MOD Cleveland Indians #2

With the chatter underway we can get a good idea who the teams above Cleveland are eying up.

With a seemingly endless number of mock drafts in the world I have a good idea that some of the players rated highly on the Indians board (looking at you Trevor Bauer) will be gone but it always helps if you can get the information directly from the people who will be picking the players so here is a quick summary of what the Scouting Directors from the teams picking 1-7 are thinking.


#1 Pittsburgh - Anthony Rendon, 3B - Voting strongly in favor of Rendon and he's the only player getting any kind of support from the fans.  Recent mocks seem to be trending this way as well.

#2 Seattle - Garrit Cole, RHP - Sounds like they'll take whoever Pittsburgh doesn't between Cole and Rendon.

#3 Arizona - Dylan Bundy, RHP - SD mentions looking for the best player available; Bundy fits that role here and ARI SD considers him worth of #3

#4 Baltimore - Danny Hultzen, LHP - SD leaning towards real life options; but still likes Starling

#5 Kansas City - Bubba Starling, OF - Either him or Bauer depending on how safe they want to play it, but my guess is that since we're using play money the local kid gets scooped up here.

#6 Washington -  Alex Meyer, RHP - Not getting much from Nat's SD but this seems to be where the real Nats are leaning, but saw one mock with Javier Baez (SS - Arlington Country Day School) going here even with Lindor still available

#7 Arizona -  Trevor Bauer, RHP - Springer and Bauer mentioned as targets. Gray, Barnes, and Jungmann are fallbacks.  With Lindor still on the board and a pitcher already selected a position player could be enticing.  This will a be a big pick in determining what the Indians do.


So the Indians options here would include a handful of college pitchers rumored to be on their board including early favorite Sonny Gray and the new guy mocks drafts seem to be predicting, Georgia Tech lefty Jed Bradley.  Between the two of them I think Gray would be the better long term pick, due to the thought he has a higher ceiling but with the team contending in 2011 the safer pick may be gaining momentum. Matt Barnes and Taylor Jungmann would still be available in this situation as well.

As far as the second round goes, there are 59 picks before the Tribe's second selection so eying up specific players could just wind up with a lot of frustration.  So instead I'll focus on categories of players: will Cleveland go with another pitcher like their expected to in the 1st round or try to improve the positional depth of the system?  High School or College?  Based on where the system is at, recent history, and the expectation of the 1st pick I think it will be a college bat, but if someone slips unexpectedly who knows?

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