My Angels Shadow Draft Review

This is my 1st shadow draft for the Angels, and I plan to keep doing it every year. Tell me how I did with this years picks. I went up to our pick at 405, and drafted 12 players overall. I dont know enough about the remaining players to go more than that, so I'm going to keep the Angels picks past pick 405 in the 13th round.

1.17: Matt Barnes, RHP Connecticut: I went with Barnes because I think he has a nice ceiling, isnt very risky, has a good arsenal, should move quickly, and should be signable. He was one of my favortie college pitchers in the draft.

3.104: Derek Fisher, OF HS: I'm very happy Fisher dropped this far, and the fact that I wanted to get a big bat in the system, Fisher made a lot of sense. Hes a little risky because of signability though.

4.135: Noe Ramirez, RHP CSFU: I went with Noe Ramirez here because I see him as a safe pitcher who will have a succesful career. #4 starter at worst.

5.165: Josh Osich, LHP Oregon: I was really suprised he dropped, and I'm not sure why he did. He looks like a solid pick in the 5th round to me, because I really wanted to get some lefthanded talent in my system. A late 1st round talent.

6.195: Austin Wood, RHP USC: I stuck with who the Angels actually chose here. Wood reminds me of Garrett Richards a bit, because he is a guy who has good stuff, and could potentially thrive in the minors, just like Richards. I liked this pick for the Angels.

7.225: Phil Evans, SS HS: I tink you see a trend here, I'm taking who I think is the BPA, and most of these guys couldve been picked in the top 2-3 rounds. I wanted to take a toolsy MIF sometime in this draft, and Evans was my guy here in the 7th round.

8.255: Kyle Winkler, RHP TCU: I thought Winkler was a HUGE bargain here in the 8th round. He was TCU's ace this season with a low to mid 90's FB and a plus CB. He was probably my best pick of the draft, because he should have gone much higher.

9.285: Jason Coats, OF TCU: I took Coats here because I needed to add another bat to all the pitchers ive taken. I like Coats power potential, and I think he was a solid pick in the 9th round.

10.315: Matt Dean, 3B HS: I took this athletic HS 3rd baseman because he looks like he could have a very nice bat. Very good power potential from the right side, plus he fills an organiztional need for depth at 3rd base. Potential steal if he develops.

11.345: Brett Mooneyham, LHP Stanford: I'm a fan of this lefty from Stanford. He missed the full year because of finger surgery, but when healthy he was a 1st round talent. He has good raw stuff, but needs to improve his command if he wants to be more than a reliever.

12.375: Navery Moore, RHP Vandy: I origanlly had Dillon Maples with this pick, but I'm just not a big fan, and his pricetag made me rethink the pick. Navery Moore is a good pick here, because he could be a very good back end of the pen guy, or even a starter. Either way, this is a solid pick.

13.405: Garrett Buchele, 3B Oklahoma: With my last pick I wanted to get a power hitting college guy, and I took Buchele because he impressed me in the CWS last year, and he is a 3rd baseman. I really wanted to get some power 3rd baseman guys later in this draft.

Overall, I'm very happy with my draft. I loaded up on a lot of college pitchers, because I want a quicker impact in the MLB. I took some signability risks, but if they sign, this is going to be one hell of a draft class. Tell me what you guys think of how I did!

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