2011 MLB Draft: New York Mets Review

New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

2011 MLB Draft: New York Mets

The Mets have promised to be more aggressive in the draft, and this is a good start.

1) Brandon Nimmo, OF, Wyoming HS: He'll want a lot of money to skip college ball at Arkansas, but I think it is worth it. He's got above average tools across the board, good plate discipline, and more polish than we have any right to expect given his background.

1S) Michael Fulmer, RHP, Oklahoma HS: Mid-90s fastball, good slider, needs better changeup but hardly a serious flaw at this point. Also has an Arkansas commitment.

2) Cory Mazzoni, RHP, North Carolina State: Low-90s fastball, sometimes faster, good breaking ball, good splitter, interesting stats. Note outstanding K/BB and K/IP ratios. 3.30 ERA, 137/29 K/BB in 115 IP.

3) Logan Verrett, RHP, Baylor: Good athlete, 90 MPH fastball, good slider, good changeup, good control, not a dominator but has few flaws that can't be corrected. 2.93 ERA, 96/31 K/BB in 101 IP.

4) Tyler Pill, RHP, Cal State Fullerton: Average velocity, good changeup, OK breaking ball, excellent feel for pitching, great stats. Possible inning-eater starter or bullpen type. 2.28 ERA, 110/22 K/BB in 99 IP.

5) Jack Leathersich, LHP, UMass-Lowell: Terrific numbers, hits 95 in short stints, but rough mechanics and problems with breaking ball likely limit him to bullpen work, though he could be overpowering in that role. 1.62 ERA, 126/27 K/BB in 89 IP.

6) Joe Tuschak, OF, Pennsylvania HS: Coastal Carolina recruit with good speed, strength, rather raw.

7) Cole Frenzel, 1B, Arizona: Physically strong but hasn't hit for a lot of power yet. Draft-eligible sophomore so he has some leverage. .346/.460/.465 with three homers, 31 walks.

8) Danny Muno, SS, Fresno State: Senior sleeper, good speed, good statistics, great makeup. Future utility type but there is a non-zero chance he could get beyond that. Hit .346/.471/.471 with 14 steals, 46/27 BB/K in 205 AB.

9) Alex Panteliodis, LHP, Florida: Mediocre velocity, good breaking ball and changeup, excellent control. 3.95 ERA, 44/9 K/BB in 57 IP.

10) Matthew Budgell, RHP, California HS: Projectable, velocity inconsistent, Cal State Fullerton recruit. Could go much higher in '14 draft if he goes to school.

OTHERS OF NOTE: LHP Ken Matthews (12th round, California HS) is another Fullerton recruit with average present stuff who could go much higher with three more years of development. SS Phil Evans (15th round, California HS) got first round buzz at one point but erratic spring and San Diego State commit dropped his stock. OF Mason Robbins (20th round, Mississippi HS) could have gone 15 rounds higher if not for strong Southern Miss commitment.

SUMMARY: I like this. Nimmo and Fulmer provide plenty of upside at the top, while college picks Mazzoni, Verrett, Pill, and Muno could all advance pretty quickly through the system. There are some more speculative/upside choices mixed in, and if the Mets are really serious about spending money they could see what it takes to steer some of the teen-round-tough-sign picks away from college.  


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