28-team 365 day-a-year hardcore league... openings!

Golden chance to join a deep and highly intense League with time enough to shape your roster before opening day! I'm going to come right out and say it: both available teams need caring, nurturing, commitment to building, thought, and planning.

Team 1 owns: Hellickson, Lester, J Zimmermann, Addison Reed, Mo Rivera, Adrian Beltre, Kipnis, and Jon Singleton among other assets.

Team 2 owns: U Jimenez, J Soria, Adrian Gonzalez, Headley, Freese, A McCutchen, Taylor Guerrieri, Andrew Susac among others.

If you are a fantasy baseball nut who wants a big-time project that presents a challenge and a possible big payoff down the road, this is for you. Every move you make is going to need to be implemented with precision.

Here is a standard write-up for the League:

I have 2 openings as we speak. Free Agency is approaching in a week or two, so if you are a fast learner, now is the time to grab a team. There is an optional $15 fee to obtain voting rights on trades and league matters. Some members pay zero, some members who really appreciate the league for what it is, have paid up to $40. All funds go towards the World Championship pot, CBS fees, and league overhead. Start by checking out our league forum at Login as Intern, password = newperson

Basically to take over a team you need to be willing to check in on the forum daily, or multiple times daily, respond promptly to all trade queries, good or bad, type in full English sentences, have basic Excel skills, research and take part in all minor league drafts, field a full 25-man roster of actual major league players at all times, respect the Commissioners and league members, and adhere to our League Constitution for Conduct and Activity.

If you want a team e-mail me back ASAP and if you are up to the task you can start building your franchise for 2011 and beyond.

We have been running this hardcore league every day of the year since 2006. We have 28 teams, complete with 40-man rosters and 270-man minor league systems. There are three yearly drafts (First-year Amateur in June, International Minor League F.A. in November, and Rule 5 in December.) There is an extensive offseason F.A. bidding process which continues on throughout the season. This league is for serious, active owners, who want to follow big league, minor league, college, high school, and international prospects 365 days a year. This league is as gritty as you want to make it.

If you want to view the league, or you have any questions, contact me at Impress me with your enthusiasm, capability, and interest and you could be assigned one of the open teams!


“Baseball doesn’t have any weather names, but they should. When they move the Expos, I hope the call them the Washington 70 percent Chance of precipitations. That would be awesome.” – Jose Melendez
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