RA Dickey to the Jays for D'Arnaud and Syndergaard - What is your take?

Dickey has been traded along with Thole and an unnamed prospect for D'Arnaud, Syndergaard, Buck, and an unnamed prospect. The deal won't be finalized until/unless the Jays are able to extend Dickey.

Personally I think it was a great move for both teams.

Mets - they get a very good haul. D'Arnaud and Syndergaard are both potential difference makers.

D'Arnaud - His D is solid and improving. He needs a little more work blocking balls and isn't the best at throwing out runners but it's expected he can improve both. More importantly it's said he calls a solid game. He has solid power and decent contact ability. He doesn't have the best approach and has had more injuries than you would like from a catcher especially since it's been his knees and back. Based on catcher attrition this is a serious risk. But he has serious upside as well.

Syndergaard - Great pitchers frame, very good velocity, good change, improving breaking ball. He needs to improve his command and I don't like his pitching motion, I would prefer it smoother. But with his frame throwing at his velocity I could see him backing off a little and still not losing velocity - because as his frame fills out he could add velocity. The hope is he could become a TOR. Two years in a row I have heard much improved breaking ball but still haven't heard it's consistently plus - so I'm a little more pessimistic with this pitch. He has a fair ways to go but is very young. Does his command and breaking ball improve? If so he will probably be a 2 with a chance to be a 1. If not we are looking anywhere from a 3, a back-end starter, or a dominant reliever.

Jays - They got a fantastic pitcher that rounds out their rotation. It also gives them the ability to utilize Happ as a swingman which is very important with Johnson and Morrow on their staff.

Dickey - People have to stop this "one year wonder" nonsense. Or career numbers nonsense. His pre-knuckleball numbers are totally irrelevant. He has pitched like an ace the last three years. And since he is a knuckleballer the ERA is probably more important than peripherals and it's been excellent. His home/road splits are excellent, his dome numbers are excellent.

Another thing people undervalue IMO is impact. 6 WAR over one year is much more valuable than 3 WAR per year for two years - simply for the opportunity cost. For example if the Jays had 5 pitchers with 2 WAR value per year and you added a 3 WAR pitcher it only adds 1 win. Where a 6 WAR pitcher adds 4 wins and thus would add 4 times as much value. This type of thinking always occurred before the days of WAR and advanced stats, seems like it hasn't made it into the calculations yet. Or maybe I missed it somewhere.

Well, what do you think?

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