Bravesin07 Top Prospects seen in person 2012

Dylan Bundy: Absolutely dominant starter, saw flashes of 70 FB, 70 CB, and 70 Command/Control didn't see the CU much in this game as he didn't need it. Looked to me a future 1, worst bet is a high end 3/low 2. Crazy comp, a better control version of David Cone

Manny Machado: You could see the flair for him even before the game, really bored of the minors and wanted into the majors quickly like a Harper or Trout. Saw him hit some doubles that will go over the fense down the line. Upside to me is Beltre at 3rd the Rangers version to a less defensive Tulo at Short.

Bryce Harper: Only saw him once and he laced a broken bat single down the line off of former top prospect Manny Banuelos, weather was cold and he didn't much in the game. Everyone knows his ceiling.

Zack Wheeler: I only saw him once but he was electric, hitting mid to upper 90's the whole game in a complete game shutout, also had a slider/changeup mix working as well. If he hones his command, he could be on top of the Mets rotation for a long time.

Nick Castellanos: I saw Castellanos worst game of the season and what he needs to work on for next year. I saw him look hapless against Wheeler as he chased everything out of the zone. The kid was 20 years old in AA, very advanced for his age. Again he's no Trout, Harper, or Machado but he could in time be an All Star player.

Taylor Guerrieri: I saw a kid whom if he didn't improve would be a #3 starter, but on contrary to some people, Guerrieri was pitching with a different motion from HS. He velocity was down a touch this year, but I would expect him to get some of it back. Right now I see a kid who has a Matt Cain starter kit but with a curveball that could be one of the best in the game.

Brian Goodwin: I saw him play twice and to me he could be an above average player in the game in 3 years. I saw a guy who could run, got a 4.06 from the left side via a scout at a game. He was also one of the few who didn't look hapless against Bundy, good glove, good eye, and some pop. Nice player to have on the nats.

Wilmer Flores: He looked like a guy who could him MLB pitching today, however, he is very slow, not Jesus Montero slow that's a pure 20 runner, but a 30 runner. He looked solid at 3rd and I think he could stay there for half of hit career.

Alex Meyer: Not sure if he is a RP or starter in time. The game I saw him pitch, I put down future RP because he got tattooed by left handed hitters and looked helpless against them. I saw dominate stuff at times, 97 MPH FB, good slider, but a lack of a changeup could result in issues in AA next year.

Jonathan Schoop: He looks like a guy whom pans out could be an outstanding power hitter for a middle infielder, could he reach a ceiling of .280 with 25 HRs a year, questionable as he couldn't stop chasing the low curveball.

Anthony Rendon: He looked like a hitter and has good bat speed. Hopefully he stays healthy, but I do question his future power. I also question his makeup as I had a friend point out whom used to play ball that Rendon wouldn't stretch and warmup with great effort before a game.

Nick Delmonico: I like him, but where is he going to play in the future. He seems like a guy who will be a good trade chip down the line for the O's.

Eduardo Rodriguez: I saw him early in the year, I got him and Bundy in back to back starts. He looks like a 3 for me, he hit 89-91 flashed some 92 to 93. His changeup was solid and so was his breaking ball. He IMO is a better bet than Manny Banuelos.

Tyler Austin: I saw one game at the end of the season from him and he looked solid as he had a couple of hard line drive hits. He was never tested in the outfield as he didn't have a ball hit to him. He can be an everyday player, how good is the question.

Dorssys Paulino: When I saw him, he didn't have a good game, but he showed a better eye than some of the prospects ranked above him. It's possible that he could rank in the top 5 of this list in a year. He has a world of potential, and I think his ceiling is a Cano type franchise player.

Bryce Brentz: He looks like the part of a classic .260 25 HR a year guy in right field, his upside IMO is a lesser version of Josh Reddick. I don't know if he's in Boston's future plans but he can be better than a Cody Ross or Sweeney in Fenway.

Marcus Stroman: I saw him literally the night before his suspension and i was disappointed in his stuff. Now could it have been from the long college season, sure but I saw a guy whom didn't have closer stuff as he topped out a 95 and his slider wasn't as dominant as the reports stated.

There are probably more I missed out on but, for now I feel this would be a nice solid list.

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