Revisiting Draft Reactions

While I was looking at box scores today I noticed Kris Johnson, a Sox supplemental round pick in 06, got absolutely shelled. I remember back when drafted him I liked the pick and it hasn't turned out well. This got me to thinking about my reactions to Red Sox picks and if they were justified reactions or not. I figured I'd look at their first and supplemental round picks form 06-10 and analyze whether my reactions were appropriate.


1st rounder: Jason Place.

Reaction: Hated it, thought it was a reach and I didn't like some of the things I heard about him (free swinger, cocky sense of entitlement).

Reality: Released this year, never lived up to his tools and is now scuffling for the Yankees high A team

1st rounder: Daniel Bard

Reaction: Loved it, if I remember correctly he was a top 15 prospect that they got at the end of the first round, great value.

Reality: Has become a very good set up man and should be a fixture in the Sox bullpen for years.

Supplemental Rounder: Kris Johnson

Reaction: Liked it a lot, lefty without a lot of mileage on his arm. 

Reality: Hasn't done anything in the last 3 years. Busto

Supplemental Rounder: Caleb Clay

Reaction: Didn't know what to think, recently converted position player with out a lot of data. I figured he had a lot of upside as he was new to pitching.

Reality: Still young but hasn't shown anything that suggests he will be a factor in the MLB.


Supplemental Rounder: Nick Hagadone

Reaction: Wasn't happy, I didn't like the fact that he was basically destined to be a reliever and since the Sox didn't have a lot of draft picks this year I was hoping for a more exciting player

Reality: Missed on this one, he's had spurts of success as a reliever and is dominant this year. He was also part of the trade that brought Vmart to Boston.

Supplemental Rounder: Ryan Dent

Reaction: Liked it, Dent came out as a toolsy middle infielder with upside. He was very raw but I was fooled by his upside

Reality: Still young, but hasn't ever come close to having a productive season.


First Rounder: Casey Kelly

Reaction: Was a bit mixed. I loved the athleticism and upside but I didn't like the fact that he hadn't picked a position yet and I was worried he'd stunt his development time farting around with both options

Reality: An excellent pitching prospect who was the centerpiece of the Adrian Gonzalez deal, a great pick.

Supplemental Rounder: Bryan Price

Reaction: Wasn't a huge fan of the pick. Rice pitchers scare me to begin with and he didn't have a ton of success in school.

Reality: Traded to Cleveland, was pretty successful out of the bullpen last year but is struggling this year. May make the majors but doesn't look to be an impact player.


First Rounder: Reymond Fuentes

Reaction: Was shocked at the pick like most Sox fans. I was intrigued by his athleticism and reports of wiry strength but I felt it was a bit of a reach.

Reality: Traded to San Diego. Holding his own in High-A as a 20 year, solid prospect.


First Rounder: Kolbrin Vitek

Reaction: Really wanted Ranaudo with this pick so at the time I was furious. After the Sox picked up Cecchini, Brentz, Ranaudo, and Coyle I warmed up to the pick because it made sense to get an easy sign who still had some upside.

Reality: Doing pretty well at Salem. People on Sox prospects have heard things about his defense improving at 3rd. Has done well so far.

Supplemental Rounder: Bryce Brentz

Reaction: Was very excited about this one. The Sox system was devoid of power bats and a polished guy like Brentz who had the potential to rise quickly excited me.

Reality: Sucked horribly last year which caused him to be placed in Low-A Greenville where he is absolutely raking. Needs to be promoted.

Supplemental Rounder: Anthony Ranaudo

Reaction: This sums up what I was feeling when the pick was made:

Reality: Has been good but inconsistent. He's had some struggles peppered in between absolute dominant starts. One of my favorite prospects to follow as I absolutely love his upside.

My track record is a bit spotty. I completely whiffed on the 07 draft and I was wrong about Kris Johnson but that's the fun of prospecting.

So what about you guys, which picks have surprised you? Who were you wrong about?

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