MLB 2012 Draft - High School - Left Handed Starters

Not as deep as the right-handed high school class, but some pretty good names at the top.

1) Max Fried, LHP, 6’4 170, CA, HS: Tall, skinny lefty with loads of projection. Fried is a fantastic athlete with command of three pitches. Fried's best pitch is his dynamic curveball. He throws it in the mid 70's with sharp break on it that drops off the table. Couple that with a potential plus fastball that Fried can already run up to 94 (with possibly more velocity in the tank) and he has the potential to be a top-of-the-rotation starter akin to a Clayton Kershaw. VIDEO

2) Matt Smoral, LHP, 6’8 225, OH, HS: Big left handed pitcher that will run it to 94 mph and easily stay in the low 90s late into innings. Smooth, clean delivery for someone his size, suggest there might be more velocity in the tank. Fastball displays some late life sinking action on two-seam fastball. Slider shows solid bite and when on it has a crisp spin. Change up needs refinement. Huge upside, potential top of the rotation starter if all goes right, a CC Sabathia type. VIDEO

3) Hunter Virant, LHP, 6’3 170, CA, HS: Tall and highly projectable left handed pitcher. His fastball sits in the 88-92 mph range, but also mixes in an 86-87 mph two-seamer with natural cutting action. Virant also has an array of secondary pitches, including a high-70s slider, a curveball in the low 70s and a 78-79 mph changeup. Virant shows good control of all four pitches. VIDEO

4) Nathan Kirby, LHP, 6’1180, VA, HS: Kirby is a smooth left hander with some effort, but is long and loose. There is still a lot of projection left on his thin frame. Kirby’s fastball has life and sits 88-90 mph, touching 92. Outstanding hard spin and bite on curveball, big break at times, slider velocity but knuckle-curve grip, can be nasty when everything is right. Flashes a potential slider and changeup. Good feel for pitching, but simply needs to tighten up on a consistent basis. VIDEO

5) Cole Irvin, LHP, 6’4 175lbs, CA, HS: Projectable Low 90's LHP with good pitchability. Smooth, balanced delivery. His arm worked free and easy out of the glove, and with little effort out front to generate FB velocity between 86 and 90. Consistent late fastball life, throws his fastball to spots with intent. Potential plus curveball with more power, tight spin with bite and good depth. Very advanced changeup, plus life at times, with big fading action. Has all the pitches now and the ability to throw them where he wants with life, just waiting for the strength to kick in. VIDEO

6) Zach Irwin, LHP, 6’4 215, MS, HS: Big, thick physical build, looks larger than listed. Rock back, turn and throw delivery, keeps it simple and lets his arm work, extended arm action, high 3/4's arm slot. Steady 89-90 mph fastball, mostly straight but with good downhill angle, lower 70's curveball, good spin and depth but could have more power, shows an idea how to pitch and throws strikes, has thrown an effective change up in the past.

7) Max Foody, LHP, 6’4 224, FL, HS: Athletic lefty with good present strength. Would be top outfield prospect if not a better pitcher. Three pitch mix. fastball touches 90 mph, up to 92. Cuts fastball into righties, and will also turn it over. Hammer curveball, big hard and tight, nasty when everything's right. Changeup shows promise. Outstanding athlete, very quick off the mound. VIDEO

8) Kyle Twomey, LHP, 6’3 180, CA, HS: Long and lean pitcher that should fill out, leading to an improved fastball, which already sits 87-90 and touches 91 at present. Smooth, low-effort delivery, fastball shows some arm side run. Twomey impresses with his ability to pitch, rather than throw, and his out pitch is a curveball that flashes plus potential. His straight three finger change shows nice late sink and should be a pitch in his arsenal down the road at an advanced stage. VIDEO

9) Austin Fairchild, LHP, 6’1 175lbs, TX, HS: Fairchild isn't built like the prototypical starting pitcher, but he reaches the low-90s with his fastball, and can ramp it up to 93, with lots of projection. He has good arm speed, but there is a lot of effort in his delivery, which could mean he's headed for the bullpen down the line. Good curveball spin, flashed plus hard break at times. Around the plate with both pitches, works quickly and challenges hitters. Needs to develop his changeup. VIDEO

