MLB 2012 Draft - High School - Shortstops

1) Carlos Correa, SS, 6’3 190, R/R, Santa Isabel, PR

A big athletic shortstop who flashes all five tools, Correa has excellent range defensively and a plus-plus arm, registering 98 mph across the infield. Offensively he shows great ability, with the potential to hit for both power and average. He has quick hands and good bat speed, which produces consistent hard contact. Comparisons with Alex Rodriguez, are to be expected, but Correa is not quite as polished at the same stage. While questions about his ultimate position (Short or 3rd) will continue to be raised, like A-Rod, his athleticism should allow him to stick at the position at least early in his career. Correa’s makeup and work ethic are considered top notch. VIDEO

2) Gavin Cecchini, SS, 6’2 182, R/R, LA, HS

Cecchini is an athletic all around player. He has a nice, simple swing with good bat speed, enabling him to make consistent hard contact. He barrels the ball regularly, and will probably have at least average power down the road, but right now it’s mostly to the gaps. Has the speed and instincts to be an excellent base stealer. Those instincts also help him defensively in the field. While his hands are good and he grades out as average with his arm and range, some think a move to second might be better. VIDEO

3) CJ Hinojosa, SS, 5’11 185, R/R, TX, HS

Hinojosa is a very confident hitter. He has a polished approach at the plate for a high school player and an excellent batting eye, recognizing pitches early and attacking the baseball. Hinojosa has quick wrists and very good bat speed that portends to above average power down the road. He displays very good plate coverage and the ability to spray the ball to all fields. Defensively, he has good footwork and plus arm strength. While he will be given every opportunity to stick at shortstop to start his career, his average foot speed (6.71 in the 60) and overall range might profile better at second base. Has been compared to Anthony Rendon at the same stage. VIDEO

4) Tanner Rahier, SS, 6’2 210, R/R, CA, HS

Rahier is a prep shortstop who has worked extremely hard to become one of the top ranked players in the country. He has a short compact swing and generates plus bat speed. He hits the ball with authority and projects for good power down the road. There is some concern that Rahier`s size might force him off of the position, but Rahier moves very well for size (consistently posting low 6.60 times in the 60 yard dash), and his plus arm strength gives him additional functional range on top of his raw foot speed. Regardless of his position, his bat should profile well. Even among baseball players shooting to make it to the next level, Rahier’s drive stands out. He’s been compared to Tampa third baseman Evan Longoria in the past. VIDEO

5) Addison Russell, SS/3B, 6’1 210, R/R, FL, HS

Russell is a big physical athlete with the potential to hit for power. He’s athletic enough to stay at shortstop in high school, but will probably have to shift over to the hot corner as a pro, as he’s already pretty thick, and his range is just considered average. That shouldn’t be too much of a concern though as Russell’s bat should be play anywhere. He has plus bat speed, with above average power especially to his pull side. He is able to square the ball up consistently, and the ball really jumps off his bat. While Russell’s speed is above average, he runs better underway, and probably won’t be much of a base-stealing threat going forward. In the field, he has soft hands and a strong arm and has the tools to be a plus defender at third. Russell is one of those athletes that just makes the game look easy. VIDEO

6) Jesmuel Valentin, SS, 5’10 180, S/R, Manati, PR

The son of 16-year major-league veteran Jose, the younger Valentin is built a lot like his father and has a strong knowledge of the game that comes from having grown up around it. Valentin is a legitimate switch hitter (though he looks a bit better right-handed). His short stroke generates gap-to-gap power and he could develop more as he matures. Valentin has very good bat control, and gained a reputation as a clutch hitter throughout the summer-league tournaments. Defensively, it sounds like he has all the necessary tools to be at least average, if not much better at short. He has good range, sure hands, and a strong arm. Timed at 6.68 in the 60, he should steal some bases as well. Valentin is a tough player who hustles on the field. With his pedigree and tools, he figures to go high in the 2012 MLB draft. VIDEO

