Reds MOD #2

Looking at the draft tendencies and history of Reds GM Walt Jocketty, he has selected at #12 in 1995 (Matt Morris, RHP, Seton Hall), #13 in 2000 (Shaun Boyd, 2B, Oceanside, CA, HS) , #18 Peter Kozma (Owasso, OK, HS), and #12 in 2008 (Yasmani Grandal, C, Miami U). Jocketty has only selected 6 High School players in the 1st RD during his 19 years as a GM with Boyd's selected at #13 in 2000 being the earliest. This tendency lends to the belief that Jocketty will target a College player here rather than a high schooler as he usually favors HS players later in the 1st round if selected and had more luck doing so.

Going with Jocketty's draft tendencies and looking ahead at future weaknesses, here are the players I've pegged as potential draft selections with the 14th overall pick so far.

Richie Shaffer, 3B, Clemson - If the Reds sense that Todd Frazier cannot man 3B fulltime, drafting a quick moving college 3B might be the answer. Shaffer's power makes him an interesting selection as he appears to be the premier 3B bat in the draft. There are thoughts that his size could force him to 1B but his muscular build could lessen the chance that he needs to move to the 1B or even a corner OF spot. But the Reds need a LF too but obviously the plan would be for Shaffer at 3B.

Chris Beck, RHP, Georgia Southern - His stock has been slipping some but Beck still possesses some of the most potent stuff in the draft. He has decent size, 3 effective pitches and a fastball that hits as high as 97mph.

Michael Wacha, RHP, Texas A&M - At pick #14, Wacha might be the best college pitcher on the board. Wacha has a large frame and possess mid-90's stuff. He would add to an already impressive list of righty prospects.

Alex Wood, LHP, Georgia - Wood might lose some fans for having already undergone Tommy John surgery but Wood posses some of the best stuff in college from the left side. He might be a big darkhorse here but has the talent to back it up.

Tyler Naquin, OF, Texas A&M - Wacha's teammate Naquin possesses many of the skills that MLB teamas are looking for except that he hasn't shown the power to match his size (6'3, 190). If he mature, the power could develop and adding Naquin could mean the Reds will eventually have an all Texas OF. If the Reds do go OF in the 1st RD, a HS OF might also be in play.

Andrew Heaney, LHP, Oklahoma State - Heaney is arguably the best college lefty in the draft and might be just what the Reds are looking for to bolster their organizational pitching ranks. Since this is a thin lefty crop in this year's draft, Heaney might already be gone by pick #14.

Stephen Piscotty, 3B, Stanford - For as big as Piscotty is, he has not produced the type of power to separate himself from other college 3Bs. If the Reds believe he can mature and develop he might be an option if Shaffer is already selected and the Reds think short term at 3B. Piscotty looks to be able to stay at 3B longterm and has the glove and arm to play the hot corner.

Brian Johnson, LHP, Florida - Johnson might be the backup plan for teams that miss out on Heaney. On pure stuff Johnson is right there with Heaney but has not had the same numbers of success in college. Still, pitching full time might allow him to focus on the mound and a team takes him could reap the rewards.

Could there be others?

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