Another 2012 MLB Mock Draft (including the first 10 supplemental picks)

Here's my 3rd mock draft, this time with the first 10 supplemental picks.

1. Houston Astros- Lucas Giolito, RHP- The best HS pitcher in the draft, Giolito could provide an excellent prospect for the Astros' farm system and a top of the rotation starter for them in the long run. Armed with a fastball that touches the upper 90s with an excellent curveball, I think the Astros take their chances with a very talented HS pitcher for the 1st overall pick.

2. Minnesota Twins- Byron Buxton, OF- Right after the Astros pick the best HS pitcher in the draft, the Twins follow that up by taking the best HS position player in the draft. I've read somewhere that the Twins have interest in Buxton, and his 5 tool potential, including his blazing speed, may be much too difficult to pass on.

3. Seattle Mariners- Mike Zuzino, C- The Mariners take a catcher with a gold glove potential behind the plate, along with a very good bat. Could provide much needed help with the bat.

4. Baltimore Orioles- Mark Appel, RHP- Armed with a fastball that touches the upper 90s with a great slider, he could make his case for the 1st overall pick with his raw stuff alone. Even though there are concerns with how he hasn't been able to strike out many batters, I think the Orioles take their chances with his great raw stuff.

5. Kansas City Royals- Kevin Gausman, RHP- Gausman may not have the as high of a ceiling as Giolito or Appel, but his mid-90s fastball and great changeup, along with breaking balls that have flashed plus, may be enough for him to become a very good #2 starter or maybe even an ace.

6. Chicago Cubs- Chris Beck, RHP- The Cubs take a very polished pitcher in Beck, who comes with a low-90s fastball, above average changeup and slider. Could help out with the major league club quickly.

7. San Diego Padres- Max Fried, LHP- The Padres take the best HS lefty in Fried. With his low-90s fastball, that could increase in velocity as he fills out, and an outstanding curveball, he could be a top-of-the-rotation lefty similar to Clayton Kershaw.

8. Pittsburgh Pirates- Devin Marrero, SS- Marrero has solid tools across the board, with a good bat, range, and glove. He will also stick at a premium position at shortstop, which makes him very valuable.

9. Miami Marlins- Lance McCullers, RHP- Even though McCullers has outstanding pure stuff, an upper-90s fastball and a nasty curveball, his trouble with control and the effort in his delivery makes some people wonder if he's destined for the bullpen. However, if everything clicks, he could be a dominant top of the rotation starter, and I think the Marlins take their chances with him.

10. Colorado Rockies- Carlos Correa, SS- Correa has great range, arm, and bat, and even though Tulowitzki is at SS right now, Correa could make a successful transition to 3B.

11. Oakland A's- Kyle Zimmer, RHP- Reports on Zimmer seems to be very good right now, with a fastball that touches the upper 90s with a wipeout curveball. If he continues he may be taken in the top 5. But if he's around by the time the A's pick, they may take him.

12. New York Mets- Matt Smoral, LHP- A towering lefty with a low-90s fastball with a slider that shows potential, Smoral can turn out to be something special if he can find consistency with his stuff. The Mets took a high-risk, high reward pick last draft, and they may be willing to do so again.

13. Chicago White Sox- Walker Weickel, RHP- The White Sox need some major help with their farm system, and a team with a closer as their best prospect might as well build around a young, high-ceiling, starting HS arm. Weickel has a low-90s fastball, a 12-6 curveball, and an advanced changeup.

14. Cincinnati Reds- David Dahl, OF- Dahl has solid tools across the board and could develop into an above-average 5-tool outfielder.

15. Cleveland Indians- Trey Williams, 3B- Williams can hit for average and power and can provide above-average defense at the hot corner. The Indians get great value here at pick 15.

16. Washington Nationals- Stryker Trahan, C- Trahan is one of the few catchers out there that has 5-tool potential. Yes, he can actually run. Good catchers are often in high demand, and ones with 5-tool potential has great value indeed.

17. Toronto Blue Jays- Duane Underwood, RHP- The Jays love young, high-ceiling HS talent, and Underwood is just that. He has a fastball that reaches the upper 90s and offspeed stuff that shows great potential. Could be a top of the rotation starter in the future.

18. Los Angeles Dodgers- Albert Almora, OF- The Dodgers get an outfielder with solid tools across the board in Almora. He probably won't be a star player, but he'll provide solid production for years to come.

19. St. Louis Cardinals- Joey Gallo, 1B- Gallo could provide a great bat with 35+home run power to complement Holliday, and since Beltran is aging and his abilities fading, Gallo would fit in nicely after he no longer plays in St. Louis.

20. San Francisco Giants- Brian Johnson, LHP- Johnson comes with a low-90s fastball and an above average curveball. He could become a middle of the rotation workhorse lefty for the Giants in a short time.