7) Avery Romero, SS/2B, 6’0 195, R/R, HS, FL

A solid athlete with very good present strength for his age, Romero is one of the top prep prospects from talent rich Florida. He is an aggressive hitter and can square up the ball for consistent hard contact. Romero displays excellent bat speed that produces power to all fields. In addition, his pitch recognition is also quite advanced for a high school player, and will get even better with experience. Romero has very high level hitting tools. Defensively, Romero shows good actions in the infield. He has soft hands to go along with a strong accurate arm that has registered an outstanding 90 mph across the infield. Romero doesn’t have ideal foot speed (7.43 in the 60) for the keystone, and many scouts believe a move to third base, second, or even catcher would suit his tools better. Romero is a competitive player with a very strong work ethic. He plays the game hard and enjoys himself. VIDEO

8) Austin Aune, SS/OF, 6’2 190, L/R, TX, HS

Aune is listed as a shortstop, but may outgrow the position, and move to third base or the outfield. For now, he has the necessary tools and athleticism to stick at the position, with good foot speed (timed at 6.60 in the 60-yard-dash), and an above average arm (registering 88 mph across the infield). He shows smooth defensive actions and good footwork, though his hands are a bit hard at present. At the plate Aune has a smooth left handed swing with quick hands and solid bat speed. His hitting approach is quiet and he appears to be a patient hitter. At his best, Aune makes hard contact to all fields, with a short line drive swing, that projects for at least average power down the road. Also plays quarterback in high school, and will benefit from focusing solely on baseball. VIDEO

9) Mikey White, SS/3B, 6’1 180, R/R, AL, HS

Rangy, very athletic shortstop. White is a solid-average runner (6.82-60 yd) with the feet to develop solid-average range. His hands work well and his arm is playable. White has some good middle infield tools across the board but may end up profiling better as a power hitting third baseman down the road. A good offensive player, White can generate good bat-speed and has a good bit of line-drive pop. He's had success wherever he’s gone, including with Team USA. He’s the type of guy who can come in and have an immediate impact with the type of player he is. VIDEO

10) Zach Green, SS/3B, 6’3 205, R/R, CA, HS

Interesting all-around player, Green has excellent hitting tools that project very well with some added strength. Green has a very fast bat, with a short simple swing that flashes good power potential. Defensively, Green is solid at short, though some view him as a future third baseman. In the field he has easy gliding actions, soft hands with a smooth exchange. On the downside Green’s foot speed is just average (6.92-60), and his arm stroke is a bit long. Green might outgrow shortstop but his plus arm and bat would profile well at third. VIDEO

11) Drew Jackson SS, 6’3 190, R/R, CA, HS

The younger brother of Cubs prospect Brett Jackson, Drew is further along at this stage of development. He can really run and is an explosive athlete, with a chance to be a top of the order hitter and impact defender. Jackson has smooth defensive actions at short, soft sure hands, and good carry to his throws. At the plate he has a short swing, with the ability to hit to all fields. Lacks present strength in his hands and wrists, but glove will carry him while the bat develops.

12) Andrew Velasquez, SS, 5’10 170, S/R, NY, HS

Velazquez is one of the most exciting players in the class. A pesky leadoff hitter who makes contact nearly every at bat and loves to use his speed and quickness. Very few runners have the raw speed of Velazquez and even fewer have his instincts and quick first step. His speed rates as a 80 on a scouting scale, and allows him to be a very good defender at both shortstop and centerfield. Velazquez has exceptional agility at short, and he has plus arm strength as well. Offensively, he’s a polished switch hitter, who has performed well in games. He shows some bat speed from both sides of the plate (though he’s a little faster from the left side). He has some lift in his swing, but will have to fill out some. VIDEO

13) Geonte Jackson, SS, 6’0 170, R/R, TX, HS

Jackson has solid tools across the board and is a good enough athlete to play a number of positions. At short he has smooth fielding actions. He’s only an average runner on the bases but shows agility in the field, with good body control and the ability to turn and throw. His hands are soft and his arm is average, but he’ll have to shorten up his release. Regardless, the potential is there to be a plus defender. At the plate Jackson has an open stance and uses his hands well to generate bat speed. He shows good hitting actions and enough strength to produce line-drive power. Jackson has solid pitch recognition and a chance to become a big league hitter. Physically, he is sculpted and pretty strong already but could probably add 15 more pounds.

