MLB 2012 Draft - College - Third Basemen

1) Stephen Piscotty 3B, 6’3 195, R/R, Stanford, NCAA

40gp 167ab .317/.405/.509 5hr 49rbi 11(2b) 3(3b) 20bb 11so 3sb 0cs
11e 42a .875fld%

Piscotty is one of the best pure hitters eligible for the 2012 draft. He has topped .300 in both of his seasons at Stanford and captured the batting crown at the Cape in 2011 with a .349 average. Piscotty brings a good approach to the plate, displaying aggressiveness while not swinging at bad pitches. He has a smooth swing and good bat speed, able to spray the ball to all fields. The only thing that Piscotty lacks at this point as a hitting prospect is big time power. He is underrated athletically, and has plenty of arm to play third, but his overall defense needs improvement. Not a prototypical third baseman, his defense and lack of power could force a move to the outfield where his strong and accurate arm would play well. VIDEO

2) Cameron Perkins, 3b, 6`5 195, R/R, Purdue, NCAA

40gp169ab .367/.409/.538 6hr 44rbi 11(2b) 6bb 12so 8sb 2cs
8e 93a .934fld%

Perkins has an aggressive approach and a knack for hard contact. While pro teams will likely want him to show more selectivity at the plate, Perkins does have good bat control and the strength to drive pitches in any location, especially pitches down in the zone. His power is mostly to the gaps now, but he has room to fill out, and more home run pop should come as he gets stronger. Defensively, Perkins moves well for his size—he's an average runner who shows good aggression on the base paths, and is 8 for 10 in stolen bases this spring. He's a good athlete and is a solid at third base with a plus arm, though some scouts see him moving to right field as a pro. Perkins is a hard worker and it's obvious that he loves the game. VIDEO

3) Matt Reynolds, SS/3B, 6’1 200, R/R, Arkansas, NCAA

44gp 153ab .307/.435/.464 4hr 27rbi 12(2b) 33bb 22so 11sb 1cs

8e 95a .942fld%

The only thing that might keep Reynolds from being a first day pick is a lack of raw power. As a pure hitter he compares favorably to former Razorbacks’ third basemen Logan Forsythe and Zack Cox, and his power upside likely falls somewhere between the two. Reynolds is a patient and selective hitter at the plate. He has good bat speed and a nice easy stroke. Reynolds’ defense at third base is also outstanding. He’s very athletic with great body control, and a strong arm. He gets to the ball quickly and has a good first step with range to both sides. Reynolds showed the ability to hit with wood bats hitting .322 at the Cape Cod League. VIDEO

4) Patrick Wisdom, 3B/1B, 6’2 215, R/R, St. Mary’s, NCAA

(*2011*) 55gp 208ab .351/.423/.553 8hr 46rbi 16(2b) 1(3b) 23bb 41so 5sb 2cs 5sb 2cs
15e 116a .914fld%

Wisdom is a big stout third baseman whose power potential has been described as `light tower` caliber. What makes his power even more impressive is that he is only still learning to incorporate his entire lower half. Wisdom uses his hands extremely well in his swing and generates very good bat speed. Shows the ability to take pitches the other way, and stays inside the ball well. He is generally lauded for his plate discipline and is thought to be a tough out. His pitch recognition, has also improved. Defensively, Wisdom's arm strength rivals his power as his best tool. He’s thrown 93 mph from the mound, and he has the athleticism and glove to stick at third at the next level. Having a down season offensively, hitting only .233 with 5 homeruns. VIDEO

5) Fernando Perez SS/3B, 6’1 190, L/R, Central Arizona, JUCO

52gp 187ab .342/.402/.575 3hr 45rbi 18(2b) 10(3b) 18bb 27so 7sb 1cs

9e 127a .958fld%

Graduated high school a semester early to challenge himself in junior college. Perez is a very good hitter, with a smooth left-handed swing that’s short to the ball. Quick hands generate bat speed. High average approach with some power potential but lacks present lift in swing. Perez has everything he’ll need — above-average arm, good athleticism, quick reaction time, and average foot speed — to be a good defender at third in time. Very good instinctive base runner who plays faster than his 6.95—60 time. Polished player best appreciated over many games. VIDEO

