MOD#5 - Rangers (2nd Round - 83rd Pick)

o far this is the draft board we have formulated based on the poll votes. (Barring fallers, this is the order of prefference in which we will be selecting players, with the highest votes receiving the highest priority.

I will weigh each vote as follows:

29th = 60 points

39th = 20 points

53rd = 15 points

83rd = 10 points

93rd = 5 points

123rd = 3 points

(Current Draft Board)

*Byron Buxton, OF, 6'1 175, R/R, GA, HS*

*Carlos Correa, SS, 6’3 190, R/R, Santa Isabel, PR*

*Lucas Giolito, RHP, 6’6 230lbs, CA, HS*

*Albert Almora, OF, 6'2 170, R/R, FL, HS*

*Kevin Gausman, RHP, 6’4 185, LSU, NCAA*

*Lance McCullers Jr., RHP, 6’1 205lbs, FL, HS*

*Mark Appel, RHP, 6’5 200, Stanford, NCAA*

*Kyle Zimmer, RHP, 6’3 210, San Francisco, NCAA*

*Michael Zunino, C, 6`2 215, R/R, Florida, NCAA*

*Max Fried, LHP, 6’4 170, CA, HS*

*Marcus Stroman, RHP, 5’9 195, Duke, NCAA*

*David Dahl, OF, 6'2 185, L/R, AL, HS*

*Richie Shaffer, 1B/3B, 6'3 6'3 205, R/R, Clemson, NCAA*

*Gavin Cecchini, SS, 6'0 175, R/R, LA, HS*

*Zach Eflin, RHP, 6'5 190, FL, HS*

*Lucas Sims, RHP, 6'2 190, GA, HS*

*Chris Stratton, RHP, 6’2 194, Mississippi State, NCAA*

*Ty Hensley, RHP, 6'5 220, OK, HS*

*Addison Russell, SS/3B, 6'0 215, R/R, FL, HS*


Courtney Hawkins, OF, HS (300 points - 5 votes)

Jose Orlando Berrios, RHP, PR (240 points - 4 votes)

*Stryker Trahan, C, 6’1 215, L/R, LA, HS*

Victor Roache, OF, NCAA (180 points - 3 votes)

Matthew Smoral, LHP, HS (120 points - 2 votes)

Hunter Virant, LHP, HS (120 points - 2 votes)

*Dylan Baker, RHP, 6’3, 215, Western Nevada, JUCO*

CJ Hinojosa, SS/2B, HS (120 points - 2 votes)

Clint Coulter, C, 6’3 215, R/R, WA, HS (105 points - 6 votes)

*Lewis Brinson, OF, 6'3 170, R/R, FL, HS*

Joey Gallo, 3B, HS (100 points - 3 votes)

Tyler Naquin, OF, 6'0 185, L/R, Texas A & M, NCAA (75 points - 5 vote)

DJ Davis, OF, HS (60 points - 1 vote)

Nick Travieso, RHP, 6’3 210, FL, HS (40 points - 2 votes)

Wyatt Mathisen, C/MIF, 6’2 215, R/R, TX, HS (35 points - 3 votes)

Peter O`Brien, C, 6’5 225, R/R, Miami, NCAA (30 points - 2 votes)

Shane Watson RHP, 6’4 195, CA, HS (30 points - 2 votes)

Austin Aune, SS/OF, 6’2 190, L/R, TX, HS (30 points - 2 votes)

Corey Seager, 3B/SS, 6’3 190, L/R, NC, HS (20 points - 1 vote)

Ty Buttery, RHP, 6'6 205, NC, HS (20 points - 2 votes)

Fernando Perez SS/3B, 6’1 190, L/R, Central Arizona, JUCO (20 points - 2 votes)

Barrett Barnes, OF, 5’11 195, R/R, Texas Tech, NCAA (15 points - 1 vote)

Christian Walker, 1B, 6'1 220, R/R, South Carolina, NCAA (10 points - 1 vote)

Fernelys Sanchez, OF, 6’4 205, S/R, NY, HS (10 points - 1 vote)

Tyler Gonzales, RHP, 6’2 180, TX, HS (10 points - 1 vote)

Teddy Stankiewicz, RHP, 6’4 190lbs, TX, HS (10 points - 1 vote)

Rock Rucker, LHP/OF, 6’5 225, L/L, GA, HS (10 points - 1 vote)


I should have done this from the start, but here are the scouting reports on the POLL candidates.

1) Tyler Gonzales, RHP, 6’2 180, TX, HS

Gonzales is a very interesting two way prospect. Good athletic build, projectable. Throws a low 90s fastball 90-92, and with a very sharp slider, that is considered one of the better out pitches in the class.

2) Barrett Barnes, OF, 5’11 195, R/R, Texas Tech, NCAA

55gp 206ab .325/.419/.597 9hr 49rbi 17(2b) 6(3b) 32bb 37so 19sb 1cs

1e 1a .990fld%

Before every Draft, college hitters who perform well move up boards late and end up being taken much sooner than many anticipated at the start of the spring. The more Barnes hit in 2012, the more his name was on the rise. Strong and athletic, Barnes is a little raw as a baseball player, but he has some offensive upside. His best tools are his raw power and his speed, and some of both have shown up in his performance this year. A center fielder currently, Barnes might be best suited for a corner spot when all is said and done. That might mean left field, as his arm is fringy average. He gets high marks for his intensity on the field. Considering the knock against Barnes was that he was more athlete than player, the fact he’s performed well for Texas Tech offsets that a bit and should help him come off the board in the early stages of the Draft.

