines. I think McCullers' position in real life will depend on if teams see him as a starter or a reliever down the road. He does seem like the kind of guy the Marlins would be interested in either way. Foody is an intriguing, big lefty with a Florida State commitment, a labrum injury on his resume, and a low-90s fastball.

New York Mets
1-12) Courtney Hawkins, OF, Texas HS
1S-35) Clint Coulter, C, Washington HS
2-71) Brian Johnson, LHP, University of Florida
2-75) James Ramsey, OF, Florida State University
3-107) Josh Elander, C, Texas Christian University

John's Take: I like it. Hawkins and Coulter are two of the best high school power bats in the draft, though both have enough rawness in their game that they aren't sure-things. Lots of upside though. In contrast, Johnson, Ramsey, and Elander are all very polished college players who can move through a farm system quickly. Fill in with some pitching in the middle rounds, and this would be a great class in my opinion with strong balance.

Philadelphia Phillies
1S-40) Trey Williams, 3B, California HS
1S-54) Adam Brett Walker, 1B-OF, Jacksonville University
2-77) Brett Mooneyham, LHP, Stanford
2-95) Duane Underwood, RHP, Georgia HS
3-125) Tomas Nido, C, Florida HS

John's Take: This looks like a Phillies draft, featuring two physical power hitters, although Williams could have a signability issue, then a pair of somewhat raw physical pitchers with power arms. Nido is also raw but has a strong arm and a power bat. The two college guys would need more development time than the typical college pick. I think this group has a high bust potential, but also very high upside.

Washington Nationals

1-16) Gavin Cecchini, SS, Louisiana HS
2-80) Alec Rash, RHP, Iowa HS
3-111) Chase DeJong, RHP, California HS

John's Take: You won't get a quick impact from this group, but it is promising. Cecchini can stick at shortstop and has a chance to be a solid hitter, although it isn't a sure thing and opinion about his bat is mixed. Rash is a loose, high-upside Midwest arm who deserves more press than he gets and would look very nice in the second round. He'll probably have to go that high to avoid college at Missouri. DeJong might not be signable away from Southern Cal for third-round slot money, but on talent he fits well there.

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