Blue Jays post draft top 25

with Lawrie and Alvarez graduated, the system doesn't have a ton of big names but the depth is outstanding


1) Travis d'Arnaud: Grade B+: Breakout looks pretty real and he's managed to stay healthy, 1B to Mesaraco as best catching prospect in Baseball. Probably a midseason call up in 2012

2) Jacob Marisnick: Grade B+: The scouting reports coming out on him have been almost as impressive as his stats. A lot of people even think he could stick in CF, if he moves to the corners he has Jayson Werth/Shin Soo Choo potential.

3) Drew Hutchison: Grade B+: The numbers are outstanding and the reports on his stuff are encouraging enough to take those numbers very seriously. Probably a midseason call up in 2012

4) Anthony Gose: Grade B+: Too many strikeouts but the power is encouraging and overall he's having a pretty decent season for a raw 20 year old in AA. Should spend almost all of 2012 in Vegas

5) Syndergaard: Grade B: Velocity reports have been fantastic and the numbers back them up. Huge breakout candidate next year

6) Daniel Norris: Grade B: Best high school lefty, needs to develop physically to maintain mid 90's velocity deeper into game, some mechanical issues need to be ironed out

7) Justin Nicolino: Grade B: Scouting reports have been solid and the numbers are eye popping.

8) Aaron. Sanchez: Grade B: Inconsistent command but has shown flashes of brilliance. Huge breakout Candidate in 2012

9) Deck McGuire: Grade B: Has been a tad underwhelming for a big league ready college pitcher

10) Nestor Molina: Grade B:  Monstrous numbers, decent stuff.

11) Kevin Comer: Grade B-: Prototypical high school righty and the Jays have had some success with those in the last couple of years

12) Carlos Perez: Grade B-: still high on him, one bad month makes his numbers look worse than they really are. Has a high a floor

13) David Cooper: Grade B-: Can't ignore his AVG and K/BB rates in Vegas

14) Dwight Smith Jr: Grade B-: not extremely toolsy but the one hit tool he has could be special

15) Marcus Knecht: Grade B-: Very good year in the MWL

14) Adonis Cardona: Grade B-: A solid North American debut season, control is especially impressive

15) John Stilson: Grade B-: First/Comp round talent fell due to injury concerns, should move quickly

16) AJ Jimenez: Grade C+: High projected floor due to great reports on his defence

17) Adeiny Hechavaria: Grade C+:  same as above, seems to be turning it on in the last few weeks.

18) Matt Dean: Grade C+: Plus power tool and has a strong arm at 3B

19) Michael McDade: Grade C+:Outstanding power tools, could break out if he improves plate discipline

20) Dickie Thon Jr: Grade C+ : decent numbers in rookie ball, solid tools across the board

21)Dalton Pompey: Grade C+: Very toolsy, decent results

22) Jorge Vega-Rosado: Grade C+: Has shown outstanding speed and a decent hit tool so far

23) Myles Jaye 24) Griffin Murphy 25) Mitchell Taylor: Grade C+: All three are right handers drafted out of high school, have shown decent results in Short season leagues

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