A.L Power Rankings May 16th

Here is in my opinion the way the power ranking go as of now.

1)Ceveland Indians(24-13) The best record in the A.L, every body seems to thing they will slow down but they just keep on pushing. They have been getting great pitching all year and look to stay ontop.

2) Detroit tigers(22-18) Started of strong, then slowed down, then got hot, then slowed down, now they have won 7 straight and 9 of there last 10 and are really pushing for there division, right now the tigers are the hottest team in baseball.

3) Tampa Bay rays(23-17) For a team that started of 0-8 they are looking great. Im sure down in Florida they are thanking Manny for leaving. They have a great young rotation and are leading the charge in the A.L east.

4) Los Angeles Angels(22-19) They are 5-5 in there last 10 but still have the lead in there division, this is because after there hot start Texas has just fell off the table.

5)Toronto Bleu jays(20-20) They have won 5 straight and are one of the hottest teams in baseball. The jays decided to just watch the best hitter in the game hit and its working.

6)Boston Red sox(20-20) They got swept in a minny 2 game series by the jays but bounced back to beat up on the Yankees, there offense i finally starting to show its true colors.

7)Texas Rangers(21-19) Since they lost Hamilton they have just not been there, there pitching started to struggle then it snow balled. They are probably just happy with staying close until they get healthy and poised to maked a push.

8) New York Yankees(20-18) They are still only 2 games back of the division, but they are on a 5 game losing streak and have only won 4 of there last 13.

9)Oakland Athletics(20-20) Still very much in the race for there division, they A's do it one way and one way only, with great pitching.

10)Kansas City Royals(20-19)Kansas has lost 2 straight and fell to 3rd in there division it seems like this fairy tale wasnt meant this year, i still see them having a good year, and watch out in the up comming year this team has something special brewing.

11) Baltimore Oriels(19-20) Not a bad record, but not good enough in the tough A.L east they still only find themselves 3.5 games back so not to hard by any means.

12)Chicago White Sox(17-24) 6 and 4 in there last ten, the white sox are finally comming around, its gona be alot harder to pass the likes of Detroit and Cleveland now as the really dug themselves a hole.

13) Seattle Mariners(16-23) They havent been playing to bad all year, but are very rapidly starting to fad, the have lost 6 straight and keep going down. One bright spot for the Mariners is Micheal Pinade who ive seen pitch and to me is really going to be something special.

14) Minnesota Twins(12-26) the twins are used to just staying around then making a late push. But they now find themselves 12.5 games back already? They better start making that push soon or else this season wont end well, they have now lost 8 straight.

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