14) Matt Gonzalez SS/3B, 6’1 175, R/R, GA, HS

Gonzalez has very good defensive range on the infield, though he’s only an average runner overall (6.77 in the 60). His feet and hands work well, and his arm strength is outstanding registering 92 mph across the infield, though his release is a little long. Some scouts think he profiles better at second or third, but he’ll be given a shot to stick at the short. Offensively he’s an aggressive hitter with a good idea how to hit. He only has average bat speed, but takes a good path to the baseball, and will generate hard line drive contact to all fields. While Gonzalez does have some pop in his bat he’s a physically mature already with little projection. VIDEO

15) Cabe Reiten, SS, 6’2 175, R/R, WA, HS

Strong and athletic build with high level defensive tools. Reiten has very smooth actions on the infield, and can make all the plays. Shows the ability and arm strength to make throws from deep in the hole. At the plate he’s an aggressive hitter, with some hand speed and strength with more to come. Handles velocity well in games and has some gap power. Contact approach, looks to put it in play and run. Plays under control and within himself. Hustling type player with nice approach to the game.

16) Avain Rachal, SS, 6’1 185, R/R, TX, HS

Rachal has an athletic look and soft hands at short stop. With good range he goes back well on pop-ups. Good speed and instincts on the bases. Offensively, he has a nice swing and among the best bat speed in the class, which gives him more power than most infielders, especially ones with similar physical stature/profile.

17) Adrian Marin, SS, 6’0 170, R/R, FL, HS

Marin is a quick little middle infielder with a chance to become a solid shortstop. He has good body control and runs a blazing 6.65 60 yard-dash. Marin’s actions are smooth at shortstop. He’s not as quick going laterally as he is running a straight line, but Marin should have solid-average range in pro ball. He has a solid average arm and hands right now, the latter of which should improve with repetition. While he has the athleticism to play all over the infield and outfield, he’ll have more value at short. At the plate, Marin has a good short swing path to the ball. Using a contact oriented approach he displays solid average bat speed, and has handled velocity well in games. Probably won’t hit for much power going forward. Marin is a small-framed, wiry kid. He’ll get a little bit stronger, but doesn’t project as a real physical kid. VIDEO

18) Jose Munoz, SS, 6’3 185, R/R, CA, HS

Munoz is a tall wiry athlete with room to fill out and get stronger. A solid all-around package that needs refinement and development, he has good hands, feet, range, and arm strength that all project to be 50 or better in the future. Plays second and short equally well, though some see him at third because of his size. He takes a patient approach to the plate, and makes good adjustments with his hands. Munoz has below average power right now and his swing lacks extension, but his body is quite projectable and line drives come off his bat with some zip already. Under the radar player, could be drafted higher than ranking suggests. VIDEO

19) Ismael Sanchez, SS/3B/OF, 6’3 205, S/R, Bayamon, PR

Excellent live bodied frame with present strength. Sanchez is a right handed hitter, with a very aggressive approach. Long whippy barrel, with Clemente type swing mechanics, he sees the ball well and attacks it out front. Sanchez plays with plus energy and shows some explosive athleticism. Much better in games than workouts. A 6.99 runner, with good arm strength, he can play just about every position on the field. Very comfortable game actions at second base/shortstop, also shows potential at third and catcher. He has no real defined position and his skills are raw but he flashes huge athleticism both at the plate and in the middle of the field defensively. Sanchez could be the one player scouts look back on in a few years and can say he was much better than where he was ranked.

20) Dansby Swanson, SS, 6’1 170, R/R, GA, HS

Exciting young player. The lanky athletic Swanson, has solid defensive tools at short. Moves well on the infield, good footwork, decent hands. Good running speed, posting a 6.62 time in the 60-yard-dash, excellent base-runner/base-stealer. Right handed hitter with solid-average bat speed. Also experiments with switch hitting. Up the middle/opposite field approach. Needs more consistency at the plate. Very good pop for a middle-infielder hits third in the order for Marrieta high school. Strong Vanderbilt commitment. Very good work ethic and leadership ability. High baseball IQ.

