2012 Community Mock Draft: American League Central Review

Today I will take a look at the results for each team in yesterday's Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft, beginning with the American League Central.

2012 Community Mock Draft Review: American League Central Division

Chicago White Sox:
1-13) Michael Wacha, RHP, Texas A&M
1S-48) Jake Barrett, RHP, Arizona State University
2-76) Onelkis Garcia, LHP, No school (from Cuba)
3-108) Andrew Toles, OF, Chipola Junior College
John's Take: With Wacha and Barrett, the White Sox pick two college arms who probably won't need a lot of minor league time, Wacha projecting as a mid-rotation starter and Barrett a hard-throwing reliever. Cuban Garcia is a wild card who could turn into anything or nothing. The White Sox scouting director disappeared for the third round, so on short notice I selected the speedy, toolsy CF Toles, a type of player that has interested the White Sox in recent drafts.

Cleveland Indians:
1-15): Marcus Stroman, RHP, Duke University
2-79): Rio Ruiz, 3B, California HS
3-110): Brett Phillips, OF, Florida HS:
John's Take: I think the Indians would be very happy to get Stroman at 15th overall. Ruiz is a gamble. He was a certain first round pick until being sidelined with a blood-clotting disorder this spring. Would he take slot money, or would he be more likely to head to Southern Cal and try again in the draft in 2015? Phillips is a speed demon with a strong arm but would also present a signability risk. Lots of upside here if they could make the money work.

Detroit Tigers:
2-91) Austin Maddox, RHP, University of Florida
3-121) Logan Vick, OF, Baylor University
John's Take: The Tigers scouting director didn't show up, so I picked a couple of college players that I find interesting, given that Detroit's past tricks of giving high school kids huge overslot bonuses won't work now. Maddox could be in the major league bullpen within two years, while Vick is a solid athlete with a good amount of polish who would help a farm system that could use more position players.

Kansas City Royals:
1-4) Mark Appel, RHP, Stanford
2-66) Kyle Twomey, LHP, California HS
3-100) Kieran Lovegrove, RHP, California HS
John's Take: The Royals scouting director didn't show up, so I handled this one on the fly. I went with a pitching theme in accordance with pre-draft rumors regarding what the Royals want, picking the most advanced college arm, then a pair of highly-promising California prep arms. Lovegrove could go to Arizona State instead of taking slot money, so that one is a risk.

Minnesota Twins:
1-2) Carlos Correa, SS, Puerto Rico HS
1S-32) Mitch Brown, RHP, Minnesota HS
1S-42) J.O. Berrios, RHP, Puerto Rico HS
2-63) Kevin Plawicki, C, Purdue University
2-72) Pat Light, RHP, Monmouth
3-98) Logan Ehlers, LHP, Howard Junior College
John's Take: I did this one and had thoroughly prepped for it. I regard Correa as the best player in the draft, so my plan was to take him if the Astros didn't, switch to high-upside pitching in the supplemental round, then go with signable-for-slot college players afterward. Brown's stock is shooting up pre-draft and I like him as much as any of the other high school pitchers in that slot, plus the Twins like local guys (and so do I). I really like the progress Berrios has made this spring. Plawicki is solid with both bat and glove, Light has a live arm with a great performance record (and was drafted by the Twins out of high school). Ehlers is a slight reach in the third round, but as a signable live-armed lefty from the Midwest (Nebraska) he fits my theme.

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