6) Joey Demichelle, 3B, 6’0 171, L/R, Arizona State, NCAA

43gp 164ab .348/.424/.579 6hr 40rbi 10(2b) 5(3b) 19bb 22so 8sb 3cs
6e 131a .971fld%

Excellent power bat from the left side, Demichelle puts a charge into the baseball. For a power hitter, he keeps the strikeouts in check, and has been doing a better job this spring with his plate discipline, showing a willingness to take a walk. Very good speed for the type of player he is. Has been playing second base this year for the Sun Devils, which only adds to his offensive value. His lack of a sure fire defensive home is somewhat concerning, but guys with that combo of a true plus hit tool and even average future power (maybe a touch more with added strength) are always in demand. DeMichele is having a tremendous offensive campaign for the Devils, and has more than held his own at second base. VIDEO

7) William Carmona, 3B, 6’0 225, S/R, Stony Brook, NCAA

44gp 166ab .373/.442/.669 8hr 46rbi 13(2b) 6(3b) 21bb 23so 7sb 0cs
10e 91a .919fld%

Alongside Jankowski and Tissenbaum, Carmona helps makes up part of Stony Brook’s big three. A switch-hitting third baseman he has the best bat speed, power potential on the team. Very good power for a player his size, he’s an extra base machine, with above average speed. Very good overall hitter, though he could improve his plate discipline a tad. Shows good actions at third and a powerful arm (94 mph across the field), also pitches. Scouts are split on his future role, but his value would go up if he could handle second base or catcher. Very intriguing prospect. VIDEO

8) Torsten Boss, 3b/2b, 6’0 200, L/R, Michigan State, NCAA

39gp 154ab .331/448/.513 4hr 31rbi 12(2b) 2(3b) 29bb 28so 9sb 0cs
7e 65a .939fld%

Boss has all the tools, but just needs to refine them and get stronger. Serious juice in bat squares up the ball well, and has power to all fields. Slow feet and hard hands exposed on the infield, he has moved to outfield as a junior. A converted third baseman, has acquitted himself quite well in center despite not being a classic burner with plus range. His bat might be strong enough even if pushed to a corner at the next level. His plus arm strength would profile just fine there.

9) Damek Tomscha, 3B, 6’2 200, Iowa Western, JUCO

42gp 123ab .439/.513/.693 10hr 47rbi 16(2b) 2(3b) 13bb 5sb 0cs
6e 46a .920fld%

Prototypical third base prospect, Tomscha has the power bat and arm to profile well at the hot corner. A strong well built athlete, he has outstanding arm strength, registering 93 mph across the infield, and runs pretty well for a player his size (6.93 in the 60-yard-dash). good athletic actions, needs improvement on footwork/balance. toe tap trigger Very good raw bat speed, calm balanced stance, quick and short to the ball,. Line drive swing plane, ball jumps off bat well. swings hard and aggressively , lacks ideal hitting rhythm now, line drive swing plane, ball jumps off bat well. Square shouldered build, good present strength. Very interesting unrecognized talent witha high ceiling. Drafted twice already in 2010 and 2011. VIDEO

10) Chris Burke, 3B, 6’1 195, R/R, Iona, MAAC

39gp 151ab .358/.434/.642 9hr 41rbi 14(2b) 1(3b) 18bb 25so 16sb 6cs

Burke has little projection left in his body. He could get bigger, but he’s not presently the most limber and agile individual so it would not seem advisable. A bigger, slower Burke means a move to an outfield corner or across the diamond to first base and his value would suffer. At third base, Burke has slightly above average arm strength, enough to play the position, but he struggles with accuracy. His reactions and hands are both unexceptional. His best chance to make noise in the big leagues is at the hot corner. He’ll need to sort out his deficiencies there to make it, mechanical, mental, Burke’s motions are fluid and fast, but what impressed me most was how quiet everything was. Shoulders between the knees, knees between the feet, barely a stride, clean, simple and fast. Burke is a very good hitter. He keeps his hands inside the ball allowing him to drive balls to all fields. An aggressive approach, he could stand to be more patient, and see more pitches, or he might be exposed by better pitchers at the next level.

