MLB 2012 Draft - High School - Third Basemen

1) Corey Seager, 3B/SS, 6’3 190, L/R, NC, HS

Smooth athletic infielder with lots of physical projection. Seager has the tools to be a standout defensive third baseman with excellent hands, fluid footwork and strong arm (90 mph across the infield). Currently playing shortstop for his high school team Seager has very good speed for a guy his size running a 6.85 time in the 60-yard-dash. At the plate he brings a quiet contact approach and his excellent bat speed and the natural lift in his swing should produce above average power down the road. Profiles as better prospect than his brother Kyle; a third baseman in the Mariners organization. VIDEO

2) Rio Ruiz, 3B, 6’2 195, L/R, CA, HS

Ruiz oozes ability everywhere on the diamond, but what makes him special is his bat. Ruiz has an easy left-handed swing with plus bat speed, and quick hands, that allows him to drive the ball to all fields. He makes consistent hard contact and there's more than enough loft and leverage for him to have good power at the next level. Ruiz is also a solid, instinctive defender at third, with good lateral movement and a strong arm that has been up to 93 mph on the mound. A 7.13 runner in the 60-yard-dash, the So-Cal product is often compared to former A’s third baseman Eric Chavez. Surgery to remove blood clot in shoulder, could affect his draft ranking some. VIDEO

3) Carson Kelly, 3B/RHP, 6’2 200, R/R, OR, HS

The top prep player in Oregon, Kelly is an athlete who excels both on the mound and at the plate. A line-drive hitter with power to all fields, he has very good bat speed and a solid approach at the plate. His strong arm and athleticism should allow him to stick at third base, if he chooses. As a pitcher, he has an easy delivery and throws fastballs from 88-92mph. Both his curve and changeup are quality pitches right now with the ability to get better with more time and focus on the mound. While Kelly has the ability to pitch at the next level, most see his future at third base due to his offensive potential. VIDEO

3) David Robertson, 3B, 6’0 185, CA, HS

Good all around player, the bat stands out in a big way. He has a pro type body, shows off a strong arm (90mph) and the ability to get the barrel through the ball, with good projectable raw power. Robertson has loose, strong hands and wrists at the plate. In the field he is a good athlete, and he has some flash to his defensive game that will have to be refined a bit to allow him to be an above-average defender.

5) Joey Gallo, 3B/RHP, 6’5 205, L/R, NV, HS

Gallo may have as much power potential as any prep prospect eligible for the 2012 draft. He has an easy swing with very good bat speed that enables him to generate plus-plus power to all fields. There is a slight bat wrap in his swing and the elongation leaves contact in question. Pitch recognition was also a problem during the summer tournaments, and he will strike out a lot, leaving some concern that he won’t be able to hit enough to tap into that power in games. Defensively, Gallo has played third, short, and first for his high school. His best tool defensively is his strong arm (94 mph across the infield). He also has good range and soft hands. He is more fluid than some want to give credit for and the arm can allow him to stick at 3B, depending on how much he grows. Gallo also draws interest on the mound where he throws a plus-plus fastball that can reach 97 mph with ease. There is even room for more velocity once he commits full time to the mound. His curveball has the potential to be a possible plus pitch at the next level and his change-up will be at least average. Whichever route he chooses, he seems a lock for the first round. VIDEO

6) Trey Williams, 3B, 6’1 211, R/R, CA, HS

The son of former Major Leaguer Eddie Williams, Williams has a fairly advanced approach at the plate for a high school player, and shows a great understanding of the game. Offensively, he has an impressive swing with tremendous bat speed that can produce power to all fields. While his bat will be his ticket to the big leagues, Williams is also strong at third base. He moves well and has decent speed (7.07-60). Williams has good hands, and displays a strong accurate arm (88mph). His subpar performance at a number of recent showcases has his stock dropping. VIDEO