10) Brett Lilek, LHP, 6’4 180, IL, HS: Projectable pitcher's build, tall and loose, plenty of room to add strength. Fastball sits 88-91, mostly straight. Throws it to spots and tries to work the outside corner. Varies breaking ball velocity and shape, needs to get better downward tilt on both pitches. Developing feel for change. Has a crafty lefty approach with potential power pitches, projects more velocity. VIDEO

11) James Matthew Crownover, LHP, 6’0 195, GA, HS: Sturdily built left hander with the highest level pitchability. Good delivery. Fastball sits in the low 90s, touches 95, good run and sink when down. Throws fastball precisely to spots with intent, better command arm side. Potential plus change up, very good arm speed, can throw at any count. Breaking ball usually low 70's curveball with fair spin and plus location. Very advanced idea how to pitch. Not much projection left. Arm injury clouds draft status. VIDEO

12) Ryan Borucki, LHP, 6’4 165, IL, HS: Very projectable lefty with loose arm and present upper 80's-low 90s fastball, that touches 92 on occasion, with late run. More velocity in there. Boruki really executes his pitches well. He effectively mixes his slippery curveball and good straight change to keep both right and lefthanded hitters off balance. Borucki's feel and release of the change-up is what makes the difference for him and it makes him a prospect, as a lefthander. Borucki’s shows the ability to throw all three of his pitches for strikes.VIDEO

13) Jake Drossner, LHP, 6’3 195, PA, HS: Prototypical pitcher's build, long lean and projectable, with lots of room to fill out. Fastball tops out at 91 mph presently, with more to come, occasional plus late life. Hard curveball spin with big downer shape, gets over curveball well, throws it for strikes. Good arm speed on change up. Three solid present pitches and has an excellent chance to throw harder in the future.

14) Chase Mullins, LHP, 6’9 260, KY, HS: Chase Mullins is very much a project. He’s a large-framed lefty who is just growing into his limbs and gaining control of his body. He might push 300 lbs by the time he’s mature. Mullins has a slow arm, and relies on his strength and leverage to produce velocity. Upper 80's fastball, touches 90 mph, and it's not hard to envision him throwing mid 90's one day. The pitc has occasional hard arm side sink and run, but it remains to be seen whether he can command it. Varies break and shape on mid 70's slider, good feel for location and spin but lacks present power, some feel for a change up. Only 17 on draft day.

15) Rex Hill, LHP, 6’3 175, TX, HS: Strong lefty pitcher with slender projectable frame. Loose armed delivery creates tailing action on fastball that sits mostly in the 87-89 mph range but touches 91, with much more in the tank. Early reports this spring say, he’s already sitting 90 now. Nasty low 70s curveball. Flashes a solid 75 mph changeup at times; it has good arm action but needs refinement. He could easily be sitting in the low-90s consistently over a big league schedule when he’s physically mature and have the pitchability and command to go with it.

16) Troy Conyers, LHP, 6’5 230, CA, HS: Troy Conyers is a big, well built lefthander with the look of a future workhorse. Conyers throws a high 80′s fastball consistently with sink and movement. The highest reported reading for Conyers is 92. He should be able to add some more velocity in the future. His change is a plus pitch and also throws a quality curveball. Conyers has a low 3/4 release and his delivery creates deception as he hides the ball well. Finesse pitcher in a power pitcher's frame. VIDEO

17) Rock Rucker, LHP, 6’5 225, GA, HS: A legit two way player in the outfield and on the mound. Big, lanky, projectable build, room to add strength. Good looseness to his arm action. Rucker has a bit of a hitch in his throwing hand but there isnt any extraordinary effort in his delivery. He throws his fastball in the 86-90 range, but has been as high as 93 in the past. Flashes plus breaking ball. Funky delivery. Shades of a young David Price. VIDEO

18) Jack Wynkoop, LHP, 6’6 190, VA, HS: Wynkoop lands at No. 6 mostly on projection. He's 6-foot-6 and 190 pounds and a solid athlete. He's pitched in the 84-87 mph range but touched 89 last summer and also offers a curveball, slider and changeup. He's a South Carolina signee, but could see his stock rise if the fastball becomes more firm and more consistently in the upper-80s to low-90s.

