daveh33's Top 125 Prospect List for 2011



I approach the list as a GM approaching a draft. "Take the best player available". This list is more "value-based" than anything else. ie- I am looking for Wins. [WAR]. But I do believe in balance, so many factors are considered as I rank a prospect : ARL, upside, ceiling, floor, physical ability, potential physical growth or decline, positional strength/scarcity, swings, throwing motions, plate discipline, scouting reports. All of these factors are considered, and then I start to compile. I have not counted, but I would guess that I spent around 40 hours on this list. Not all at once, but over the past two months. I liken the process to panning for gold. I sit on the edge of the prospect river and I dip my pan into the river and grab a clump of dirt and shake it down until it settles.

stats are taken from, and I probably won't list anything under 100 PA or 40 IP [SP], 15 IP [RP].

I stopped listing stats after the top 50.

I gather most of my information from watching video, reading scouting reports, analyzing stats... and also partaking of the opinions of John Sickels, Jim Callis, John Manuel, Keith Law, Frank Piliere, Alex Eisenberg, Mike Newman, and many of the fine members of this site.

I added some quick comments on the top 125, and on a few of the Honorable Mentions.

1. Bryce Harper -OF, WAS

This is the once-in-a-generation bat that I cannot pass up. He is too strong, too much of a physical specimen; and he has the fire. The desire that you want to see in a young athlete. He has it in spades.

2. Wil Myers -OF, KC

.289/.408/.500 in 294 PA, .397 wOBA, .211 ISOP midwest /// .343/.450/.507 in 249 PA, .420 wOBA, .164 ISOP carolina

This is my favorite swing in the minors right now. It has intent. It's beautiful. I am more confident in Wil's bat than I am in any other prospect. Bryce gets the slight nod for pure overall ceiling/ability.

3. Mike Trout -OF, LAA

.361/.452/.526 in 365 PA, .425 wOBA, .165 ISOP, midwest /// .294/.369/.416 in 233 PA, .343 wOBA, .122 ISO california

Another kid who looks to be on a mission. I am less convinced in his power potential as some may be, but I do recognize the tantalizing all-around game.

4. Domonic Brown -OF, PHI

.316/.390/.603 in 269 PA, .412 wOBA, .287 ISOP eastern /// .346/.390/.561 in 118 PA, .405 wOBA, .215 ISOP int'l

The model of an A-grade right-field prospect. Could possibly be #1 on this list if the three names above him were not so strong. I like his swing more than most.

5. Mike Moustakas -3B, KC

.347/.413/.687 in 298 PA, .433 wOBA, .340 ISOP, texas /// .293/.314/.564 in 236 PA, .363 wOBA, .271 ISOP, pacific

His defensive ability is under-rated. I believe he will stick at 3rd barring injury or significant weight-room additions. Not so confident he will bat above .300 in MLB, but I do think he has a better chance than anyone [save Harper] at being a 40-HR plus bat in his prime.

6. Julio Teheran -RHP, ATL

29.2K%, 6.5BB%, 39.1 IP, 1.14 ERA .83 WHIP, 2.70 FIP, south atlantic /// 29.2, 5.0, 63.1 IP, 2.98/1.08/3.11, fsl /// 23.5, 10.5, 40 IP, 3.38/1.15/3.47, southern

I love the stuff. He has tremendous life on all his pitches that I've seen, and he is only going to get better at pitching to competition.

7. Dustin Ackley -2B, SEA

.263/.389/.384 in 350 PA, .353 wOBA, .121 ISO southern /// .274/.338/.439 in 237 PA, .335 wOBA, .165 ISOP pacific

OBP-machine. People underestimate the value of a MIFer who can get on base at a .400 clip, and I struggle to think of a recent prospect who I am more confident will do so at the MLB level. Numbers are a bit low due to learning 2B.

8. Matt Moore -LHP, TB

34.8K%, 10.2 BB%, 144.2 IP, 3.36 ERA, 1.17 WHIP, 2.61 FIP, fsl

I place strong value on pure stuff and a pitcher's ability to dominate a batter without the reliance on defense. He isn't the most athletic pitcher nor does he possess the best command, but his K% gets under-rated every year. His high leg kick may be the cause of some of his mistakes, but he repeats his release-point very well and his curve and fb look the same coming out of his hand. when he is on, he is the best lefty pitcher in the minors, and he was on for the majority of 2010. Lefties always take longer to harness control of excellent stuff, and I'm confident he will do just that.

9. Jeremy Hellickson -RHP, TB

25.5K%, 7.2BB%, 117.2 IP, 2.45 ERA, 1.17 WHIP, 2.80 FIP, international

Helly possibly possesses the best poise in MiLB, but not the best stuff. The only reason I place Teheran and Moore higher is because I see true T-O-R potential in them, and I see Helly as more of a strong #2.

10. Eric Hosmer -1B, KC

.350/.427/.538 in 370 PA, .406 wOBA, .188 ISOP fsl /// .303/.355/.605 in 211 PA, .396 wOBA, .302 ISOP texas

So it was the eyes. Now that he can see the ball, he is the best 1b-spect in the game. Beautiful lefty-stroke and blossoming power. This may be seen as a lower-ranking, but its only because of the demands of the 1B bat.