7) Mitch Nay, 3B/OF, 6’3 195, R/R, AZ, HS

Simply an intimidating kid with the size and frame to mash the baseball. Nay is a bit raw at this time, but clearly displays the potential to hit for plus-plus power down the road. As a hitter he will need to improve his approach as well as his pitch recognition some as he seems to be a dead fastball hitter at this stage. Decent glove and arm, but strictly a corner outfielder with a chance to stick in RF. Few scouts think he'll stay at third base, although he has the arm for it, so he'll need to show more with the bat to get back into late first-round consideration. VIDEO

8) Corey Oswalt, 3B, 6’4 205, R/R, CA, HS

Projectable all around tools, also up to 92 mph on mound. Outstanding physical build, large frame, lots of room to get stronger. Nice balanced swing, aggressive approach, shows good bat speed, has gap to gap pop, plus power potential. Very good raw arm strength, easy gliding actions to the ball, quick clean exchange, will have to work on lower half flexibility. Classic power third base tools. VIDEO

9) Dylan LaVelle, SS/3B, 6’2 185, R/R, WA, HS

A high level-hitter. Lavelle has a quiet but aggressive approach at the plate and really swings it well, with good hitting mechanics. Has a much nicer looking swing in the games than in BP and the ball really jumps off his bat hard. Although he's listed as a shortstop, he’s profiles better at third as his one "short" tool is his running speed (7.23-60). LaVelle shows smooth defensive actions, and plus arm (87 mph), that will allow him to be an above average defender at the hot corner. VIDEO

10) Eric Neitzel, 3B/OF, 6’2 210, R/R, FL, HS

Athletic build with very good present strength. Serious juice in his bat, Neitzel has the highest level hitting tools. His bat speed is excellent and the ball flies off his barrel for good power. Runs very well, for a third baseman (6.66-60). Raw arm strength (81mph), and hands work well at the hot corner.

11) J.T Phillips, 3B/SS, 6’3 190, R/R, GA, HS

Phillips can play all around the infield and is a capable shortstop in high school although his overall foot speed (7.24-60) and body-type profiles best as a third baseman. He certainly has the tools to man the hot corner with a very strong arm (93 mph from the mound), soft sure hands, to go with the strength and bat speed to project for above average power. Phillips is a big, physical talent and one of the scariest hitters in the state of Georgia. VIDEO

12) Brandon Lopez, 3B/SS, 6’1 165, R/R, FL, HS

Lopez is an exceptional baseball athlete with a chance to become a middle-order hitter. From the right side of the plate, Lopez has a free and easy swing coming out of an open, narrow stance. He loads up nicely and really uses his hands well. His raw power projects to plus because he has the rare combination of both bat-speed and lift in his swing. Lopez shows he can hit a good fastball and he’s okay keeping his hands back on breaking balls. In due time, he could become a very good curveball hitter. Defensively, Lopez’ athleticism comes through on the infield where he is a plus defender. He has very good body control, with the ability to make plays down the line and in the hole from third base. His arm is also a plus registering (91mph off the mound). Lopez is about an average runner, running a 6.96 in the 60 yard-dash. While he is no slouch with the stick, it’s Lopez’s glove that makes him such a valuable commodity. VIDEO

13) Kevin Ross, 3B, 6’1 195, R/R, IL, HS

A good athlete who can really hit, Ross is strong and quick with the bat and sees the ball very well. An aggressive hitter, Ross sprays the ball to all fields, and his elite bat speed gives him very good raw power at the plate. Currently a shortstop Ross’ frame projects for more growth, one that ultimately will see him settle at the hot corner. The future position bodes him well as he carries one of the region's top power-potential bats. Defensively Ross has a strong arm and moves around well at third base. VIDEO

14) Ron Miller, 3B/OF/1B, 6’0 200, R/R, CA, HS

Miller is thickly built with plenty of strength. The ball just explodes off his bat. Miller has excellent raw power and bat speed. He has a simple easy swing with lift. The swing is a bit long, but he is able to generate power to all fields. Patient approach looking for his pitch, singular approach but can hit mistakes a long way, will need adjustments at the next level but has the tools. Miller has the tools needed to play third, but some project him as a future outfielder. He has good arm strength (85mph). VIDEO

