MLB 2012 Draft - College - Relievers


1) Austin Maddox, C/RHP, 6'3 220, Florida, NCAA

(2012) 15(ap) 2-1(w-l) 8(sv) 2.08(era) 26(ip) 18(h) 7(bb) 31(so) 2(hr)

Big strong righty, athletic, two way player. His fastball sits at 92-96 mph and he throws three pitches for strikes including a power slider at 84 mph, and an 81mph changeup. His fastball has heavy sink as well. He’ll only be 21 at draft. VIDEO

2) Nolan Sanburn, RHP, 6’1 205, Arkansas, NCAA

(2012) 9(ap) 2-1(w-l) 0(sv) 3.24(era) 16.2(ip) 16(h) 8(bb) 19(so)

He can overpower hitters with a fastball that sits in the 91-94 mph range and gets as high as 98. Impressive fastball command. Impressive slider, projects as a plus pitch. Bulldog mentality and stuff would make him an excellent late inning reliever, but his repertoire could allow him to be used as a starter also. VIDEO

3) JT. Chargois, RHP, 6’1 175, Rice, NCAA

(2012) 14(ap) 4(sv) 2-1(w-l) 3.38(era) 16(ip) 11(h) 8(bb) 15(so) 1(hr)

Until this year the stuff had always been better than the numbers for Chargois. Though he has limited experience on the mound, his stuff is incredible. Chargois goes after hitters with a sinking fastball in the 92-96 range and a plus power curveball that ranged from 78-83. His delivery has some violence, and he profiles as a reliever all the way, but he has filthy, back-of-the-bullpen stuff. VIDEO

4) Jake Barrett, RHP, 6’3 220, Arizona State, NCAA

(2012) 13(ap) 1-2(w-l) 4(sv) 1.80(era) 15(ip) 10(h) 2(bb) 18(so) 1(hr)

Barrett has a big-league body, a plus-plus fastball (94-97 mph) in relief and an above average splitter. His fastball has late life. He has the stuff to be a starter but his size to go along with a maximum effort delivery and spotty command have many believing he's a reliever. Often gets body comps to big relievers like Heath Bell and Jonathan Broxton. VIDEO

5) RJ Alvarez, RHP, 6’0 165, Florida Atlantic, NCAA

(2012) 14(ap) 3-0(w-l) 4(sv) 0.79(era) 22.2(ip) 13(h) 5(bb) 29(so) 1(hr)

Lightening fast arm. Alvarez has one of the best pure arms in college. He sits 92-94 with his fastball, reaching 96 often. He has worked exclusively in relief, but Alvarez flashes the secondary pitches to potentially be a successful starter at the next level. He mixes a sharp, downer curveball at 78-80, which flashes plus, as well as a quality changeup at 80-84. Alvarez has a lot of effort in his delivery and throws across his body. VIDEO

6) Michael Morin, RHP, 6’4 207, North Carolina, NCAA

(2012) 17(ap) 4-1(w-l) 8(sv) 0.74(era) 24.1(ip) 16(h) 5(bb) 26(so) 0(hr)

Morin is one of the best college arms of the 2012 class. He already has a pro frame, and above average athleticism. He has an excellent fastball at 88-92, that he can run up to 95 on occasion. His two seamer has good sink to it, and he flashes an average curve, and a changeup, that is a true plus pitch. Outstanding numbers as the closer for UNC.

7) Kyle Hooper, RHP, 6’4 195, UC Irvine, NCAA

(2012) 3-1(w-l) 1.30(era) 27.2(ip) 17(h) 3(bb) 28(so) 1(hr)

A big righthander, Hooper has a prototypical pitcher’s frame. Works downhill with a low 90s fastball. Solid command of his secondary pitches, including a big curve that is 76 -80mph. He attacks hitters and shows good control of all his pitches.