21. Atlanta Braves- Courtney Hawkins, OF- Hawkins could become a 5-tool outfielder at centerfield, with his glove, above-average speed, and his bat that has tremendous potential.

22. Toronto Blue Jays- Gavin Cecchini, SS- shortstop is a premium position, and Cecchini could stick at the position. With his above-average bat, he could become a #2 hitter in a lineup while bringing above-average defense at SS.

23. St. Louis Cardinals- Ty Hensley, RHP- Hensley has a great curveball that complements his low-90s fastball. He also has the size to be a durable workhorse behind Miller and Wainwright in the future.

24. Boston Red Sox- Stephen Piscotty, 3B- Even though it's early in the college season, Piscotty has finally shown some power. If the power lasts, then he can stick at 3B, with his above average arm and glove. Could also move to the outfield if needed.

25. Tampa Bay Rays- Hunter Virant, LHP- The Rays love young arms, and Virant has tons of potential. He has tons of room to grow and he already has 3 pitches that flash great potential. Could become a good #2 starter.

26. Arizona Diamondbacks- Lewis Brinson, OF- The D-backs get a promising young outfielder who is very raw but his ceiling is very, very high, as he shows signs of developing into a 5-tool outfielder. He's been compared to Dexter Fowler, but also has a promising bat with promising power. Could turn out to be a very good centerfielder.

27. Milwaukee Brewers- Nick Williams, OF- Williams is another very raw outfielder who has tremendous ceiling. There are some who question his makeup, but the Brewers have drafted headcases with great talents(i.e Brett Lawrie, Jeremy Jeffress). Needs to refine his skills, but the potential for a 5-tool status is there.

28. Milwaukee Brewers- Lucas Sims, RHP- The Brewers take a promising HS pitcher in Sims, who has a mid-90s fastball with a very good curveball. The changeup hasn't been used much, but it also shows promise. Could turn out to be a very good #2 starter down the line.

29. Texas Rangers- Victor Roache, OF- Roache would be taken in the top 10 if it wasn't for his injury. He's not the fastest runner out there, but his bat would fit in nicely in either 1B or in the corner outfield spots. He managed to hit 30 home runs with the bats that seemed to hinder many college batters, so the power's legit. In a hitter heaven park that the Rangers play in, Roache would easily put up 30+ home runs on a yearly basis.

30. New York Yankees- Michael Wacha, RHP- Wacha doesn't have great pure stuff, but he will be able to be a great workhorse behind Sabathia and Pineda. He has a low-90s fastball and an above-average changeup.

31. Boston Red Sox- C.J Hinojosa, SS- Hinojosa would go much earlier in the draft if it wasn't for signability issues. He comes with good defense at a premium position, and has good power potential.

32. Minnesota Twins- Mitchell Traver, RHP- Very tall? Check. Good fastball? Check. Potentially good offspeed stuff? Check. Traver can provide some good pitching upside in the Twins' farm system, as the pitching talent there has been mediocre as of late.

33. San Diego Padres- Rio Ruiz, 3B- Ruiz has solid tools all around, with good glove, range, and bat. He's not that fast, but he doesn't need to be in the hot corner.

34. Oakland A's- Travis Jankowski, OF- Jankowski doesn't impress with power, but what he can do is run and play smallball. He has the speed and the glove to play at centerfield effectively, and can adjust to the giant stadium the A's play in(I've heard that the A's were willing to move to a different stadium, but for the time being I'll just assume that they'll stay for some time).

35. New York Mets- Taylore Cherry, RHP- One very noticeable thing about Cherry is how tall he is, as he is 6'8. Couple that with a low-90s fastball, very good changeup, and a promising slider, and the Mets could have something special here with Cherry.

36. St. Louis Cardinals- Jake Barrett, RHP- There are some who believe that Barrett's max-effort delivery could lead him to the bullpen, but his stuff could put him in a middle of the rotation. Either way the Cards would be getting good value out of him.

37. Boston Red Sox- Nathan Kirby, LHP- After selecting two position players with their previous picks, the Red Sox now go with a pitcher. Kirby has a low-90s fastball with a great curveball.

38. Milwaukee Brewers- Adam Brett-Walker, OF- There are some questions about Walker, such as whether he'll be able to make contact. But he has tremendous power, and if he manages to get at least some contact, he could be a right-handed version of Russell Branyan.

39. Texas Rangers- Jesse Winker, OF- Winker is a bat-first player who may have to make a transition to 1B or DH. But his bat would play well in the park the Rangers play in.

40. Philadelphia Phillies- Rhett Wiseman, OF- Wiseman has good tools, even though he has a below-average arm. Could prove to be an above-average player.

41. Houston Astros- Marcus Stroman, RHP- Stroman has a power arm that can touch the upper 90s with a nasty slider. Could be a shutdown closer for the Astros in a couple of years.

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