11. Shelby Miller -RHP, STL

31.9K%, 7.5BB%, 104.1 IP, 3.62 ERA, 1.24 WHIP, 2.87 FIP, midwest

Combines true #1 potential with a prototypical SP frame. Only youth and the injury nexus hold him back right now.

12. Jesus Montero -C/DH, NYY

Stats: .286/.349/.514 in 501 PA, 9.0/18.2 bb/k%, .366 wOBA, .228 ISOP international

Will he catch? I'm not so sure. Catchers are not the most svelt-looking, but I believe their athleticism is under-rated, much like that of an NFL lineman. I'm not sold on Montero's athleticism or his defensive ability, and I think his ceiling may be closer to Edgar Martinez than Piazza. this is why he is not top 10.

13. Aroldis Chapman -LHP, CIN

30.3%, 12.6%, 95.2 IP, 3.57 ERA, 1.34 WHIP, 3.39 FIP, international

Possibly the hardest player to rank this year. His fastball is an 80, but I am unsure of his other pitches. I maintain the idea that he will further develop them and eventually become a starter. Otherwise he would rank much lower, as bullpen arms simply don't give near as much value as SP.

14. Freddie Freeman -1B, ATL

Stats: .320/.378/.522 in 518 PA, 8.3/16.2 bb/k%, .382 wOBA, .202 ISOP international

The power will come. Tremendous poise and patience and consistently strong ARL is probably the cause for his under-rated overall package.

15. Zach Britton -LHP, BAL

18.7k, 7.7bb, 87 IP, 2.28 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, 3.47 FIPm eastern /// 19.9, 8.2, 66.i IP, 2.99 ERA, 1.29 WHIP, 3.25 FIP int'l

Possibly my favorite of the young arms in Baltimore. I love his stuff, and the boring-down action on his fb. He would likely be top 10 if not for the strength of the current group.

16. Manny Machado -SS, BAL

He's got the body and the potential bat to be the next fantasy-star SS. Really excited to see him in full-season ball.

17. Mike Minor -LHP, ATL

30.3k, 9.4b, 87 IP, 3.93 ERA, 1.24 WHIP, 3.26 FIP, southern /// brief stop AAA /// 23.2k, 5.9b, 40.2 ip 5.97,1.57, 3.8,mlb

I saw him play in low-A ball in 2009. He looked completely different in 2010. Kudos to the Braves' staff as his stuff has drastically improved.

18. Jameson Taillon -RHP, PIT

Like Machado, everything you want to see in a teenager at his position. Huge frame and incredible stuff/upside.

19. Michael Pineda -RHP, SEA

24.7k, 5.4b, 77IP, 2.22 ERA, 1.09 WHIP, 2.33 FIP, southern /// 29.2k, 6.5b, 62.1 IP, 4.76 era, 1.13 whip, 3.99, pacific

I like the potential/movement on the pitches, but not sold on his motion/body as he throws. He tends to plant a bit early and get too arm-y.

20. Martin Perez -LHP, TEX

21.9k, 10.8b, 99.2 IP, 5.96 era, 1.66 whip, 4.26 fip, texas

Another difficult ranking. Struggled a bit, but ARL and potential didn't waver.

21. Mike Montgomery -LHP, KC

18.8k, 10.2b, 59.2 IP, 3.47 era, 1.37 whip, 3.99 fip, texas // brief stints in rookie and carolina leagues

Would likely rank just ahead of Britton if not for the arm trouble. I think he is healthy but there is some caution.

22. Kyle Drabek -RHP, TOR

19.9k, 10.3b, 162 ip, 2.94 era, 1.19 whip, 4.03 fip, eastern // brief mlb stint

Not sold on his mechanics, as sometimes he looks arm-y like Pineda. But when his stuff is on, its incredible. Dat Curve

23. Desmond Jennings -OF, TB

.278/.359/.393 in 457 PA, 10.3/14.7 bb/k%, .115 ISOP, .335 wOBA, international // mlb stint

Love his overall game except the future power potential. His swing is not conducive to it. Injuries nearly every season hamper his ranking a bit. Still should provide excellent OBP% and blazing speed.

24. Aaron Hicks -OF, MIN

.278/.398/.427 in 520 PA, 17.1/21.5 bb/k%, .149 ISOP, .366 wOBA, midwest

Still waiting on the breakout, but still admiring the patience and OBP% skill

25. John Lamb -LHP, KC

26.9k, 10.6b, 40ip, 1.58era, 1.07whp, 3.64fip, mid // 30.7k, 5.1b, 74.2 ip, 1.33 era, .97 whip, 1.91 fip, car // aa stop

Not as sold on his stuff as I am with Monty, but he took a tremendous leap this year, and could surprise even more.

26. Kyle Gibson -RHP, MIN

23.7k, 7.1b, 43.1ip, 1.87era, 1.03whp, 3.15fip, fsl // 19.8k, 5.7b, 93ip, 3.68era, 1.21whp, 3.25 fip, eastern // aaa stop

I am very confident he will be at least a solid #2/3 MLB pitcher. Unsure of his absolute ceiling.

