Top 30 Royals prospects--according to me

Since these are getting posted now that the draft signings have gone down thought I would take a crack at the Royals:

1. Wil Myers - Not too worried about this year's performance.  The injury didn't help matters, still an exceptional bat and to me the best Royals prospect.
2. Bubba Starling - Maybe a little high on him but the potential is pretty amazing.  Based on that I slotted him in at number two.
3. Cheslor Cuthbert - This kid is raking so far and oh so young.  To me he is as good as Sano and I like Sano a lot.  A bit underrated but that will change soon I think.
4. Jake Odorizzi - Was dominating, slowed down a little since his most recent promotion but I think after some adjusting time he will be fine.  Best pitching prospect in Royals system to me.
5. Mike Montgomery - The stuff is still there, inconsistent and shaky at times in Omaha but still going to get his shot in the big league rotation and I think he will be ok at least as a solid #3/#4 arm.
6. Brett Eibner - The injury was a bummer and he has his strikeout worries but I still have high hopes for him.  He has shown power, despite the injury and with some seasoning I think will be a very solid bat.
7. John Lamb - Another injury.  Tommy john.  Next year I look for him to pick up where he left off and put himself back on the "prospect map".
8. Chris Dwyer - Has had some terrible performances but the stuff is legit.  Also has dominated at times.  Hoping he can put it all together, if he did might be the best of the bunch.
9. Elier Hernandez - Big international signing, Royals are assembling quite a deep OF in the milb.
10. Jason Adam - Good numbers, hasn't overwhelmed but is solid and developing nicely.
11. Bryan Brickhouse - 2nd round pick, has strong stuff.
12. Noel Arguelles - Like Adam he has been solid but not overpowering.  Think he might get a crack at a 5th starter's spot sometime down the road.
13. Kelvin Herrera - Putting up great numbers.  KC bullpen is full of great young arms but always room for one more.
14. Clint Robinson - This guy just hits.  Old for a prospect, not very athletic but he deserves a chance somewhere.
15. Yordano Ventura - Serious fastball, has some very nice potential.
16. David Lough - Underrated OFer, unfortunately the OF is pretty full.  Always puts up solid numbers, hope he gets a shot at a starting job if not in KC somewhere.
17. Cam Callagher - 2011 pick with 20-25 HR potential in MLB, Napoli comps.
18. Christian Colon - Maybe this is low I am just very unimpressed with Colon.  Don't see him as a MLB regular.
19. Kyle Smith - 2011 pick with great curveball.
20. Jeremy Jeffress - Starting to lose some faith in Jeffress.  Believe he was being used as a starter for a bit in Omaha but can't seem to get it together.  Hope he does.
21. Kevin Chapman - 2010 pick pitching well so far.
22. Jarrod Dyson - The speed and defense!  But he just can't hit.  Can't see him being more than a 4th OFer in the bigs but if he could get on base more he would be something.
23. Cesar Ogando - Puerto Rican lefty only 18 flashes a 94 MPH fastball.  Really liked this pick.
24. Greg Billo - Has to be included because of the numbers he is putting up.  Doesn't seem to impress scouts but he is doing something right.
25. Jake Junis - KC shelled out 675k to sign him, a two-way player but looks like he has the most potential on the mound.
26. Derrick Robinson - Another 4th OFer type.  He can hit more than Dyson but not enough I fear.
27. Adalberto Mondesi - Son of Raul, 2 million bonus.  Basically including him because of that.  A lottery ticket.
28. Patrick Leonard - 2011 draftee.
29. Jeff Bianchi - A solid middle infielder, doesn't wow you but could useful.
30. Edwin Carl - Had to do it.  Hadn't heard of him until today to be honest but the guy has 19 K's per 9, an undrafted free agent.  Cinderella story--Why not?


Promoted or over limit so not included on list: Salvador Perez, Lorenzo Cain, Johnny Giavotella, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Danny Duffy, Everett Teaford, Tim Collins, Louis Coleman, Aaron Crow, Greg Holland,

Hope I didn't stupidly forget someone.  This is my first list and most of this comes from the great reports I read on here, Royals Review, Pine Tar Press, etc etc.  I'm obviously no scout.  Considering the list of 10+ names graduated Royals still have a pretty solid farm although not going to be the consensus number one again, ah well.

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