Dylan Bundy vs. Archie Bradley

I posted this originally on but thought it might get more play here.


I'm interested to get the community's thoughts on these two. In some ways they are very similar, but in other ways they are drastically different.

As most know by now, Bundy and Bradley are arguably the two best prep pitching prospects in the draft class this year (arguments could also be made for Taylor Guerreri and Daniel Norris). Both pitchers are from the Tulsa, OK area and have competed against each other for years. They came into the season about even in the eyes of scouts, but most believe Bundy has pulled ahead of the pack with an outstanding senior season.

Bundy is about 6'1" with a sturdy, athletic build. His velo ticked up this year, and reportedly he is now sitting 94-97 and topping out at 100. His secondary stuff is also great - he works in a plus cutter, plus curve, and average change. Most seem to think he could fly through a minor league system assuming no setbacks.

Bradley is a more projectable 6'4", and is a bit lankier than Bundy. Like Zach Lee last year, he has a commitment to play QB at a powerhouse football school (Oklahoma) that provides him some interesting leverage. He velo was at 92-95 before his senior season, but was inconsistent early on. However, he took his game up a notch as the season went on, and Jim Callis noted that he might have more helium than any other 1st round-caliber pick right now. Reports indicate he touched 101 in the state championship. He mixes in a plus curve and supposedly has nice feel for a change.

I don't really have a conclusion here, just some random thoughts:

- How likely is it that Bundy's stuff ticks down throwing 200 IP in a season? His stuff jumped up this year, but he also had a very light workload (only went over 85 pitches in two games). Recall there were some concerns about his workload last year, and it seems like his coach/family took extra precaution this year.

- If Bradley is now pumping it up into the upper 90's, why is he not at least on par with Bundy? He is more projectable and likely has greater athleticism, allowing him to more easily repeat his delivery as he goes through the minors.

- Since Bradley has only given baseball half his commitment level due to football, how much more could his game tick up by giving it his full commitment? Basically, if they are both comparable now, does Bradley's upside push him ahead?

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