8) Matt Koch, RHP 6’3 185, Louisville, NCAA

(2012) 10(ap) 0-1(w-l) 4(sv) 2.70(era) 13.1(ip) 16(h) 3(bb) 18(so) 0(hr)

Throws 91-95 mph, with a plus late-breaking slider at 81-83 and an aggressive approach. His changeup is still a work in progress, but his power fastball-slider combination should be plenty effective in a relief. Excellent command. VIDEO

9) Luke Bard, RHP, 6’2 183, Georgia Tech, NCAA

(2012) 11(ap) 1-0(w-l) 2(sv) 0.99(era) 27.1(ip) 20(h) 6(bb) 26(so) 0(hr)

One of the top closers in the ACC, Georgia Tech’s Luke Bard is a right handed pitcher with a good projectable frame and power stuff. Fastball sits consistently in the 92-93 range, with possibly more velocity in there. He controls his fastball well, and the pitch has solid movement. Has thrown a curveball and changeup in the past, but as a reliever relies mostly on his heater and a vicious slider, which is his best pitch. Brother of Red Sox pitcher Daniel. VIDEO

10) Ethan Carter, RHP, 6’5 200, South Carolina, NCAA

(2012) 5(ap) 1-0(w-l) 0(sv) 0.00(era) 10(ip) 3(h) 2(bb) 10(so) 0(hr)

Carter has impeccable control, and big league ready frame. His low 90s fastball comes out of his hand real easy and gets on hitters fast. He also has a sharp slider that is very good and he commands it well. He completes his three pitch mix with a true changeup with sink. The proverbial prodigal son, Carter was kicked off the team at South Carolina following his freshman year, but has returned in 2012.

11) Matt Price, RHP, 6’1 190, South Carolina, NCAA

(2012) 9(ap) 3-2(w-l) 1(sv) 3.12(era) 40.1(ip) 19(h) 19(bb) 49(so) 0(hr)

College closer with lots of high-level high-pressure experience. Price has established himself as one of the nation's best closers. Probably more of a middle reliever at the next level, but his tenacity, low 90’s fastball, swing-and-miss slider and solid changeup should make him a success in that role.

12) Eduardo Encinosa, RHP, 6'4 210, Miami, NCAA

(2012) 12(ap) 1-1(w-l) 7(sv) 3.75(era) 12(ip) 4(h) 7(bb) 19(so) 0(hr)

Encinosa has a big strong frame and good mechanics. He has a clean arm action, and projects for possibly more velocity down the road. His fastball reaches the low 90’s (89-93), and he compliments that with a sharp slider and a changeup that he shows a good feel for.

13) Drew Steckenrider, RHP, 6’5 213, Tennessee, NCAA

(2012) 11(ap) 0(sv) 2-2(w-l) 1.98(era) 27.1(ip) 19(h) 15(bb) 35(so) 0(hr)

Former 5-tool prospect and two-way player as a switch-hitting outfielder. Sits 89-90 with his fastball but has reportedly been as high as the mid 90s. Flashes an 85 slider at times, and a 79-82mph changeup. Defensively, doesn't move particularly well off the mound. Command could use a little improvement, but overall numbers in 2012 have been impressive. VIDEO

14) Brett Huber, RHP, 6’3 210, Mississippi, NCAA

(2012) 10(ap) 1-1(w-l) 6(sv) 2.70(era) 10(ip) 9(h) 1(bb) 12(so) 1(hr)

Low 90s fastball with hard arm side run/bore at times. Huber's curveball has always been his top pitch; it has a sharp downer break at 75-77 mph and can be a swing and miss pitch at times. His changeup also has some deception and fade at 77 mph. He has lots of confidence in his changeup and will throw it at any point in the count, although he will occasionally drop his release point. All three of Huber's pitches show good present quality. He missed his freshman season at Mississippi while recuperating from Tommy John surgery.

15) Trey Lang, RHP, 6’3 235, Gateway, CC

(2012) 28(ap) 1-1(w-l) 2(sv) 0.50(era) 18(ip) 7(h) 9(bb) 22(so)

Converted outfielder is still new to pitching but his loose arm pumps fastballs steadily at 91-94 mph, and he also has superior command of his breaking stuff. VIDEO

16) Nick Wittgren, RHP, 6’3 205, Purdue, NCAA

(2012) 10(ap) 0-0(w-l) 4(sv) 1.32(era) 13.2(ip) 11(h) 5(bb) 16(so) 0(hr)

Lively fastball in the 91-94 range, to go with a hammer curveball at 75, and a solid 78-81 changeup. VIDEO

17) Zack Helewski, RHP, 6’3 185, Chattahoochee Valley, CC

(2012) 8(ap) 2-2(w-l) 1(sv) 3.50(era) 36(ip) 29(h) 8(bb) 46(so)

Big frame, lots of projection. Big time fastball already, clocked up to 95 mph. Draft eligible sophomore.