11) Jake Lamb, 3b, 6’3 210, L/R, Washington, NCAA

38gp 127ab .283/.421/.386 1hr 22rbi 8(2b) 1(3b) 26bb 17so 4sb 4cs
6e 99a .953fld%

A Washington native, and the Huskies top pro prospect, Lamb is a big physical, lefthanded-hitting third baseman with plus raw power potential and a strong arm at third base. He has all the physical tools you’d want in a third baseman, and plenty of upside, but he needs to work on his defense as well as polishing off his offensive approach. A down year by his standards.

12) Josh Anderson, 3b, 6’0 205lbs, Yavapai, JUCO

(*2011) 42gp 154ab .364/.407/.467 1hr 33rbi 17(2b) 1(3b) 5bb 5sb 3cs

9e 9a .945fld%

A big physical third baseman, Anderson is a solid hitter with impressive raw power. Has quick hands and a short compact swing that enable him to drive the ball out of the park to all fields. Shows a patient approach with a discerning batter’s eye. Defensively he is not a great runner, though he moves well for his size. He has just enough ability and athleticism to stick at third base, in addition to his good footwork, smooth mechanics and strong throwing arm. Not as athletic as Tomscha, Anderson has more present power, and good savvy. A smart player, Anderson is always trying to stay one step ahead of his opponents, and he has the skill set and work ethic to back it up. Will play for FIU next season if he doesn’t go pro. VIDEO

13) Zach Houchins, 3B, South Carolina, NCAA

50gp 172ab .349/.391/.478 4hr 35rbi 14(2b) 1(3b) 9bb 7sb 4cs

17e 86a .884fld%

Strong-armed third baseman with power potential, Houchins is a solid hitter, who has good strength and bat speed and consistently hits the ball hard. He has a good arm but lacks the speed and actions to stay at shortstop, and may not be enough bat to carry him as a primary third baseman. Some scouts think he has surpassed Ethan Carter as South Carolina’s best prospect. An unsigned Nationals' 15th-rounder in 2011, Houchins created a bit of a stir when some inappropriate comments on his twitter feed surfaced.

14) Thomas McCarthy, 3B, 6’2 200, R/R, Kentucky, NCAA

42gp 158ab .329/.411/.519 5hr 26rbi 15(2b) 18bb 29so 3sb 0cs
3e 62a .965fld%

The former JUCO transfer lead UK in hitting (.378) last season, after hitting over .400 for two straight years at Western Oregon and Fair River college respectively. An excellent hitter with a nice stroke from the right side. Has an aggressive contact oriented approach. He will strikeout some, but also shows a willingness to take a walk and pretty good power. Average across the board tools. More speed than you would expect from a third baseman. Stronger and quicker this spring, he has really improved his defensive game, after committing 13 errors for the Wild Cats last season. A high-character individual who is a vocal leader for the Wildcats, McCarthy has been praised throughout his career for his work ethic. Went undrafted in 2011, defensive improvements should see a better result in 2012. VIDEO

Creede Simpson, 3B, 6’2 185, R/R, Auburn, NCAA

41gp 161ab .335/.401/.447 2hr 25rbi 12(2b) 16bb 26so 16sb 7cs
13e 121a .936fld%

Good athlete with versatility defensively. Has played center field, right field, and shortstop in high school he played shortstop, and second base and third in college. 45th-round pick by the Yankees in 2008, Simpson has excellent speed and a strong throwing arm. Shows a solid bat, with some pop, though likely not enough for third base. Excellent makeup as well.

