Padres MOD #4 (Final MOD)

The Mock Draft is tomorrow, my friends. I've got a poll up for the first pick, No. 7. Options are David Dahl, Gavin Cecchini, Courtney Hawkins, and Max Fried. Fried is a LHP starter kit, and the system doesn't have a lefty with that kind of stuff, so I have him as our solid default in case the hitters don't make sense. Cecchini is the best true shortstop in the draft. Hawkins has great natural talent but when you start reading things like, "always going to have a lot of swing-and-miss" and "unlikely to ever work counts effectively" with the guy, you sour on him a bit. Dahl is probably my favorite - I think he could get considerably stronger, making him a potential .300 hitter with 20-25 HR power.

Otherwise, I'm trying to nail down our targets and queues for our picks. I figured I'd do it in the form of a few scenarios to see who you guys like and where.

1.7 - David Dahl, OF, Alabama HS

1.33 - Hunter Virant, LHP, Georgia HS

1.44 - Nolan Fontana, SS, University of Florida

1.55 - Dylan Baker, RHP, Western Nevada CC

2.68 - D'Vone McClure, OF, Arkansas HS

2.70 - Sam Selman, LHP, Vanderbilt University

3.102 - Dane Phillips, C/1B/OF, Oklahoma City University

Gives us two athletic OFs in Dahl and McClure. Fontana a solid bat. Three high upside arms in Virant, Baker, Selman. Phillips can hit and seems like the type of guy who could drop in this draft, as he may struggle with position.

1.7 - Gavin Cecchini, SS, Louisiana HS

1.33 - Lewis Brinson, OF, Georgia HS

1.44 - Duane Underwood, RHP, Georgia HS

1.55 - Brett Mooneyham, LHP, Stanford University

2.68 - Jamie Jarmon, OF, Delaware HS

2.70 - Preston Beck, OF, UT-Arlington

3.102 - Tony Renda, 2B, University of California

Very high upside draft. You get a potential impact SS in Cecchini, two toolsheds in Brinson and Jarmon. This is probably about the range we'd need to take Mooney, he's very well-known and seems likely to go higher than many might expect. Beck and Renda round out the class, both safe bats. Beck's stock in particular is on the rise as somebody with some pop and a good eye at the plate, I like him.

1.7 - Courtney Hawkins, OF, Texas HS

1.33 - Walker Weickel, RHP, Florida HS

1.44 - Adam Brett Walker, 1B/OF, Jacksonville University

1.55 - Edwin Diaz, RHP, Puerto Rico HS

2.68 - Nolan Sanborn, RHP, University of Arkansas

2.70 - Fernando Perez, 3B, Central Arizona CC

3.102 - Nelson Rodriguez, C/1B, New York HS

Also known as the "lotto ticket draft" option. Sanborn is a safe contributor and relievers will probably drop here. Perez is fairly polished for his age. The rest of the guys are gambles but all with very high upsides. Weickel in particular is somebody worth talking about - I've been reading a lot on him. He's better than a lot of the hype guys and I think there is a pretty decent chance that he is on the board. If you wanted to go really crazy, we could maybe grab one of the Williamses . . .both are now getting supplemental buzz from multiple sources and I'm willing to reconsider them as possibly signable players, although I'll be researching that today.

So what do we want to take? I think we've got a solid pool of players and that we are just about set to roll, but obviously nailing that 1.7 pick is key and will set the strategy for the rest of the draft.

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