18) Lee Ridenhour, RHP, 6’3 190lbs, Johnson County, CC

(2012) 23(ap) 4-1(w-l) 2.61(era) 38(ip) 44(h) 4(bb) 47(so)

Former Jayhawks’ fastball was up to 90 mph, touches 92, but pretty straight. His best pitch is a 78 mph slider that had a deep 2-plane break to it; has missed two seasons.

19) Michael Heller, RHP/LF, 6’2 185, Miami-Dade, JUCO

(2012) 12(ap) 1-0(w-l) 1(sv) 2.96(era) 27.1(ip) 22(h) 16(bb) 50(so)

Injuries have slowed this former high-profile Florida recruit; fastball touches 95 mph, sits 88-92 when at his best, with a plus curveball, also uses a 75mph straight change.

20) Shane Henderson, RHP, 6’8 260, Grayson, JUCO

(2012) 5(ap) 2-0(w-l) 0(sv) 2.78(era) 22.2(ip) 11(h) 10(bb) 29(so)

Unsigned 20th round draft pick of the Dodgers in 2010 from Texas. Excellent loose extra large build, resembles Jameson Taillon physically. Throws downhill, with a smooth delivery from an over the top arm slot. Fastball up to 90-94 mph with good tailing action. Upper 70's slurve type breaking ball, shows sharpness at times, some feel for change up, nice arm speed. Around the plate with all pitches, but needs to fine tune command. Repeats delivery well for someone his size.

21) Ben Ballantine, RHP, 6’8 230, Michigan, NCAA

(2012) 7(ap) 1-0(w-l) 2.88(era) 40.2(ip) 32(h) 16(bb) 31(so) 3(hr)

Good tilt in 6-7 frame, compact/repeatable delivery, loose arm, downhill plane. Fastball in the mid to upper 80’s, touching 90 mph with late life. 3-pitch mix with a slider and a mid-70s curve. Struggles to throw strikes at times.

22) Kyle Hayes, RHP, 6’2 195, Howard, JUCO

(2012) 8(ap) 1-0(w-l) 2.62(era) 10.1(ip) 8(h) 6(bb) 9(so)

Strong athletic build. Fastball sits 90-95mph with heavy sink and running action, plus consistent life, 74 mph curveball sharp bite with sweeping break, flashes a good change in warm ups. Quality arm with good pitches, fastball life is impressive. Hayes will only be 18 by draft day. VIDEO

23) Tony Bryant, RHP, 6’7 210, Oregon, NCAA

(2012) 12(ap) 3-1(w-l) 5(sv) 4.11(era) 15.1(ip) 13(h) 4(bb) 19(so) 1(hr)

At 6-foot-7, 210 pounds Bryant has overpowering stuff. However, he only has mastery of two pitches, the fastball and changeup. Injuries also slowed his development during his freshman season, so he appeared out of the bullpen sporadically, which is where he’ll be most effective at the next level. VIDEO

24) Anthony Bazzani, RHP, 6’4 200, Eastern Kentucky, NECBL

(2012) 13(ap) 0-0(w-l) 4(sv) 2.95(era) 18.1(ip) 17(h) 14(bb) 14(so) 0(hr)

Behemoth with good arm strength, low 90’s live sinker, peaks at 97-98 with the four-seamer. Hard 81-84 slider and throws strikes, a bit of a head jerk but it doesn’t hurt him.

25) Drew Verhagen, RHP, 6’6 230, Navarro, JUCO

(2012) 9(ap) 3-2(w-l) 2.94(era) 33.2(ip) 25(h) 17(bb) 18(so) 1(hr)

Athletic with tools and size. Plus mid 90s fastball with plus life, good curveball, and a nice changeup. Had shoulder issues as a high-school senior and pitched sparingly as a freshman at Oklahoma last spring, but has been clocked in the mid-90s again recently.