19) Ryne Combs, LHP, 6’0 160, KY, HS: Long thin build with room to fill. Still maturing physically, projects to add velocity. Shows a quick arm with clean arm action. Works downhill despite size, with low effort delivery. Good lefty move to first; holds runners well. Fastball mostly 87-88, touches 90. Shows steady improvement across the board. 12-6 curveball at 78 mph has good bite. Maintains arm speed on changeup well. Three quality pitches. VIDEO

20) Zak Wasilewski, LHP, 6’2 200, VA, HS: Wasilewski has a strong athletic build. Fast arm, ball come comes out of hand well. Low 90s fastball has plus life. Flashes a nice curveball with sharp break and a lot of potential.

21) Dylan Silva, LHP, 6'1 210, FL, HS: Upper 80's fastball, big arm side running action, touches 90 mph. Hard curveball with good bite and depth, hitters don't recognize curveball at all, poor swings if any against it, nice fade to change up with good arm speed. Nothing he throws is straight, and he changes speeds, hits spots with three pitches and generally makes life very hard on any hitter facing him. Highest level pitchability. VIDEO

22) Ty Culbreth, LHP, 6’0 180lbs, TX, HS: Culbreth throws an 87-89 mph fastball thus far and a sharp mid 70's breaking ball. Advanced three-pitch repertoire. Culbreth locates all three pitches (fastball, slider, changeup) effectively. VIDEO

23) Max Tishman, LHP, 6’2175, MA, HS: One of the most underrated arms in the 2012 class. He is lean and projectable and should add more velocity as his body fills out. He has as good a current repertoire, with a fastball that sits 86-89 touching 91, a changeup that he turns over well and a slider at 77-79 with sharpness. His left-handedness is just icing on the cake. With life on his fastball and feel for three pitches, Tishman figures to get a lot of outs whatever level he is pitching at.

24) Caleb Frare, LHP, 6’1 192lbs, MT, HS: Strong build for age with nice projection. Compact arm action, 3/4's slot, pitches mostly with fastball, touched 88-91 fastball, Very good idea how to pitch. VIDEO

25) Cory Geisler, LHP/OF, 6’0 185, TX, HS: Very effective left-handed pitcher. Quick arm, ball comes out clean. Fastball at 86-87 mph with good arm side running action. Has been in low 90s before. Curveball is an outstanding pitch, hard and sharp break with ideal depth, controls the pitch well. Good arm speed on change up with late life. A slight head jerk during delivery, but otherwise good mechanics. VIDEO

26) Mason Felt, LHP, 6’3 190, GA, HS: Nice pitcher's build with room to fill out and get stronger. Fastball up to 89 mph, maintains velocity well from the stretch. Throws a big sweeping curveball for strikes, solid pitch. Good feel for change up with some fade. Works quickly and throws strikes. Has good command, keeps the ball down and works ahead.

27) Jordan Minch, LHP, 6’3 170lbs, IN, HS: Slender athletic build. Arm works well. 89-91 with a nice feel for his changeup, needs to develop curveball. Good pitchability. VIDEO

28) Logan James, LHP, 6’0 165, CA, HS: Teamates with McCuller’s at Jesuit. An undersized lefty with a loose arm and a high 80's fastball, up to 91. Nice build with room to fill out. Body projects. James’ fastball was tends to be quite straight at times, while his 68 MPH curveball doesn't have a lot of bite. Strong commitement to Stanford.