15) George Ragsdale, 3B, 6'0 180, R/R, FL, HS

Ragsdale will likely end up at third base defensively but his bat really, really plays up. He has a low effort right handed swing with very good bat speed and big pull power. He isn't athletic enough to play in the middle of the field at the next level but his bat will play high at any position. A 7.51 runner, Ragsdale has clean infield actions, very soft hands, decent arm strength (81mph) and a quick release. Big hitting tools with room to keep improving. VIDEO

16) Dalton Dinatale 3B, 6’4 198, L/R, CA, HS

Big strong hitter who looks the part. Dinatale has shown solid third base actions and arm strength in the past, and can also play first base. A left-handed hitter with good bat speed and a line drive swing plane, the ball comes off his bat well when squared, strong pull contact. Dinatale is a very good runner for his size (6.70-60). He has good raw arm strength (90mph), and footwork to his left. His throws are strong and accurate and he charges the ball well, all the tools needed for a quality third baseman. VIDEO

17) Ty France, 3B, 5’10 190, R/R, CA, HS

Small stocky player who can really mash. France has very good present strength and a simple polished hitting approach. At the plate he displays strong hands, and he stays compact and quick to the ball, with occasional lift. A future high average hitter. Only a 7.42 runner France is surprisingly quick and disruptive on the bases, with very good base running instincts. Best at third base, where he shows good defensive actions and a strong arm (90mph) with a compact quick release with. France stays balanced and quick charging the ball, and will make all the routine plays cleanly. Plays above his physical tools.

18) Willie Schwanke, 3B, 6’1 185, L/R, TX, HS

High level hitting prospect with a smooth, easy left handed swing and projectable power. At the plate Schwanke has a narrow, open stance, and he loads up nicely. He starts his swing with a good, high bat-angle and a strong leg kick. Schwanke shows some true actions for the infield. His hands work well and both his range and arm (90mph) project could profile at second or third base. He looks to be an average runner and could surely play the outfield as well. His father Jim, was a long time NCAA coach and now an agent.

19) Devin Pickett, SS/3B, 6’1 185, R/R, IL, HS

Well proportioned athletically with room to get stronger, Pickett projects as a power-hitting third sacker. He generates solid bat-speed right now and has good raw power. The extension on the end of his swing gives him a chance for plus raw power one day. Pickett has the ability to turn on good fastballs and hit them hard, though his approach creates length at present. Defensively, Pickett shows very good infield actions and he moves well to his left. He has quick hands and good arm strength for the hot corner (85mph). A good straight line runner (6.88-60) Pickett doesn’t have quick feet going laterally but his hands work and if he can just get a quicker first step, he’ll be fine. VIDEO

20) Danny Rosenbaum, 3B, 6’0 195, R/R, PA, HS

Rosenbaum is an advanced hitter who stands out also for his intensity and the way he plays the game all-out. At the plate, he has strong hands, and is quick and short to the ball. He has a line drive swing, and makes consistent hard contact. His game approach is solid, and he has good plate coverage with the ability to recognize pitches not found in many high school players. Rosenbaum shows a willingness to take the ball the other way but his power grades out at as just average. Defensively, he doesn’t have very good actions for the infield, but his arm grades out as above average (90mph) and he has quick short release. He has hard hands and doesn’t change directions well on the run. Despite his thick build, Rosenbaum runs a 6.81 60 yard-dash. Physically he is thick and strongly built and there’s not much room left for physical projection.

21) Joseph Keller, 3B/OF, 6’0 185, R/R, CA, HS

Strong athletic build, fairly physically mature. Keller is a 7.47 runner and shows clean actions defensively at third, but his range could stand to improve. Keller has soft hands, and good arm strength (83mph) with accurate on line throws, though his arm action is a little long. At the plate he has good swing mechanics with some bat speed and a line drive plane. His front foot will occasionally get down late, but he does a good job of squaring up the ball consistently.

