Yankees Shadow Draft

Since I put so much effort into preparing for three picks in this year's mock draft, I thought it would be fun to do a Shadow Draft. Especially after the disaster of a pick at 51 last night. So here goes.

Pick 51 - Daniel Norris, lhp, Science Hill HS, Johnson City, Tenn.

Way better than Dante Bichette, Jr. and the Yankees should have no problem affording him. Have him as the 15th ranked draft prospect on my personal list. These are the types of picks you make when you sign away your first round picks - signability/expensive prospects who drop to you.

Pick 88 - Derek Fisher, of, Cedar Crest HS, Lebanon, Pa.

Picked him at 51 in the mock draft, love him even more at 88. Yanks picked Sam Stafford, who I like more as a fourth rounder.

Pick 118 - Josh Osich, lhp, Oregon State

Have him ranked 43 on my list, should move quickly, and can fall into bullpen if starting doesn't work out - but I think he will be fine as a starter. Yankees picked Jordan Cote, who I need to research.

Pick 149 - Dillon Maples, rhp, Pinecrest HS, Southern Pines, N.C.

Have him ranked 44 on my board. Yankees picked local kid Matt Duran - need to research him.

Pick 179 - Greg Bird, c, Grandview HS, CO

The Yankees picked Greg Bird, and I like that pick. I had him at 118 on my board. I like Delmonico more as a catcher with position questions, but trying to be a bit more realistic now, and this is still a good value on my board.

Pick 209 - Jake Cave, lhp/of, Kecoughtan HS, Hampton, Va.

Once again, there are others I like more, but he is a good value in round six. Yankees have him listed as a CF, and if he fails, he can always become a solid bullpen arm.

Pick 239 - Kyle Winkler, rhp, Texas Christian

He may be injured, but I think he is worth taking a flyer on in round 7. Not sure if he will sign cheap or go back and try to re-establish value, but with threat of hard-slotting next year, think he can be signed to a decent deal. Yanks picked Austin Jones, a 1B out of High School.

Pick 269 - Nick Burdi, rhp, Downers Grove (Ill.) South HS

Picked him in second during mock draft, definitely like him enough for 8th round. Yanks picked Philip Wetherell, a RHP from Western Kentucky.

Pick 299 - Joshua Tobias, 2B, Southeast Guilford HS, Greensboro, NC

Not sure why he hasn't gone yet. He may be expensive, but worth it. Yanks picked Zach Arneson, RHP from Lewis & Clark State.

Pick 329 - Jason Coats, of, Texas Christian

College outfielder ranked 73 on my personal board. Yanks picked JuCo RHP Jonathon Gray.

Pick 359 - Billy Flamion, of, Central Catholic HS, Modesto, Calif.

Fell in love with him preparing for mock draft, and would have picked him had Nick Burdi not fell to me in the second. Great pick here in the 11th. Yanks picked Mark Montgomery, RHP from Longwood University.

Pick 389 - Julius Gaines, SS, Luella HS, Locust Grove, GA

I wanted a middle infielder, and think Gaines can stay at short. Phil Evans also considered, although unsure he can stay at short. Yanks took Cody Grice, CF for Grand Valley State.

Pick 419 - Burch Smith, rhp, Oklahoma

Decided to get a college arm in the mix, and was torn between Smith and Navery Moore. Smith is larger, and was higher on my board, so Smith it is. Yanks went with Justin James, OF from Sacramento CC.

Pick 439 - William "Rookie" Davis

Rookie was my pick for the 3rd round in our mock, and since the Yanks decided to take him in the 14th, who am I to argue? Great value at this point in the draft.

Pick 479 - Preston Tucker, of/1b, Florida

Highest ranking collegiate bat on my board, should be affordable. Yanks picked Tyler Molinaro, RF from Pittsburgh CC.

Pick 509 - Blake Forslund, rhp, Liberty University

Highest ranking collegiate arm on my board, hampered by injuries, but great potential with big velocity. Yanks picked RHP Branden Pinder from Cal State.

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