Looking for GMs in a Winter Meetings Simulation

Hello Prospect Hounds. I am looking for potential GMs to participate in a "Winter Meetings Simulation" I am trying to organize for next week. The time commitment is as much or as little as you want to put in. It starts Monday and ends Friday, and you will be in charge of making trades and negotiating with free agents. Everything is done via email or at a Royals Review thread I will set up.

I have the following teams still available:







San Francisco

St. Louis


Here is the complete pitch below. If you're at all interested, please shoot me an email at



Have you ever wanted to run your favorite team? Well here is your chance. I am putting together a baseball off-season simulation to run for one week. YOU will be in charge of making trades, YOU will be in charge of signing free agents and YOU will feel the wrath of your fans for overpaying for replacement level talent! Sound like fun? Here are the details.

I need each team site to provide one GM. It can be the editor, it can be a contributor, it can even be a dedicated reader. I just need one email address of someone that is pretty knowledgeable about your team, and about transaction rules and contract estimates.

Before we get started I will post email addresses for all the GMs so you can contact each other for trade negotiations. I will serve as the agent for all free agents. I have set up an account GMs should contact to negotiate for free agents:

Any time you email me, please list what team you are in the subject line.

The Timeline:

Monday, December 3, 9am ET - Simulation begins - teams can trade, negotiate/sign free agents

Monday, December 3, 5pm ET - All club (or mutual) options for players must be picked up or declined. Declined options go into the free agent pool.

Wednesday, December 5, 5pm ET - All arbitration-eligible players must be tendered or non-tendered. Non-tendered players go into the free agent pool.

Friday, December 7, 1pm ET - Simulation ends

Ground Rules:

-The assumption is your GM has resigned and has tapped you as his replacement. You do not need to continue the organizational philosophy of that GM. You are free to mold your own team!

-We will reset back to the end of the season. So assume Heath Bell is still a Marlin, Chris Young still a Diamondback, Mike Aviles still a Red Sock.

-Your budget is what you realistically think your owner is willing to pay. I leave this at your discretion with your only enforcement being your fans calling you out for not being realistic. If you are the Cubs and want to go in a different direction than Theo Epstein and spend some money, that is realistic. If you are the Royals and think you can convince David Glass to spend $100 million on payroll, this is not realistic. Use Cot's Contracts for contract info and payroll projections -

-Do not worry about the 40 man roster. Assume you can DFA some scrub to make room for any of your moves.

-You will make trades with other GMs in the simulation. When you have agreed on a trade, report it to me (at and I will post it on the transaction page. No backsies.

-Players with no-trade clauses cannot be traded (this includes players with 10-5 rights). Players with limited no-trade clauses can be traded, but I reserve the right to veto it if I think the player would not accept the trade

-Players taken in the 2012 draft are not eligible to be traded

-Draft picks cannot be traded EXCEPT draft lottery picks (like the one the Marlins acquired in the Gaby Sanchez deal).

-Trades must list every player traded. You cannot simply say "B- type prospect". Do not trade "players to be named later" (this is only a week-long simulation)

-Cash may be involved in trades although you must list how much. Players can be traded for cash straight up, although I reserve the right to veto a trade if I think it is unrealistic.

-You will sign free agents by negotiating with Max (er, Scott Boras) at

-Free agent contracts cannot be backloaded or frontloaded. Assume the average annual value of the contract goes towards your 2013 budget.

-You may offer club options, player options and mutual options to entice a player.

-I will typically take the best offer, although not always (a player will not choose Pittsburgh over New York if the money is similar. Pittsburgh, you better overpay!)

-Remember, it is a negotiation. I will counter-offer.

Eligible free agents will be from this list (although we will add players with options and non-tenders). You can offer a deal to anyone on this list.

-For mutual options, assume all players will accept if you accept, except Adam LaRoche, Ryan Ludwick, and Sean Burnett (all three will opt-out). For player options, assume Jorge de la Rosa picks up his option, but Rafael Soriano does not. For vesting options, neither Alex Gonzalez or Brett Myers options vested, so teams have the option to pick up or decline those options.

-Remember, buyouts for declined options go into your 2013 budget

-After negotiating, once I have accepted a firm offer from a team, I will post the signing on the transaction page

On Monday morning of the 3rd, I'll set up a Story on Royals Review that will explain the ground-rules. The comments will serve as the transaction page. For any official transaction, I will put "TRANSACTION" in the subject line (and if you were to rec to green it, that would be great)

On Friday afternoon, after the sim, I'll post a wrap-up of some of behind-the-scenes thoughts. I think it would great if each GM wrote on their team page about their experience as well.

If this sounds like a ton of fun, then please contact me. If this sounds like a lot of work, please leave it to a baseball nerd. I think this will be an interesting experiment that I hope we can stage every fall.

This is also the first time I have ever done this so if you think I have overlooked or forgotten something, please let me know.

Have fun with this, and best of luck!

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