21) Kody Eaves, SS, 5’11 170, L/R, TX, HS

Eaves is one of the best hitters in the Longhorn state showing a smooth swing with easy bat speed and good plate coverage. Defensively, he displays athletic infield actions, and is light on his feet. He is an average, to slightly above average runner, who moves well on the infield with good range. Eaves has shown the ability to make plays on the move, with a quick transfer and release, to go with very good arm strength at 86 mph across the infield. Overall, he’s a hustling type player with a nice set of tools.

22) Bobby Zarubin, SS/3B, 6’0 180, R/R, CA, HS

Prototypical middle infielders build. Zarubin shows athletic actions in the field, and has all the defensive tools: with soft hands, and a very strong accurate throwing arm (92 mph across the infield). His running speed is just average at 6.86 in the 60, but he has quick feet, and decent lateral range. Offensively, Zarubin has a simple hitting set up, with good raw bat speed. His approach is pull oriented right now, with a slight upper cut that creates some length in his swing, that he’ll have to shorten that up at the next level. VIDEO

23) AJ Simcox, SS/3B, 6’3 165, R/R, TN, HS

Rangy shortstop with a great deal of projection. Simcox has a good approach at the plate, and hits the ball to all fields. He has gap power right now, and possibly more when he fills out. Most reports paint his defensive tools in a positive light with a plus arm and the requisite athleticism for the position. His recorded 60 time is only 6.92, but his lateral range is good and he has soft hands.

24) Danny Holst, SS/OF, 6’1 180, L/R, MO, HS

Holst is a rare Texas A&M commit who hails from outside the state of Texas. The Aggies have plenty of middle infield talent in their back yard, so it means a lot when they go out of their traditional pipeline to recruit a player from Missouri. Holst is a strong all-around player. A left-handed hitting shortstop with tremendous speed, and an advanced approach at the plate. Holst has a keen batting eye and a short swing built for contact. Last spring with his high school team, he drew 24 walks compared to only three strikeouts. Future top of the order hitter. Won’t hit for a lot of power.

25) Travis Maezes, SS/C, 6’0 170, L/R, MI, HS

Maezes is as good a pure hitter as you will find. He uses a short smooth swing from the left side and consistently squares up balls with hard barrel contact. He is adept at handling velocity, and uses the whole field well. He has some present pop in his bat but more will come as he adds strength. Scouts feel Maezes is a much better prospect as a catcher than as an infielder, as he doesn’t have fluid actions on the infield and his arm doesn’t play nearly as well as it does behind the plate. He’s also just an average runner timed at 6.81 in the 60 yard-dash, but the speed is playable. His bat will be what gets him drafted.

26) Angel Ortega, MIF, 6’2 160, S/R, Trujillo Alto, PR

Athletic middle infielder with smooth lateral quickness, soft hands, and a very strong arm (89 across the infield). Ortega’s throws have good accuracy and carry. Good foot speed, best 60 time of 6.7 is about average, to slightly above. At the plate he’s a switch hitter with very similar approaches/mechanics from both sides, bit shorter lift handed, stays inside the ball, line drive swing plane, limited lower half/backside use, looks to pull, will benefit from more strength. Defense plays high, bat still developing.

27) Will Hurt, SS, 5'11 160, R/R, KY, HS

Hurt has pure shortstop tools that grade out among the best in the draft class. A fast-twitch athlete, he has good defensive actions on the infield, and reacts well off the bat. Plus speed and a quick first step help him both in the field and on the bases. He has excellent lateral range, and a plus arm registering 88 mph across the infield. With the bat, Hurt is pesky with a short stroke and simple hitting approach. He makes consistent contact and does a good job staying inside the ball. Hitting tools project well, but he’s physically immature and will need to add a lot of strength.

28) Vinny Siena, SS/2B, 5’11 185, R/R, CT, HS

A fast-twitch athlete with a well-developed body, Sienna is a 6.86 runner, with good footwork and big arm strength in the field. Offensively, he has an advanced hitting approach, and very good offensive tools. Very good hands and bat speed help him wait on the ball, and stay inside it. Sprays line drives all over the field. Has really swung the bat well in game action. High-level prospect.

29) Tyler Krieger, SS/2B, 6'1 160, S/R, GA, HS

Switch hitting middle infielder with a quality bat from both sides of the plate. Some wrap to start with the bat, but swing is smooth, and he gets good extension out front. Gap power from both sides, Krieger squares it up well especially from the left side. Projects physically, and shows smooth actions at shortstop, though raw arm strength might dictate a move to second base.

