American League Prospects Who Could Change Teams At The Trade Deadline


Zack Wheeler was the first big name prospect scouted at Scouting The Sally to change organizations at the trade deadline when he was dealt to the New York Mets for Carlos Beltran. In looking through previous reports, a number of other prospects I’ve previously written about may be on the block as well. If you want an in depth look at these players, this is the place to be! Most reports also contain video.


Boston Red Sox

Miles Head – For scouts in the lower minor leagues, statistics count for very little. It’s all about the scouting. If an organization is sold on Head’s bat, the Red Sox would be wise to turn him quickly based on his impressive 2011 season. In all honesty, I don’t think the Red Sox will be presented that opportunity as scouts I’ve spoken to arelukewarm at best on Head’s upside.

Brandon Jacobs (Roto Hardball) - Jacobs would be an impressive get as a "lesser" player in a larger deal. Arguably no prospect has developed within the organization as much as Jacobs this season and he might just be scratching the surface. An organization would be fortunate to add a talent like his on the way up.

Will Middlebrooks – Rumors persist that Middlebrooks is untouchable, but I have trouble seeing it. In the midst of a breakout season, plate discipline still remains a serious issue as exemplified by only 19 free passes this season including 0 in his last 10 games. I frequently mention walk rates don’t mean much to me at lower levels, but Middlebrooks is now 22 in double-A. It matters!

New York Yankees

Manny Banuelos – The Yankees are reluctant to part with Banuelos and they should be. Once he figures out fastball command, he should quickly become a fixture in the rotation. If I’m an opposing General Manager, I’d continue to throw out Banuelos’ name to frustrate the Yankees just enough to sneak a guy like Brett Marshall out from under their noses.

Jesus Montero – It’s never good to trade a prospect previously considered an elite offensive talent at a low point which is now Montero in a nutshell. If I was Montero, I’d be pretty pissed that I wasn’t being penciled into the Yankees lineup at designated hitter too!

J.R. Murphy – A prospect quietly raising his status amongst contacts is J.R. Murphy who has reportedly improved as a catcher and is showing plenty of bat for the position. I can see a scenario unfolding where Murphy is the 3rd or 4th best Yankees prospect included in a deal for pitching help. I’m actually surprised he isn’t being mentioned more often in trade conversation.

Brett Marshall – Marshall would fit in beautiful for any big league team who plays its games in a bandbox. With a strong ground ball arsenal, he’s exactly the type of pitcher who has proven successful for an organization like the Colorado Rockies. His numbers are inflated due to a disastrous April, but May, June and July have been stellar. This month, he has a 27/4 K/BB ratio in 24 innings pitched including a GO/AO of 2.64. That’s just awesomeness on a stick.

Austin Romine – Of every player I’ve listed for the Yankees, I think Romine is the least likely to go via trade. He’s the catcher of the future in that organization in my mind and it’s really the only position of dire weakness at the big league level (sorry Russ Martin).

Texas Rangers

Robert Erlin – If I’m the Rangers, I’m not dealing Erlin. Yes, he’s on the small side and doesn’t project to dominate at the big league level, but I just saw something really special when scouting him in person.

Neil Ramirez – Do I see it happening? No. Do I think dealing Ramirez might be a prudent decision? Certainly. After 2+ years of poor performance, the light bulb clicked with Ramirez and his last calendar year of performance has been excellent. No knock against Ramirez, but this is another one of those classic sell high opportunities.

Robbie Ross – A high floor guy with ground ball tendencies, Ross would be a nice pickup for the same reasons as the aforementioned Brett Marshall. A 10 start stretch of 1.76 ERA baseball certainly doesn’t hurt either.

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