26) Zeb Sneed, RHP, 6’5 195, Northwest Nazarene, CC

(2012) 9(ap) 4-3(w-l) 3.58(era) 37.2(ip) 24(h) 31(bb) 42(so) 4(hr)

Raw, erratic power-armed righty with a fastball that has reached 97 mph, and a devastating split fingered fastball when on. Needs to consistently throw strikes.VIDEO

27) Scott Griggs, RHP, 6’3 180, UCLA, NCAA

(2012) 15(ap) 0-1(w-l) 6(sv) 1.72(era) 15.2(ip) 5(h) 18(bb) 25(so) 0(hr)

Griggs arm is fast and works well as he pitches in the low 90's up to 96. His fastball is heavy with good life and he commands it well. He shows very good feel for both his change which he maintains his fastball armspeed and his curveball which has a sharp break. Numbers haven’t been there in college. But stuff to be quality reliever at next level. VIDEO

28) Blake Hauser, RHP, 6’2 175, Virginia Commonwealth, NCAA

(2012) 14(ap) 0-1(w-l) 7(sv) 2.87(era) 15.2(ip) 5(h) 13(bb) 29(so)

Thin and projectable, Hauser has an electric arm. His fastball generally sits 89-92mph with life, and he can crank it up to 95 when he needs it. He also has a plus curve, which he locates well in the strike zone. He’s put up solid numbers so far in college. Stuff plays up in relief. VIDEO

29) Chad Martin, RHP, 6’7 240, Indiana, NCAA

(*2011*) 2-5(w-l) 2(sv) 3.41(era) 71.1(ip) 67(h) 19(bb) 34(so) 2(hr)

Big strong right hander with workhorse build. Most fastballs in the low 90’s but has been as high as 93-95. He flashes an above-average changeup and an impressive breaking ball to go along with his fastball.VIDEO

30) Matt Carasiti, RHP, 6'2 200, St John's, NCAA

(*2011*) 29(ap) 2-2(w-l) 8(sv) 2.47(era) 43.2(ip) 33(h) 28(bb) 39(so) 0(hr)

Closer with 93-96mph fastball, shows flashes of two off-speed pitches, slider and change that get by at this level but need work still. VIDEO

31) Matt Milroy, RHP, 6’3 190, Illinois, NCAA

(2012) 8(ap) 0-3(w-l) 5.89(era) 18.1(ip) 15(h) 18(bb) 19(so) 0(hr)

An athletic, well-proportioned right-hander with good command with a quick arm and easy delivery. Milroy has electric stuff, with a fastball up to 94-96, with his best velocity coming from the stretch. He compliments the fastball with an 85 mph true slider with late bite. It is a plus pitch, but needs consistency. A reliever right now, Milroy but has shown flashes of four quality pitches in the past (a curve with good spin and downer bite, and a changeup with good arm speed), to go along with the fastball and slider.

32) Jaime Schultz, RHP, 5’10 192, High Point, NCAA

(2012) 13(ap) 1-2(w-l) 5(sv) 1.29(era) 14(ip) 8(h) 14(bb) 19(so) 0(hr)

Mid 90s fastball, with lightening fast arm, pounds away at hitters, tight 11/5 hammer.

33) Nick Sawyer, RHP, 5’10 172, Howard, JUCO

(2012) 7(ap) 1-0(w-l) 0.97(era) 9.1(ip) 3(h) 9(bb) 17(so) 3(sv)

Former two way prospect, now focused on pitching. Athletic build, with a strong quick arm. Can ramp up fastball to 96-97 consistently. Hard CB at 76 mph, sharp downer bite, swing and miss pitch.

34) Brandon Kuter, RHP, 6’7 220, George Mason, ACBL

(2012) 6(ap) 2-0(w-l) 11.81(era) 10.2(ip) 15(h) 8(bb) 14(so) 1(hr)

Has the body type the scouts love to see. He was simply the most dominant reliever in the ACBL. He went 1-2, had a 0.40 era in 22.1 innings of work and he led the league with 10 saves. He also fanned 36 batters. Fastball peaks at 97, with a sharp slider.

35) Mac Williamson, RHP 6’4 214, Wake Forest, NCAA

(2012) N/A

Former five-tool prospect, who also pitches. Good body and projection. Long and loose. Fastball 90-94, with arm side run. Solid command. Feel for 11-5 curve. Has not pitched yet in college. Is also a quality 3rd baseman with power, but might be better on mound, though he’s untested. Only 20 on draft day.

