MLB Mock Draft #5

The Draft is creeping up on us as it is only over a month away. I figured its a good time to do another mock as thing are becoming a little more clearer. I will have one more mock right before the draft.

1- Pirates - Gerrit Cole-RHP-UCLA  The top pick is going to be Cole or Rendon, it could go either way and the Pirates could get a future star. I like Cole more than Rendon at this point because Rendon could be one of those guys who can just never stays healthy, plus Cole has future ace written all over him. 

2- Mariners- Anthony Rendon-3B-Rice  There is no way the M's will pass on Rendon is he isnt #1. If he can stay healthy, he will be a great player with MVP potential.

3-DBacks- Danny Hultzen-LHP-Virginia  Danny Hultzen has risen to be in the conversation to be one of the top 5 picks. The D-Backs have drafted him before, and he certaintly fills the D-Backs need for pitching help as he could rise quickly. 

4- Orioles- Jed Bradley-LHP-Georgia Jed Bradley has become one of the O's main targets, and he is another guy who can rise quickly. His delivery reminds me of John Lester, but i'm not sure if Jed has Lester's type of stuff. Nonetheless, Bradley is a great pick at #4

5- Royals- Bubba Starling-OF-HS (Kansas) Bubba Starling has the best set of tools in the entire draft class. I see the Royals taking a serious look at him because of those tools, and the fact he is a hometown kid. He will cost a lot of money, but being picked by the hometown team might lead him from Nebraska. 

6- Nationals - Trevor Bauer- RHP-UCLA  Trevor Bauer is flat out nasty. He has a tremendous work ethic, and he has great stuff. He looks like a future ace or really good #2 starter to me. Put him in a future rotation with Strasburg, Zimmerman and AJ Cole, and you got yourselves a major contender.  

7-DBacks- Sonny Gray-RHP-Vandy I like Gray despite his size. He could go anywhere from #3 to #10, and the D-Backs would come out of the top 10 with 2 greats SP prospects.

8- Indians - Dylan Bundy-RHP-HS (Oklahoma)  Bundy is an oustanding HS prospect who has risen to the top of the HS pitching class. Put together a plus fastball, good offspead pitches and a workhorse mentality, you got yourself a future stud.

9- Cubs- Matt Barnes-RHP-UConn  Another strong college arm who I really really like. The Cubs like taking college pitching, and Barnes is the best available at this point. He will be atop the Cubbies rotation for a long time.

10- Padres -Taylor Jungmann-RHP-Texas  Jungmann has a funky delivery, but he is still a very nice prospect. The Padres are building their team with a lot of piching, and Jungmann fits right in.

11- Astros- Francisco Lindor-SS-HS (CA)  The Astros really need to improve their farm, and they can do that by taking the best HS infielder in the draft. Lindor and '10 1st rounder Delino Deshields Jr could make for an exciting future middle infield. 

12- Brewers - George Springer-OF-UConn Springer has been getting a lot of mixed reports aout his bat. He has some amazing tools, and if he can fix his problems, he makes for a very exciting player. The Brewers need some exciting prospects, and Springer is a great guy to take a chance on.

13- Mets - Archie Bradley-RHP-HS  Archie could be a top 5 pick in some drafts. I love the kid. He is basically a bigger version of Dylan Bundy, and he could be a steal for the Mets. 

14- Marlins - Taylor Guerreri-RHP-HS Guerreri has gotten a lot of helium as of late. He can rush it up there with a 98 mph fastball and a potential great curve. Looks like a great pick here for Florida. 

15-Brewers- Tyler Anderson-LHP-Oregon With a protected pick, the Brewers can take one of the safer pitchers in the draft. Anderson has great command of his fastball and change, will move quickly.

16- Dodgers - Henry Owens-LHP-HS (CA)  I like Owens a lot and I think he will gain some velo as he ages. Will fit nicely behind Kershaw, and Billingsley, plus come up along with Zach Lee. Dodgers take a lot of pitching, so this hometown guy fits very nicely.

17- Angels - Daniel Norris-LHP-HS (Tennessee) I was deciding between Norris and Purke with this pick, and decided to go with Norris, who doesnt have Purke's pedigree, but does have similar stuff and a much more compact delivery. Norris is an advanced HS pitcher who might move fast, and fills a hole in the Angels system which lacks a truly elite pitching prospect.

18-A's- Jason Esposito-3B-Vandy The A's need offense, and have a hole at 3rd, making Esposito a good choice for them.

19- Red Sox - (From Detroit)- Matt Purke-LHP-TCU (Oklahoma)  They did it with Ranaudo, they will do it with Purke. If they can fix some delivery problems, they got themselves a top of the draft talent.

20- Rockies John Stilson-RHP-Texas A&M Stilson has made a smooth transition to the rotation, and likely will be a top 20 pick. Possible top of the rotation pitcher.

21- Blue Jays - Dillon Howard-RHP-HS (Ark) A big HS kid, the Jays will stay with their draft philosophy of the past few years. Another potential #1-2 workhorse pitcher.

22- Cardinals - Jackie Bradley Jr-OF-South Carolina  I had a tough time deciding where to put JBJ, but he cant drop farther than this. He isnt super toolsy, but he should easily be a very solid OF'er and can play LF/RF with Rasmus and Holliday. 

23- Nationals - Travis Harrison-OF-HS (CA) Harrison has the most raw power in the draft. Can you imagine a 2-3-4-5 of Werth, Zimmerman, Harper and Harrison? The Nats are on the rise!!!

24- Rays (From Boston)- Blake Swihart-C-HS The Rays take one of the better catching prospect in the draft, but Swihart could go higher. Might take a while to develop the bat, but he is a perfect fit for Tampa.

25-Padres- Josh Bell-OF-HS (TX)  Padres take an uber toolsy HS outfielder who I personally love. 

26- Rangers- Michael Kelly-RHP-HS (Florida) Very nice mechanics, I really like Kelly. He looks like another #1 or 2 to me. Reminds me a but of Zach Lee.

27- Reds - Josh Osich  LHP Oregon St Osich is another good college lefty. He has a nice fastball nad a good change. Major helium guy.

28- Braves- Tyler Beede-RHP-HS (Mass)  Braves go the HS route and take yet another impressive SP. Very long and lanky, might need some mechanic adjustments, and he will be going to an organization that know how to develop young pitchers.

29- Giants - Kolten Wong-2B-Hawaii Giants could use a good middle infield prospect, and that is what Wong is. I really like this kid and he looks like he could be one of the top 2nd base prospects after the draft.

30- Twins- Josh Tobias-2B-HS (North Carolina)  Twins type of player, very toolsy. He has some big potential if he develops power, and still a good #2 hitter without hte power. Like this kid.  

31- Rays -  Jose Fernandez RHP Alonso HS FL Hometown kid who throws gas, the Rays just add on to their already great farm. Raw, but large potential.

32- Rays- Derek Fisher-OF-HS (PA) I love this kids swing a bunch. He could be a huge bargain here becasue he has Jay Bruce like potential. Possibly a huge steal.

33-Rangers (From Phillies )- Alex Meyer-RHP-Kentucky Rangers have a good farm, and add a huge 6'9 flame thrower who needs some development time, but could pay off hugely.

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