29) Ryan Kellogg, LHP, 6’6 215lbs, ON, HS: Plenty of projection, more velocity to come. Fastball sits 84-86, topping out at 87 presently, from over the top slot. Curveball has rolling downward action at 69-70. Has room to use his large frame to drive and extend more down the slope. Kellogg is a member of the Canadian Junior National Team. VIDEO

30) William Coursen-Carr, LHP, 6’3 210, IN, HS: Slender projectable build. Smooth effortless delivery, works at a very quick pace. On the mound he flashes three solid pitches, including a fastball sits easily at 85-87 (peaking at 88), with possibly more in the tank, a plus curveball at 68-72, and a good changeup at 71-72. Flashes a cutter at times that is a potential out pitch at the next level. Strong work ethic, and a smart player on and off the field. VIDEO

31) Tyler Pike, LHP, 6’1 180, FL, HS: Easy delivery, steady 89-91 mph fastball, maintains stuff well, more 91s than 89s. Fastball is mostly straight but throws to spots with intent, will come inside. Has an advanced idea how to pitch and an edge to him on the mound. Curveball lacks ideal velocity but has tight spin and some sharpness, generates poor swings against. Some developing feel for change up at 79-80. Pike and Winter Haven beat McCullers in a game against Jesuit.

32) Colin Rodgers, LHP, 6’0 180, LA, HS: Deceptive left handed pitcher with a fastball that sits 89-91 with nice consistent sink and tailing action, will drop down to low 3/4's at times with similar velocity. Big sweeping slider, sharp biting action, very good depth at times. Good change. Works down in the zone. Works quickly and has an idea with the strike zone, makes it look easy against good hitters.

33) Alexander Robinson, LHP, 6’3 220, NY, HS: Athletic lefty with projectable body. Robinson throws from a 3/4 arm slot on the mound, with a high leg kick, that creates deception. Fastball sits 88-92, with good movement. Spots fastball well. Good command of slider at 77-80 and a 83 mph change with sink.

34) Anthony Seise, LHP, 6’3 185, FL, HS: Nice pitcher's build, long and lean with physical projection. Upper 80's fastball, touches 91 mph, mostly straight, will try to come inside with fastball. Flashes spin and bite on curveball but not consistent. Raw at present with control and off-speed. Big potential.

35) Austin Solecitto, LHP, 6’2 175, NJ, HS: Solecitto has a young, slender frame. He throws from a 3/4 arm slot, high leg kick, compact mechanics, good balance, stays tall and throws downhill, deceptive delivery, confident on mound, 1/7 curveball for strikes, knows how to pitch. Fastball up to 90 mph with plenty of projection left.

36) Steven Dressler, LHP, 6’1 175, ON, HS: Projectable lefty from Canada. Mechanically, he is loose, inline, and sound without issues that trigger command or injury concerns. Fastball mainly sat 87-88 mph, but can amp it up top 91. Curveball has lots of potential with good depth and plus shape. Flashes changeup at 75. With some solid instruction he could have three pitch potential. Struggles a bit with control but has very good raw stuff. He looks the part of a mid to back rotation starter.VIDEO

37) Andres Martinez, LHP, 6’0 190, FL, HS: Projectable frame. Quick easy arm, throws an 85-88 mph fastball. He changes speeds while attacking hitters and has a deceptive delivery. Tight, sharp curveball at 68-70.

38) Robert Alexander, 6’2 200, NY, HS: Changes speeds well, throws mid to upper 80's, most fastballs are 86 with late life middle out. Snapping curveball has downer action, while straight change appears solid. Needs to have command and control at all times, will not be a power arm, but more of a finesse guy like Mark Buerhle.

39) Justin Flores, LHP, 5’10 175, GA, HS: Fastball at 89 mph. Flashes a curveball at 75 and a changeup at 74.

40) Ryan Perez, BHP, 6’0 180, IL, HS: Mature build with some present strength. Unique ability to throw with both hands. Delivery looks the same from both sides. Stuff also very similar, his fastball tops out in the 91-92 mph range from the right side and in the 88-89 range when throwing left-handed. He can also throw a curveball, cut fastball and change-up with both arms, adding to his already impressive arsenal. Much better raw stuff than Yankee AA dual armed pitcher Pat Venditte and has an idea how to pitch. VIDEO

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