Keeper league owners: Which prospects did you get?

Just held our auction for a 12-owner A.L.-only root league ($260) that allows up to 15 keepers each year but with some limiting rules:

(1) A player can be kept for only 3 years at the salary he was bought for -- either the auction price for the active roster or set prices for a subsequent 17-man reserve snake draft: The first pick is $15, picks 2-8 are $10; 9-14 ate $5 and 15-17 are $2.

(2) Before the third year of a player's contract, he can be signed to an extended contract that adds 1 or 2 years after the 3rd year. A 1 year-extension boosts salary by $5 in years 3 and 4; a 2-year extensions adds $10 in years in years 3, 4 and 5. If a player is extended before his third year, his salary counts against your $260 cap in his 3rd year even if he is rookie-eligible and on your reserve.

The rules put a premium on prospects more likely to play the current year or the following year because it's difficult to long-term a player before he has even suited up for a game or is guaranteed a starting spot. With that in mind, here's who I have:

- Matt Moore at $1 entering his 2nd year of a contract, obtained in a trade before the auction.

- Yu Darvish at $7 entering his 2nd year of his contract, obtained last August in a monthly free agent bid.

- Jesus Montero, picked in the auction for $23

- Derek Norris, picked in the auction for $1

- Tom Milone, picked in the auction for $5

- Jarod Parker, picked in the auction for $1

- Danny Hultzen,$2, entering 2nd year of his contract, obtained last July in monthly free agent bid.

- In the draft: James Paxton, Brandon Guyer, Nick Franklin, Jean Segura, Vinnie Catricula, Simon Castro, Matt Antonelli, Kelvin Herrera, Alex Wilson, Robbie Ross and Alex Hassan. (many non-prospects were taken in the reserve too -- I chose Roy Oswalt, for example, as we are eligible to take any player not signed to a NL team).

A lot of top prospects were already spoken for before the auction because our league is so deep and most of those that were not were likely more than 2 years from the majors, which makes them problematic with our keeper rules. With 12 owners, what's left of the top-100 goes pretty quickly. I was satisfied if not thrilled with my picks. Paxton and Parker have good chances to start later this year, Guyer needs the Rays not to re-sign BJ Upton, Franklin has an open path to Seattle if he plays well this year and Segura is ready to step in for the Angels if the team doesn't sign Aybar, something rumoured to be likely. Others are longer shots but were the best of what was available for prospects who are more likely get a chance to play this year or next.

So who did you get and how did your league rules shape your strategy?

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