Community top rookies for future performance number 20

It is finally Anthony Gose's turn to win a round as he gets 38% of the vote in the 19th round, to be beat out Willin Rosario (25%), Tom Milone 19%, Erasmo Ramirez, Randall Delgado and Jean Segura each with 6%, and Mike Fiers 0%, Drew Smyly 0%, Michael Gonzalez 0%, and Robbie Ross all with 0%.

So, with one more round to go before our final honorable mention round, our list reads:

1. Mike Trout Outfielder Los Angeles Angels (83%)

2. Bryce Harper Outfielder Washington Nationals (100%)

3. Manny Machado Infielder Baltimore Orioles (47%)

4. Matt Moore, Pitcher, Tampa Bay Rays (45%)

5. Yu Darvish, Pitcher Texas Rangers (48%)

6. Yoenis Cespedes, Outfielder Oakland A's (50%)

7. Andrelton Simmons, shortstop, Atlanta Braves (27%)

8. Matt Harvey, Pitcher New York Mets

9. Jarrod Parker, Pitcher Oakland A's (50%)

10. Jesus Montero, Catcher/dh Seattle Mariners (40%)

11, Yasmani Grandal, catcher, San Diego Padres (44%)

12. Yonder Alonso, First Base, San Diego Padres (32%)

13. Anthony Rizzo, First Base, Chicago Cubs (24%)

14, Devin Mesoraco, Catcher Cincinnati Reds (28%)

15a Will Middlebrooks, Third Base Boston Red Sox (22%) (53% runoff)

15(b) Todd Frazer, 3b/1b/of Cincinnati Reds (22%) (47% runoff)

17. Starling Marte, Outfield, Pittsburgh Pirates (31%)

18. Lance Lynn, Pitcher, St Louis Cardianls (27%) (58% runoff)

19. Anthony Gose, Outfielder, Toronto Blue Jays (38%)

I'm going to drop Mike Fiers, Drew Smyly, Michael Gonzalez and Robbie Ross. They remain eligible for write in vote but none will come back on the ballot for the honorable mention voting unless they get a write in vote this round or by specific request..

I'm going to add back from the temporarily dropped list AJ Griffin, Lucas Harrell, David Cooper, Chris Carter and Wade Miley which is my best guess as to who is most likely to get some support. I'm also going to give Norichika Aoki a chance to get on the ballot in this final round..

Dropped: players (but eligible for write in votes) Ryan Cook 0% (round 17), Zack Cozart 0% (round 18), Kelvin Hererra 0% (round 18), Mike Fiers 0% (round 19), Drew Smyly 0% (round 19), Michael Gonzalez 0% (round 19), Robbie Ross 0% (round 19).

So, who do you think will have the best future performance among last year's rookies in the number 20 slot?

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