MLB draft Top 20

This is my big board. I like college hitters, because they are so much safer than any other kind of player. The average WAR by draft spot goes college hitters, high school hitters, college pitchers, high school pitchers.

1. Mike Zunino Monster bat, premium position, safest bet, easy #1 for me, scouting reports aren't bad either and had really good stats. Pretty good defense

2. Deven Marrero Like Zunino college hitter, good bat, premium positon, really good defensively, and Zunino's stats might be better just because he's a sophomore. Probably going to stick at SS and play well there.

3. Byron Buxton Tied for highest ceiling in the draft, 5 tool talent.

4. Lucas Giolito Tied for highest ceiling in the draft, but he's a HS pitcher. I still love his 3 plus pitches and projectability.

5. Mark Appel Consensus #1 pick, has great scouting reports and comes out of college, but he's a pitcher, and he dosen't miss bats.

6. Kevin Gausman Secondary stuff is coming along, has an amazing fastball, might move ahead of Appel soon, more Ks.

7. David Dahl Another 5 tool high school talent, not as good as Buxton, but still very good.

8.Victor Roache Amazing bat, had 30 homers last year, amazing stats, scouting reports are still good, college hitter.

9. Gavin Cecchini Has a monster ceiling. His bat has as high a ceiling as his brother Garin, a prospect for the Red Sox, they both have extremely high ceilings with the bat, but Gavin has a chance to stay at SS.

10. Michael Wacha

Has very good stuff and ridiculous stats, very good college pitcher.

11. Max Fried

Lefty with 3 plus pitchers, high school pitcher.

12. Walter Weickel. Has a mid 90s fastball and is very polished, but is a HS pitcher.

13. Carlos Correa

Awesome bat not as awesome glove, probably won't stick at SS.

14. Jake Barrett

Good college pitcher, don't have much to say about him.

15. Joey Gallo

I absolutely love his bat, hate that he's a 1B. I think he has 40 HR potential, but you have to remember most prospects don't pan out.

16. Trey Williams

I like his bat, but not as much as most. He's not as good as most say.

17. Lance McCullers

has amazing stuff, but does have control problems and mechanics problems, might be a reliever, and is a HS pitcher.

18. Chris Beck Has a mid 90s fastball, and has two other good off speed pitches and is a college player but he's a pitcher.

19. Stryker Trahan

A 5 tool catcher, don't see that every day. Will be interesting to see how he progresses.

20.Kenny Diekroeger Has amazing physical attributes and defense, plays a premium position, needs to hit,very high ceiling has your typical high school hitter profile, but is a college hitter.

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