22) Joe DeCarlo, SS/3B, 6’1 205, R/R, PA, HS

Decarlo has an athletic build, and very good hitting tools. He has a simple swing and can really hit. At the plate he displays the strength and bat speed to generate good raw power down the line, though he lacks a great deal of physical projection. He can hit a good fastball but needs to do a better job staying back on the curveball. DeCarlo has the hands, body control, and arm to become an average defensive third baseman. His arm projects to solid-average (86mph) and he is a below-average runner (7.83-60). Also a potential pitcher. VIDEO

23) Christian Helsel, SS/3B, 6’0 195, R/R, PA, HS

Helsel is a hard-hitting infielder who can also handle the leather. His toolbox is impressive, especially for a cold weather kid, and he could get early-round follows from pro scouts in 2012. Helsel has a strong, solid, nearly mature build, and he doesn’t have a whole lot of projection. At the plate he displays solid bat-speed and his swing-path is short to the ball with extension for future average power. Helsel has decent hands and should be able to hit good breaking balls in the future. Defensively, his feet move well on the infield and he has a quick transfer, soft hands, and the good body control to make plays. Helsel’s throwing arm projects to average at (85mph), and his range should be perfectly adequate for a corner, though he is a below-average as a runner (7.08-60). VIDEO

24) Jackson Stephens, 3B/RHP, 6’3 185, R/R, AL, HS

Potential two-way prospect on the mound and at third. Good right handed swing, shows strength in the bat producing line drives to all fields. Sound third base actions, can throw from multiple angles with good balance and actions. Strong arm (86mph) with carry, below average runner (7.31-60) and hewill have to work on his foot quickness.

25) Alex Raburn, SS/OF, 5’10 175, R/R, NC, HS

The UNC commit is one of the better infield athletes you will find, running a 6.70 sixty and showing quick feet and good actions at third base. He has plenty of arm strength across the infield (82mph) and projects to stay at the position. Also has the tools to play the outfield, he has good carry on throws with on line accuracy. Raburn is also a very good hitter showing bat speed and pull power from the right side. Raburn has quick hands to the ball, and stays short to the ball, though he could extend better out front.

26) Jackson Campana, 3B/RHP, 6’6 220, R/R, NC, HS

Good two-way player with a tall athletic build that projects very well. Good raw power potential, the ball really jumps off the bat, and he squares it up well. Excellent present bat speed and good barrel contact. In the field he has a strong infield arm (92mph), and his tools best project at third base.

27) Chase Scott, 3B, 6’0 195, R/R, GA, HS

Scott displays sound third base actions defensively, with soft hands, an easy release, and enough arm strength (81mph). At the plate he has an aggressive swing, and creates bat speed with nice calm quiet load. Scott shows a patient approach, and his short simple swing mechanics, allow him to hit the ball hard out front. Scott has excellent bat control, with some lift in his swing. Good base running instincts.

28) Palmer Betts, 3B, 6’3 180, R/R, GA, HS

Betts is strong and athletic with top level third base tools. He has a big infield arm (88mph) with carry, moves easily on the infield and is a pretty good runner (6.97) for a third sacker. At the plate, he uses a leg lift trigger hitting, and has good extension through the ball. He flashes good bat speed and quick hands and stays inside the ball well. Projects well, but approach needs refinement.

29) Trooper Reynolds, 3B, 5’11 205, R/R, TX, HS

Reynolds is a solid defensive third baseman, with soft hands in the infield, and a playable arm at third (82mph). Offensively, he has a slightly open stance at the plate, and good barrel control with a long smooth finish. Uses lower half well, and makes hard contact in games.

30) Johnny Caputo 3B 6’2 200, R/R, ON, HS

Canadian third baseman with athletic build. Hands work well at third, quickness in arm. Wide base at the plate, short line drive swing with bat quickness. Strength in swing.

31) Jake Jeffries, 3B/SS, 6’0 180, S/R, CA, HS

Jake Jefferies is a switch-hitting third baseman with a good all-around game. He’s committed early to Cal State-Fullerton and will get at least late round follows for the 2012 Draft.

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