My 2013 top 15

This is my projection of what my 2013 top 20 prospects will look like. Note: I would not necessarily rate these prospects in this order right now, but this is how I think I'll rank them next year.

1. Anthony Rendon

Yes I like him that much, he can absolutely rake, I think he won't have any injuries next year, and he might be minor league player of the year. I absolutely love Rendon. I think he'll hit somewhere around .350 with like 20 HRs. Injuries are the only worry. And the Nats have a chance at top prospect for 4 years in a row, as I have had them with the top prospect the last 3. College stats don't mean much, but I would at least think college is a higher level than short season ball and maybe low a. And one thing I always look for in prospects is plate discipline, Rendon had a ridiculous 26.4% BB% in the 2010-2011 season for Rice and hit .327/.520/.523 with a 10.9% K%. He hit even better in 2009-2010 when he wasn't injured, while his plate discipline wasn't as good, he hit .397/.530/.801 with 26 homers.

2. Shelby Miller

Is at AAA knocking on the door at the end of the season and gets in the majors but doesn't get rid of rookie status. Has amazing stuff and stats.

3. Manny Machado

More power than Profar, and right now is a very good defensive shortstop. Could outgrow SS, but right now has a monster ceiling.

4. Wil Myers

I love his bat like Rendon's and I think he could absolutely rake like Rendon too, I heard he had a nasty infection that was keeping him back a little last year. Has the 1st or 2nd best bat on this list behind Rendon.

5. Jurickson Profar

Doesn't have a bad year, has a very good year, and still has great tools, but Rendon has a monster season and I like Machado better for this year anyway, and I really like Myers too.

6. Taijuan Walker

The #2 pitcher on this list, Walker has a very high ceiling and had a ton of Ks last year. I think he'll have a great season.

7. Dylan Bundy

Pretty polished high schooler with super high potential.

8. Gerrit Cole

Cole has amazing stuff, and he could silence all the doubters about his command.

9. Francisco Lindor

I love Lindor as he's a 4, maybe 5 tool shortstop if the power comes around and he was extremely young as a high schooler which Rany Jazayerli showed can make a big difference.

10. Nolan Arenado

Rockies prospect has very low K rates and big power. That's a very good thing. I would like to see the BB rate higher as in my opinion, that's the most important thing for a prospect, and that's why I have Rendon #1, but his other stuff is too good to pass up.

11. Archie Bradley

Has absolutely incredible stuff but is a high school pitcher and I'm not sure how he'll do.

12. Travis D'Arnaud

Blue jays catcher looks very good now and I think he'll hit very well in 2012.

13. Mike Zunino

He was #1 on my draft board, I like Zunino, he's a safe catcher with a chance for much more, and he's absolutely destroyed the college level.

14. Jameson Taillon

Taillon has immense upside, but he's one of the people who I think could falter in 2012. I'm not sure he will so I put him at 13, but he could drop lower if he has a bad year.

15. Xander Bogaerts

Here comes the homer pick, but Bogaerts has incredible upside with the bat and could have a potentially huge season in 2012. Bogaerts put up the 3rd highest ISO ever in the SAL league at 18 years old. The two guys with a higher ISO were named Mike Stanton and Adrian Beltre, I think you've heard of them. And guess what, Bogaerts is currently a shortstop. While he might not stick at SS, he is very athletic, and if he doesn't the reason will be because he outgrew the position not because he was an awful shortstop. Mike Newman at fangraphs thinks he might be able to stick at shortstop, and has a better chance than the #3 prospect on this list. I don't agree that he has a better chance to stick at SS than Manny Machado, but he could. even if he doesn't he'll be a good third baseman.

I probably forgot someone tell me who it is.

HM: Miguel Sano,Byron Buxton, Carlos Martinez

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