16) Cody Regis, 3B, 6’2 175, L/R, UCLA, NCAA

(*2011*) 57gp 194ab .284/.381/.448 6hr 45rbi 10(2b) 2(3b) 34bb 56so 4sb 3cs
11e 73a .904fld%

Former high school shortstop. Tall and athletic with a chiseled build. Regis is a very good defender with solid actions at third. Displays extremely good hands, good feet and plenty of arm strength. Has shown enough versatility to play second this spring replacing the injured Tyler Rahmatulla. Good bat speed at the plate, Regis is a solid, though not great hitter, whose best attributes offensively are his power and patience. Has a tendency to strikeout a lot, and needs to do a better job making contact to tap into his good raw power. Having a poor start to the 2012 season hitting only .224 with 1hr so far.

17) Jeramy Matos, 3B/OF, 6’3 225, R/R, UCF, NCAA

22gp 62ab .258/.370/.484 3hr 8rbi 5(2b) 9bb 28so 4sb 1cs

He is seriously strong, with a thick Albert Pujols type of upper body. Nevertheless, Matos retains very good quickness for his size. He moves around third base pretty well for a big guy, and shows soft hands, a quick release and very good on line carry on his throws. Offensively, there are some mechanical flaws in his swing that has created length, but when at his best Matos has huge power in his swing and strong and quick hands to the ball. Matos needs to get back to his old quick, attacking style of hitting, as it fits his swing tools well. VIDEO

18) Kyle Newton, 3B, 5'11 185, L/R, Florida Atlantic, NCAA

40gp 160ab .306/.363/.456 5hr 26rbi 7(2b) 1(3b) 15bb 40so 2sb 1cs
8e 60a .922fld%

Newton brings a high baseball IQ, and strong defensive skills at the hot corner. Average arm strength, but pretty good wheels for a third baseman (6.72 in the 60). Florida’s number three hitter hits with power to all fields from the left side.

19) LB Dantzler, 3B, 5'11 205, L/R, South Carolina, NCAA

41gp 156ab .250/.324/.429 7hr 35rbi 7(2b) 16bb 25so
2e 73a .981fld%

Dantzler, the MVP of the Florida Collegiate Summer League, has some pretty good power in his bat. He's got an unorthodox setup, with a Joe Morgan-style left-arm tic , but if he gets his pitch, he can hit it out. Dantzler is very physical and will give the Gamecocks a nice presence in the middle of the order. Underrated defender, who should be solid at either second or third base.

20) Curt Powell, 3B, 5'11 170, R/R, Georgia, NCAA

41gp 139ab .353/.436/.460 1hr 10(2b) 1(3b) 15bb 30so 7sb 2cs
10e 82a .915fld%

Lean and very athletic, Powell shows excellent speed (6.56 in the 60) and a strong arm (88 mph from the mound). Good defensive infielder with excellent range. He has excellent actions in the infield and his hands work very well. At the plate his swing is under control and he has quick hands. He is short to the ball and hits hard line drives. He has a great approach at the plate with easy bat speed.

21) Seth Mejias-Brean, 3B, 6’2 205, R/R, Arizona, NCAA

41gp 163ab .387/.438/.534 1hr 40rbi 15(2b) 3(3b) 15bb 10so 8sb 3cs
12e 103a 916fld%

Solid hitter, puts the ball in play, has strength for home run power once he learns to lift the ball to the left field alley. Strong arm and glove in the outfield, defense playable at third. Athletic, runs fairly well, but better straight away.

22) Mitch Delfino, 3B, 6’3 210, R/R, Cal, NCAA

38gp 139ab .374/.439/.525 4hr 27rbi 9(2b) 13bb 18so 0sb 1cs
14e 54a .924fld%

Strong player with average homerun power. Throws well, goes to either side of glove well enough to stick at third or move to first base in the future.

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