July 30 - MiLB games and all around day of intrigue

Greetings fantasy campers and prospect mavens! When last we checked in, the creepy visage of Joe Mauer was spreading across SB Nation and a half dozen prospects were vying to be the next lucky ones asked to dance.

Well, since that time, Mr. Kipnis has become your winning contestant, while Messrs. Montero, Lawrie, Teheran, Moore, and Mesoraco continue to pound away on their AAA comrades. Collin Cowgill, Desmond Jennings, and, now, Jacob Turner have also been called up. Jennings and Turner in the same week are a nice juxtaposition of organizational philosophies; some here could make a compelling argument that Jennings is a season and a half too late while Turner is a season and a half too early. And in the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction category, has to add a Parental Advisory page to cover the Furbush for Fister trade.

Next, we've also had Messrs. Singleton, Cosart, and Wheeler filing change of address forms, while Colby Rasmus gets to learn a new tax code after being shipped for 50 (Canadian) cents on the dollar. Cardinals fans hope that either a) Edwin Jackson is the difference maker in the World Series, b) EJ is cashed in for a draft pick that becomes a high-ceiling, five-tool, cost-controlled center fielder (because they are going to need one soon), or c) Toronto's PTBNLs are Smith, Anderson, Musgrove, and Beede. Or Gose. Or McGuire. Hell, they'd take Cito Gaston right now.

But that's not all, folks - not hardly.  Today's storyline promises to be every bit as rich....


Trevor Bauer is scheduled to make his debut today, going for Visalia.  Shelby Miller and Jarrod Parker headline regular contributors, who also include guys like Britton, Jeffress, Barnese, Richards, and probably some guys from the Dodgers. Ubaldo Jimenez and BJ Upton continue to be dangled by organizations that love prospects, which could get interesting in a hurry.  Pressing questions today:


Will Upton finally be dealt?

Will Bauer's arm fall off in his first start?

Is Colorado just teasing, or will they actually go fish and use Jimenez to upset the balance of power in the AL East?

Will Lawrie get the call?

Which is more sensitive to report, Furbush being traded for Fister, or Walt Jockstrapetty firing Dick Pole?

Will John Black miss a home run? 

Will Kupe and KBR make up, then join up (on Twitter)?

And will I get any work done today?


Stay tuned, it will all be covered in the next few hours, right here on this very page!

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