36) Will Clinard, RHP, 6’4 215, Vanderbilt, NCAA

(2012) 13(ap) 2-1(w-l) 4.45(era) 28.1(ip) 26(h) 11(bb) 24(so) 3(hr)

Clinard's fastball is pretty straight in the 88-92 mph range but he shows good command of it. His curveball has good power in the upper 70's and a nice 12/6 downer break from a high release point. Clinard doesn't project much but everything he does right now is very good. Has put up dominant numbers out of the bullpen for the Commodores.

37) Mitch Patito, RHP, 6’0 195, UC Riverside, NCAA

(2012) 7(ap) 1-2(w-l) 4.42(era) 18.1(ip) 13(h) 18(bb) 24(so)

Medium athletic build with room to fill out. Quick arm with clean delivery. Topped out at 87mph in high school, but can now pump fastballs up to 95, usually sitting 92. Patito pitches aggressively in the zone and pitches with a confident demeanor. He will pitch inside and maintains good balance through his mechanics. Patito throws a change-up with good arm side run and sink on it. Future belongs in the bullpen.

38) Adam Cimber, RHP, 6’4 175, Washington, NCAA

(2012) 11(ap) 0-1(w-l) 0(sv) 4.30(era) 14.2(ip) 15(h) 4(bb) 11(so) 0(hr)

A sidearm pitcher who projects as a bullpen arm at the next level. Cimber has a high 80′s fastball that can touch 91. He has a developing slider that shows potential. He also throws a quality change. VIDEO

39) Nick Palewicz, RHP, 6’4 200, Washington, NCAA

(2012) 11(ap) 1-1(w-l) 1(sv) 5.54(era) 13(ip) 15(h) 2(bb) 10(so) 0(hr)

Mid 90s fastball. Horrible mechanics lead to inconsistent velocity and control problems. Max effort. Missed a lot of time after arm injury.

40) Eric Jaffe RHP 6'3 225, UCLA, NCAA:

(2012) 3(ap) 0(sv) 0-0(w-l) 0.00(era) 5(ip) 2(h) 4(bb) 3(so)

Fastball at 90-92, good breaking ball, decent change. Only 20 on draft. VIDEO

41) Damien Magnifico RHP 6'2 190, Oklahoma, NCAA

(2012) 12(ap) 2(sv) 5.06(era) 16(ip) 19(h) 11(bb) 12(so) 1(hr)

Hard throwing Texan throws his fastball from 95-98mph (reportedly touching 103), and a78 mph changeup that falls off the table, and a cutter that is average to below. VIDEO

42) Blake Forslund, RHP, 6’3 205, Liberty, NCAA

(2012) 10(ap) 1-1(w-l) 0(sv) 4.15(era) 17.1(ip) 13(h) 20(bb) 16(so) 0(hr)

Drafted by the Red Sox in the 17th round. 92-95mph fastball. Knee injury made for disappointing spring. Power stuff.

43) Ian Gardeck RHP 6’2 205, Alabama, NCAA

(2012) 1-2(w-l) 1(sv) 5.23(era) 10.1(ip) 9(h) 9(bb) 13(so) 1(hr)

Power arm, true arm strength. Consistently pitches at 94-96 mph as a reliever, touching 98mph. He'll show a mid-80s slider that's a wipeout pitch at times, but he struggles to harness it. With two pitches that grade at 70 on the 20-80 scouting scale at times but command that rates a 35, Gardeck's pro future also is in the bullpen. Only 20 on draft day. VIDEO

44) Cody Penny, RHP, 6’3 200, North Carolina, NCAA

(2012) 9(ap) 0-0(w-l) 6.23(era) 8.2(ip) 11(h) 3(bb) 7(so) 1(hr)

Penny has the present stuff of a dominant college reliever (mid-90s peak fastball and a wicked slider. Arm doesn’t have a lot of innings on it. Might be able to handle a move to the rotation, as his curve and change show potential.

45) Derrick Bleeker, RHP, 6’5 220, R/R, Arkansas, NCAA

(2012) 1(ap) 0-0(w-l) 0.00(era) 1(ip) 1(h) 0(bb) 3(so) 0(hr)

Fits the reliever mould in all your typical ways: he throws hard (mid-90s, 97 peak), flashes a plus slider at 87mph, and has intimidating size. Bleeker is also a talented hitter with massive raw power.