30) Ryne Shelton, SS/CF, 6’0 175, WA, HS

Shelton is a very good athlete with the potential to be a high level defender in the middle of the diamond long term, whether as a middle infielder or center fielder. Shelton is a plus runner who clocks in with a 6.8 time in the 60 yard-dash. His arm strength is average right now, but will get better as his body matures. Offensively, Shelton has a slightly open stance. He has some hitting actions, balance at the plate, and a fairly smooth stroke. Right now Shelton doesn’t have much pop, but his bat speed is very good, and with strength gains could possibly hit for gap power. VIDEO

31) Andrew Walker, SS, 6’0 160, R/R, TX, HS

Good defensive shortstop, with advanced actions and quick sure hands. Excellent footwork, makes outstanding double play feeds. Average arm strength, but with good carry and accuracy. Plays with flair and confidence. Only a 7.16 runner, but actual functional range in the field plays much better. A move to second isn’t out of the question. Right handed hitter, who’s short to the ball, and squares it up well. Has some hand strength, but will benefit from more strength offensively.

32) Billy Arendt, SS/2B, 5’11 165, R/R, TX, HS

Very polished defensive fundamentals/actions on the infield. Quick feet, soft easy hands, comes through the ball well. Arm strength still developing but playable, probably better suited for second though. Offensively, he has an advanced hitting approach. Simple swing mechanics, hits under control, quick hands create bat speed, short to the ball, line drive contact to all fields, has an idea what he's doing. Solid all around talent, will keep improving with additional strength, knows how to play the game.

33) Spencer Edwards, SS, 6’0 180, S/R, TX, HS

Edwards, who's headed to Austin to play for the Longhorns if he passes on pro ball, possesses oodles of athleticism, which allow him to play shortstop in high school, though he may fit better in the outfield. A two-sport star, also serving as a star defensive back and wide receiver in football, he’s very athletic and runs a 6.7 in the 60-yard dashes. Edwards swing and overall plate skills are a bit raw, but if he focuses on baseball, he could be an everyday player in time.

34) Ryan Phillips, SS, 5'9 175, R/R, MO, HS

The top two-way player in Missouri, Phillips is a very good middle infielder and pitcher. He has true instincts in the field that allow him to handle any infield position. At shortstop, Phillips is a very sure-handed middle infielder with plus arm strength up to 85 mph. At the plate, he uses a quick, compact swing to collect hits to all fields and he has some pop to the gaps. Even though Phillips holds most pitching records at his high school, he will be drafted for his natural ability with the bat and in the field. VIDEO

35) Paxton de la Garza, SS, 6’1 175, R/R, Missouri, HS

De la Garza is an athletic shortstop from Texas with good tools that project well. He is steady in the field and shows good range with a strong arm. His recorded 60 time is a solid 6.80. Overall, it looks like he’ll be able to stick at short at the next level. At the plate, De la Garza has quick hands and a short stroke with some extra base pop. He demonstrates good plate coverage and his offensive tools project. De la Garza has great makeup and plays the game hard. VIDEO

36) Kevin Bradley, SS/2B, 6’2 195, S/R, NJ, HS

Bradley is a steady all-around middle infielder who does everything but run. That usually keeps players like him out of the early rounds, but Bradley grades high in overall “playability.” A switch-hitter, Bradley has a square right-handed stance and is slightly open from the left side, his lefthanded swing is just a little bit smoother than his right. He loads up with a leg kick and generates good bat-speed both ways. His hitting actions are sound, and shows pretty good ability to recognize pitches. Defensively, Bradley shows good body control and smooth actions. He has the hands to play anywhere on infield and an average arm. Bradley projects best at second base but could see time at third as well. Well below average foot speed. There’s a good bit of projection, on his medium-framed build. He has a chance to grow into some power.

37) Nick Basto, 6’2 205, SS/3B, R/R, FL, HS

Basto has solid middle infield tools. He has a strong arm with good accuracy and carry. His footwork is good, and he shows the lateral agility on the infield to make plays, though Basto might project best at second base. At the plate, Basto has a square stance and a bit of stiffness in his trigger. His swing is long at present, but he is able to create good bat speed. Handles the barrel well, and hits to all fields, but will improve offensively with shorter approach and added strength.