3) Mitch Haniger, OF, 6'2 215, R/R, Cal Poly, NCAA

53gp 199ab .342/.434/.618 12hr 58rbi 17(2b) 1(3b) 34bb 32so 5sb 6cs

1e 9a .993fld%

In a year that is not known for college bats, Haniger’s ability to hit with power has many teams intrigued with the Cal Poly outfielder. Strong and muscular, Haniger hits from a wide, open stance with plus bat speed and a slight uppercut that allows him to drive the ball to all fields when he makes contact. He’s been doing that more consistently this year, showing improved plate discipline to improve his overall offensive game. There’s enough loft and strength where he could hit 25 homers annually at the next level. Not a burner, Haniger is a heady baserunner who picks his spots to run. While he plays center field for Cal Poly, he’ll be better suited for right. He has a plus arm and his power certainly profiles well for what teams look for in the position. There’s going to be some swing and miss to his game, but the power, his arm and his aggressive style of play give him the chance to be an everyday Major League right fielder in the future.

4) Teddy Stankiewicz, RHP, 6’4 190lbs, TX, HS

Big righty who can reach low 90's with more to come. Projectable. Very consistent in his velocity and mechanics, generally sitting at 90 mph, touches 95, with a quick arm and good downhill angle. Fastball flashes plus sink and bore at times. Much improved slider puts him in the top class. Nice 80 mph change up. Very good pick off move for a righty, quick feet. Continued development of slider key to development.

5) Wyatt Mathisen, C/MIF, 6’2 215, R/R, TX, HS

One of the best catching prospects in the 2012 class. A polished hitter with good bat speed Mathisen’s swing displays plus power potential. At the plate he has good patience and makes consistent hard contact. Despite spending most of his time at other positions, Mathisen shows good skills behind the plate. He has a strong and accurate arm, with a recorded pop time of 1.94. Does everything easily and athletically. High ceiling talent.

6) Rock Rucker, LHP, 6’5 225, GA, HS

A legit two way player in the outfield and on the mound. Big, lanky, projectable build, room to add strength. Good looseness to his arm action. Rucker has a bit of a hitch in his throwing hand but there isnt any extraordinary effort in his delivery. He throws his fastball in the 86-90 range, but has been as high as 93 in the past. Flashes plus breaking ball. Funky delivery. Shades of a young David Price.

7) Fernelys Sanchez, OF, 6'4 205, S/R, NY, HS

Explosive and exciting athlete. Lean projectable build. Switch-hitter, but looks better from the left side with more power. Less bat-speed from the right side. Very good runner most 6.59, but has been as low as 6.27 in the past. Disruptive baserunner with excellent jumps and instincts. Left field arm strength, but centerfield speed. Some similarities to current Yankee Curtis Granderson.

8) Christian Walker, 1B, 6'1 220, R/R, South Carolina, NCAA

53gp 190ab .332/.465/.553 10hr 49rbi 10(2b) 1(3b) 41bb 19so 2sb 1cs

5e 20a .989fld%

Gifted natural hitter with enough strength to hit 20 homeruns at the next level. More of a high average gap to gap hitter than a power threat though. Comes to the plate with a good approach. Takes pitches, can go the other way. Shows quick hands and the ability to turn on inside pitches. Currently a shaky defender at first, he has the upside to be at least average.

9) Adam Brett Walker, 1B/OF, 6'5 222, R/R, Jacksonville, NCAA

56gp 210ab .343/.426/.581 12hr 14(2b) 29bb 47so 19sb 1cs

11e 17a .974fld%

The son of a former NFL running back, Walker looks the part of a future slugger. The question is if he has the baseball skills to get there. There’s no question about his pop at the plate. He might have as much raw power as anyone in the Draft class, with some scouts giving him an 80 on the 20-80 scouting scale. He also has a very good approach to hitting, though his hitting instincts lag behind. That leaves some wondering if he’ll learn to tap into that power consistently enough against advanced pitching. A big, physical specimen, Walker has played both first base and the outfield. His arm is well below average, and while some think he could handle playing left field, his defensive home is up in the air. He draws comparisons to Giancarlo Stanton, both in body type and power potential, but there is some concern that he’s a Ferrari with a VW

10) Ty Buttery, RHP, 6’6 205, NC, HS

Long limbed projectable build, plenty of room to add strength. Fastball to 90-93 mph (touches 94) with low effort release, velocity comes easy, fastball mostly straight now and will need to add movement. Curveball is big and hard with nice spin and sharp bite, potential plus pitch. Shows good feel for change up, nice arm speed and some late sink. Three solid present pitches and projects in all areas, has improved fastball velocity 5 mph in the last year.

11) Fernando Perez, 3B, 6’1 190, L/R, Central Arizona, JUCO

52gp 187ab .342/.402/.575 3hr 45rbi 18(2b) 10(3b) 18bb 27so 7sb 1cs

9e 127a .958fld%

Graduated high school a semester early to challenge himself in junior college. Perez is a very good hitter, with a smooth left-handed swing that’s short to the ball. Quick hands generate bat speed. High average approach with some power potential but lacks present lift in swing. Perez has everything he’ll need — above-average arm, good athleticism, quick reaction time, and average foot speed — to be a good defender at third in time. Very good instinctive base runner who plays faster than his 6.95—60 time. Polished player best appreciated over many games.

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