46) Chris Jenkins, RHP, 6'7 220, Stanford, NCAA

(*2010*) 0-2(w-l) 10.00(era)

Big imposing pitcher with a special arm. At his best Jenkins can crank his fastball up to 95, while sitting in the low 90’s. His power mid 80’s slider can be a very good pitch at times. Jenkin’s raw potential is off the charts, but he is a long way from unlocking it. His career has been beset so far by spotty command, and injuries, both of which owe in part to delivery which has been described as high effort. VIDEO

47) Tom Lemke, RHP, 6’8 231, Nebraska, NCAA

(2012) 7(ap) 6(gs) 3-2(w-l) 4.13(era) 32.2(h) 42(h) 7(bb) 13(so) 1(hr)

Drafted in the 10th round of the 2009 MLB Draft by the Texas Rangers, which was the highest an incoming Husker pitching prospect had been selected in the previous two decades. Throws in the low 90s and locates his fastball well, while also mixing in a good change-up. Shows a lot of composure on the mound and loves competition. VIDEO

48) Alberto Cardenas, RHP, 5’9 185, Florida International, NCAA

(2012) 13(ap) 0-1(w-l) 4.19(era) 19.1(ip) 15(h) 12(bb) 20(so) 4(hr)

Worked just 2 IP as red-shirt Freshman, but intriguing arm with moving fastball that sits 88-90, with a peak of 93. Very good breaking stuff; fearless competitor.

49) Daniel Palo, RHP, 6’4 210, Middle Tennessee State, NCAA

(2012) 6(ap) 2(sv) 5.91(era) 10.2(ip) 12(h) 7(bb) 7(so) 0(hr)

Good size, athletic build. Palo can reach 94 mph with his fastball, and throws a solid curveball, but has trouble giving up walks.

50) Travis Cook, RHP, 6’1 164, Washington State, NCAA

(2012) N/A

Long loose arm action on the mound 3/4 slot, heavy fastball mostly 89mph, with good armside run, tight 12-6 curveball, challenges hitters, around the plate.

51) Daniel Ponce de Leon, RHP, 6’4 182, Cypress, JUCO

(2012) N/A

Projectable frame. 90-93 mph fastball and good curveball.

52) Daniel Marrs, RHP, 6’3 215, Wake Forrest, NCAA

(2012) 3(ap) 0-0(w-l) 0(sv) 15.43(era) 2.1(ip) 3(h) 2(bb) 2(so) 1(hr)

Before injuring his labrum, Marrs was once a prospect on the same level as current Houston farmhand Jarred Cosart. His pre-injury power stuff included a 92-94 fastball, with a 97 peak, and a good splitter that worked as changeup. His present stuff (sinking upper-80s FB, rapidly improving cutter) is not quite as impressive. Whether or not he ever recaptures that pre-surgery stuff remains to be seen, but a team might take a chance.


1) Lex Rutledge, LHP, 6’1 185, Samford, NCAA

(2012) 12(ap) 0-2(w-l) 1(sv) 7.16(era) 16.1(ip) 13(h) 13(bb) 26(so) 0(hr)

Strong athletic build. Loose clean arm action, fastball has life to both sides of the plate, controls delivery well, tight break to 12-7 curveball, change-up is potential plus pitch. As a reliever last year, sat 92-93 and reaching the mid-90s at times, but his heater is dialled back to 89-92 as a starter. Struggled as starter, but dynamite reliever. VIDEO

2) Christian Jones, LHP, 6`3 195, Oregon, NCAA

(*2011*) 16(ap) 7-2(w-l) 3.24(era) 77.2(ip) 69(h) 34(bb) 73(so) 2(hr)

Strong armed lefty reliever. Fastball 90-94 with some sink and arm side run. Nibbles a bit too much. 10-5 breaking ball with good two plane break and nice shape. Shows ability to add and subtract velocity/add movement, to his breaking ball. Change-up has good action: drop and arm side fade. All pitches have ability to miss bats when thrown right. Will miss the season with arm injury. VIDEO

3) Onelkis Garcia, LHP, 6’3 225, CUBA

(2012) N/A

Garcia has solid for a lefty, with an 89-93 mph fastball that has touched 94, though it doesn't have great life and he struggles to command it because he has trouble repeating his delivery. Garcia's curveball flashes above-average occasionally when he's able to stay on top of it, but it's an inconsistent pitch.