38) Michael Abreu, SS, 6’0 170, R/R, FL, HS

Abreu is an athletic two-way prospect that has good upside as an infielder and on the mound. He has a big arm (88) in the field to and above average speed. (6.79) . Michael Abreu’s game centers around speed and defense, he has the body control to turn and make throws from different angles, but will have to work on softening up his hands. Definitely shows infielder actions, and his quick feet should give him solid-average range. Could also play outfield where he could be a plus centerfielder, as he has all the tools, as well as showing the ability to tracks balls well. Offensively, it would be ideal if he could shorten up his stroke a bit and develop a line-drive or “small ball” approach. Right now Abreu’s swing is long and his bat-speed is just average, but should improve once his rangy frame begins to fill out. Tools to play in the middle of the field and hit at the top of an order.

39) Kenny Koplove, SS, 6’1 155, R/R, PA, HS

Koplove is a small and slender two-way player who has surprising strength in his arm and body. Has middle infield tools, he’s light on his feet and moves well through the ball. Also a pitcher, Koplove has plus-plus arm strength (94 mph across the infield) that allows him to make plays deep in the hole. At the plate he’s a bit of a free swinger who tends to expand zone. Will need to clean up his approach some, but has quick hands and is short to the ball. Present line drive hitter, he will benefit from added strength. Plays the game with a chip on his shoulder. He’s most likely headed to Duke, where he’s committed, but if he should ever fill out, Koplove could become a high draft pick.

40) Richie Martin, SS, 5’10 174, R/R, FL, HS

Martin is a speedy undersized middle infielder who projects to be a top of the order type of hitter. He has plus to plus-plus speed both in the field and and on the base paths, Martin runs a best time 6.57 in the 60-yard-dash. At the plate, generates good bat speed, from a slightly open stance, but has a tendency to lunge at balls which he’ll have to clean up, to make more consistent contact. While he has the strength in his forearms to hit solid line-drives, Martin doesn’t project for much power going forward. Defensively, Martin has good agility as an infielder but his actions are a bit rough. He can get to balls, but doesn’t always have the body control to turn and throw. Martin’s arm grades as average to slightly below. Tools might work best in the outfield.

41) George Iskenderian, SS/2B, 6’2 190, R/R, NJ, HS

Iskenderian is an intriguing middle infielder. Nothing really stands out about him, but he’s a gamer who plays above his raw tools. On the field, he makes good athletic actions for a player his size. He has good feet and solid-average range, though it might play better at second. His hands are a little bit stiff and he’ll need to soften them up with reps. Good arm strength (88 mph across the infield). Right handed hitter, with good bat speed and good hand strength. Upper cut swing plane, with power to drive the ball to the gaps. He’s mostly a pull hitter, but shows some ability to dump outside pitches the other way. Iskenderian is an average runner. Good hitting tools.

42) Jose Cuas, SS, 6’2 175, R/R, NY, HS

Cuas teases scouts with athleticism and a projectable body. He has a rangy, athletic build and he’s graceful on the infield. Shows soft hands and good feet going in all directions. His arm is just average at short (84 mph), but playable from the outfield. Cuas is an average runner who runs a 7.0 in the 60. He doesn’t show a lot of energy in the field and sometimes lacks of hustle. He can also be erratic in the field. At the plate, he’s very raw but generates solid bat-speed. He can be beaten by good power stuff because he can’t shorten up to hit it. The lower-half balance is good and there’s extension on the end of his swing. Flashes some power, with the chance to grow into more as he fills out physically. VIDEO

43) Devin Wenzel, SS, 6’0 171, R/R, PA, HS

Devin Wenzel is an offensive-minded high school middle infielder who may project best at third base down the road. He shows some pop from the right side with a short stroke and pretty good balance with his lower half. The ball comes off his bat hard, with line-drive power. Wenzel is a well below-average runner (7.37 60 yd) and his arm grades as average to below. His hands are a little rough too, but Wenzel’s feet work okay and he has the body control to make throws off-balance. VIDEO

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