MOD #3 Rangers (Supplemental Round)

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So far the list of candidates (barring fallers) that we have chosen for the 29th pick would be as followed.

Courtney Hawkins, OF, HS (5 votes)

Jose Orlando Berrios, RHP, PR (4 votes)

Victor Roache, OF, NCAA (3 votes)

Matthew Smoral, LHP, HS (2 votes)

Hunter Virant, LHP, HS (2 votes)

CJ Hinojosa, SS/2B, HS (2 votes)

Joey Gallo, 3B, HS (1 vote)

DJ Davis, OF, HS (1 vote)

Now Davis and Hawkins will most likely be gone by the time the Rangers pick at 29. In Davis case that doesn't seem to be an issue as he isn't presently that high on our draft board (though he is on mine). In Hawkins case, should he be gone before pick 29, we would simply go with the next highest player on our board, in this case Berrios, and Roache in that order.

Moving on to the supplemental rounds. The Rangers have been awarded the following picks:

39th overall (CJ Wilson)

53rd overall (Darren Oliver)

We also now, know (thanks to BA) what value each of these slots will be worth, which will help us in weighing signability concerns.

Pick 39 carries a value of 1,324,800 while pick number 53 carries a value of 954,800, which would roughly be the equivalent of slot reccomendations for a late first round pick and a very early supplemental pick a year ago.

With this in mind let's look at the possible candidates for players that could be available for those picks. Two players, CJ Hinojosa and Joey Gallo (who were both possibilities at 29 have a small chance of being available at the Rangers next pick, so they too will be included in this poll.

The rest of the draft board (IN RANDOM ORDER):

(39th Pick)

Clint Coulter, C, 6’3 215, R/R, WA, HS (3 votes)

Nick Travieso, RHP, 6’3 210, FL, HS (2 votes)

CJ Hinojosa, SS, 5’11 185, R/R, TX, HS (2 votes)

Joey Gallo, 3B/RHP, 6’5 205, L/R, NV, HS (2 votes)

Corey Seager, 3B/SS, 6’3 190, L/R, NC, HS (1 vote)


(53rd Pick)

Shane Watson RHP, 6’4 195, CA, HS (1 vote)

Shane Watson, RHP, HS

Jesse Winker, OF, HS

Walker Buehler, RHP, HS

Duane Underwood, RHP, HS

Zach Eflin, RHP, HS

Ty Hensley, RHP, HS

Tyler Gonzalez, RHP, HS

Kevin McCanna, RHP, HS

Paul Blackburn, RHP, HS

Ryne Combs, LHP, HS

Rock Rucker, LHP/OF, HS

Ty Culbreth, LHP, HS

Wyatt Mathisen, C, HS

Austin Aune, INF/OF, HS

Lewis Brinson, OF, HS

Christian Walker, 1B, NCAA

Nick Williams, OF, HS

Andrew Toles, OF, JUCO

Alex Liquori, OF, HS

Steven Duggar, OF, HS

Johnny Locher, OF, HS

Avery Romero, 3B/C, HS

Nathan Mikolas, OF, HS

Christopher Barr, OF, HS

Jamal Martin, OF, HS

Cole Miller, 1B, HS

Cullen O'Dwyer, OF, HS

Clayton Crum, RHP, JUCO

Matt Strahm, LHP, JUCO

Logan Ehlers, LHP, JUCO

John Magliozzi, RHP, NCAA

Corey Black, RHP, NCAA

Mitchell Traver, RHP, HS

Teddy Stankiewicz, RHP, HS

Paul Blackburn, RHP, HS

Fernelys Sanchez, OF, HS

Jeremy Kivel, RHP, HS

Dylan Baker, RHP, JUCO

Martin Agosta, RHP, NCAA

Stephen Johnson, NCAA

Pat Light, RHP, NCAA

Branden Kline, RHP, NCAA

Alex Wood, LHP, NCAA

Sam Stafford, LHP, NCAA (*injured*)

Daniel Langefield, NCAA

Ross Strippling, RHP, NCAA

Corey Jones, RHP, JUCO

Cameron Cox, RHP, JUCO

If you're unfamiliar with some of the players listed please feel free to use the following resources which contain plenty of info. Let me know any names of players not currently (either currently on our board or not) that you would like to us add to the poll.


College RHP (Starters)

College LHP (Starters)

College Relievers (RHP & LHP)

High School RHP

High School LHP

College Catchers

High School Catchers

College Shortstops

High School Shortstops

College Thirdbasemen

High School Thirdbasemen



MLB Draft Guide

Bullpen Banter

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