4) Mason Meleotakis, LHP 6’2 170, Northwestern State, NCAA

(2012) 3(ap) 7(sv) 1-1(w-l) 3.28(era) 24.2(ip) 21(h) 6(bb) 27(so) 1(hr)

Projectable Texan only 20 on draft day. High 80s fastball. Solid numbers. Probable reliever.

5) Taylor Wall, LHP, 6’2 180, Rice, NCAA

(2012) 13(ap) 3-3(w-l) 3.94(era) 29.2(ip) 27(h) 12(bb) 25(so) 0(hr)

Texas lefty. He has a very fast arm, and he repeats his mechanics very well. Fastball about 87-90 on the gun with his 4-seamer, but he has an excellent changeup which in effect speeds up his fastball. He's got an average curve which he can mix in, but he doesn't feature it much from behind in the count. He likes to throw the change in hitter's counts. Projectable. Can really pitch.

6) RC Orlan, LHP, 5’11 190, UNC, NCAA

(2012) 16(ap) 4-0(w-l) 2.05(era) 26.1(ip) 21(h) 6(bb) 28(so) 1(hr)

His raw stuff doesn’t jump out at you. Fastball 88-91 (92 peak), above average mid 80s cutter. Always around the zone. A pair of useable breaking balls, including a downer curve that’s in the development stages. Not very tall, best suited for relief. The whole better than the sum of its parts.

7) Josh Turley, LHP, 6’0 190, Baylor, NCAA

(2012) 7(ap) 3-0(w-l) 2.43(era) 40.2(ip) 44(h) 11(bb) 36(so) 1(hr)

Turley’s fastball sits 85-87 mph, showing good late life. His delivery is a little short, but he hides the ball well, causing it to seem a tick faster. Turley also flashes a pretty solid curveball, sitting 76-78 with sharp break. He looks confident with, able to spot it to both sides of the plate. Currently a starter for the Bears, he profiles best as a left-handed middle relief pitcher at the professional level.

8) Deitrich Enns, LHP, 6’0 175, Central Michigan, NCAA

(2012) 7(ap) 1(sv) 1-1(w-l) 4.50(era) 14(ip) 13(h) 5(bb) 11(so) 3(hr)

Cross body delivery, hides ball well. Fastball at 83-85 mph, jumps on hitters. Cut fastball has slider potential. Features four pitches (fastball, changeup, curveball and cutter). Outstanding changeup. Ability to throw any pitch in any count. Competes well on the mound. VIDEO

9) CC Watson, LHP, 6’0 185, Mississippi State, NCAA

(2012) N/A

Good lefty velocity, fastball is consistently 89-91 mph range from an over the top arm slot and he spots it well. His curveball is a hard 78-80 mph slurve that he also spots well. His fastball has cutting action at times and he hides the ball well in his delivery. He completes his arsenal with a 69mph change. This lefty can pitch and has a great arm. Watson was a 29th round draft choice of the Texas Rangers.

10) Chris Kirsch, LHP, 6'4 200, Lackawanna, JUCO

(2012) 6(ap) 3-1(w-l) 2.77(era) 26(ip) 18(h) 18(bb) 39(so)

South Paw with a good fastball and has been drafted twice. Had a growth spurt, and may have more in the tank once warm weather comes around for him.

11) Trent Daniel, LHP, 6’2 195, Arkansas, NCAA

(2012) 7(ap) 0-0(w-l) 8.59(era) 7.1(ip) 10(h) 4(bb) 5(so) 0(hr)

Reliever can run his fastball up to 95mph, with a great slider.

12) Patrick Boling, LHP, 6’3 198, Georgia, NCAA

(*2011*) 18(ap) 1-2(w-l) 5.63(era) 24(ip) 31(h) 22(bb) 29(so) 1(hr)

TJ surgery slowed his progress as HS senior, but now fully recovered; throws heavy 93-mph fastball, has outstanding secondary stuff, but may have to wait his turn on team’s prospect-laden staff. Reliever. Too many walks and hits.

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