Ways To Improve Prospect Lists

As someone who has been following the Mets farm system for a decade now, I feel like it is a battle with Google to find recent updates on my team's top prospect list and player scouting reports. In the times that I do stumble on a recent and reputable looking list, I still have to take into account that is is the opinion of a single author.

I believe that there are ways to improve the experience of sharing, discussing and updating prospect lists so I have identified a few items and I would like to hear everyone's thoughts on them.

Creating and sharing lists - many of you spend significant time following your team's prospects but unless you are a major blogger like John Sickels, your input likely gets lost in a comment section. I would like to see a site that allows users to easily create a top prospect list by team, position or league level. Users assign letter grades to the prospects which will automatically update the prospect with a new average grade based on what the rest of the community rates him. This will also allow users to view a community list of top prospects by various filters (eg NYM Top 10 Prospects) based on average grades received.

All lists will be available online for quick modification and edits as the season goes on and player progress can be noted. No longer would you have to wait months for BA or MLB to release their top prospect lists.

Community Analysis - In addition to ranking prospects, users can comment on individual players to include their own analysis and scouting reports with others having the ability to upvote/downvote (a la and respond to those comments. This ensures that the most useful analysis will be seen at the top of the player page. A timeframe can be added to keep the analysis updated (show comments within last 6 months, 12 months etc)

Reputation Tracker - There are some major sites that make some downright terrible selections for their lists. It's as if they were rushing to meet a deadline and decided to clone last years list, make a few switches and hope no one notices. On the other hand, I have found that many smaller bloggers and dedicated fans come up with gems that the larger sites often overlook. Many times, I have come across a name in comment sections I have never heard of and see that prospect make an impact the following year.

If users were to share their lists online, we can incorporate a point system that rewards users for identifying sleeper prospects early. Reputation points can also be earned by comment contribution (when others upvote your comments)

Verified Scouts and Personnel - finally, a potential feature that could be added is the inclusion of verified scouts. Their profiles will be exactly the same as regular users except it will list the scout's affiliation/agency and their username will be highlighted in a different color.

These are some of the ways I thought could improve the way prospect lists are created and shared so please let me know what you think. If there is enough interest in this, I will get to work on a website/application.

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