27. Lonnie Chisenhall -3B, CLE

.276/.350/.447 in 520 PA, 9/14.6 bb/k%, .171 ISOP, .347 wOBA, eastern

He has an under-rated swing and floor. Great above-average potential at 3B.

28. Jacob Turner -RHP, DET

23.8k, 4.0b, 48ip, 3.38era, 1.10whp, 3.29 fip, midw // 20.2k, 5.6b, 61.1ip, 2.93era, 1.09whp, 3.42 fip, fsl

Doesn't miss as many bats as Miller, but I believe he could better in that regard.

29. Brett Lawrie -2B/3B/OF, TOR

.285/.345/.451 in 609 PA, 7.7/19.4 bb/k%, .166 ISOP, .343 wOBA, southern

Wasn't as high on him until I saw him in action at the Futures Game. His wrists are very strong, and he gets great whip on his bat-head. The potential move to 3rd is intriguing and definitely helps his value if he sticks there instead of the OF

30. Brandon Belt -1B, SF

.378/.489/.625, 331 PA, 17.5/15.1 bb/k, .247 ISOP, .470 wOBA, cal // .339/.415/.626 200 PA, .287 isop, .434 woba tex

Not as sold as others on his future power output, but I like his new swing. Just a notch below Freeman/Hosmer

31. Derek Norris -C, WAS

.235/.419/.419 in 399 PA, 22.3/23.6 bb/k, .184 ISOP, .378 wOBA, carolina

Consistently under-rated, and mostly because of injury. Once his power is fully back, he could post Santana-esque stats. Love how he maintained, and actually improved his excellent BB% even without both of his wrists.

32. Chris Sale -LHP, CHW

34.8k, 10.9b, 23.1 IP, 1.93era, 1.07 whp, 2.71 fip, mlb // brief stints in carolina and international

A funky-looking delivery, but perhaps it's his lanky-ness and long arms that make it look so. At first I thought he kind of short-armed on his delivery, but after watching more video of him, I am growing more confident in the motion.

33. Brett Jackson -OF, CHC

.316/.420/.517 312 PA, 13.8/20.2 bb/k, .201 ISOP, .404 wOBA, fsl // .276/.363/.461 267 PA, .185 ISOP, .356 wOBA, sth

A good bet to be a solid MLB CF'er, and I like his power upside more than most. eclipsing .200 isop in the fsl ain't easy.

34. Dee Gordon -SS, LAD

.275/.326/.354 in 611 PA, 6.5/14.6 bb/k, .079 ISOP, .303 wOBA, southern

Has got some of the best wheels and athleticism I've seen on a baseball diamond. still raw, still could be anything.

35. Chris Dwyer -LHP, KC

24.0k, 9.7b, 78.1ip, 3.10era, 1.37whp, 3.17fip, car // brief stint in texas lg.

Love the stuff; excellent movement... and I see the potential for him to move up into the top 10 next year.

36. Drew Pomeranz -LHP, CLE

A big lefty who could move quickly through the minors. Love the movement on the fb

37. Billy Hamilton -SS CIN

.318/.383/.456 in 316 PA, 48 SB, 9 CS, rookie league. [no stats on firstinning, these are from baseball-reference]

Faster than Gordon? He looks incredible. I don't think this is too high of a ranking, as he is the definition of a toolshed. Only needs time and experience.

38. Devin Mesoraco -C, CIN

.335/.414/.620, 181 PA, .285 ISOP, .434 wOBA, car // .289/.358/.583, 212 PA, .294 ISOP, .394 wOBA, sthrn / aaa stop

Big-time power and he gets on base at a decent clip. I think his upside is a slight notch below Norris, as he doesn't quite match the patience/BB%.

39. Chris Archer -RHP, TB

27.4k, 8.7b, 72.1ip, 2.86era, 1.10whp, 3.08fip, fla // 23.0k, 13.4b, 70ip, 1.80era, 1.24whp, 3.58fip, sthrn

A very athletic pitcher, and he gets great life on his stuff.

40. Danny Duffy -LHP, KC

25.6k, 5.6b, 39.2ip, 2.95 era, 1.18whp, 2.82fip, tex // brief stops in rookie and carolina

He's back. I don't think he has the pure stuff that Dwyer possesses, though he may be a slightly safer bet to be a SP.

41. Manny Banuelos -LHP, NYY

34.1k, 7.7b, 44.1ip, 2.23era, 1.17whp, 1.93 fip, fla // brief stops in rookie and aa eastern

He is on the smaller side, but the video I have seen of him is pretty impressive. He doesn't appear to be overexerting or throwing too hard at all.

42. Jurickson Profar -SS, TEX

.250/.317/.373 in 287 PA, 9.8/16 bb/k, .123 ISOP, .305 wOBA, short-season

Looks like Iglesias with slightly lesser defensive actions but a greater potential bat.

43. Randall Delgado -RHP, ATL

25.6k, 6.8b, 117.1ip, 2.76era, 1.03whp, 3.15fip, car // 22.1k, 10.5b, 43.2ip, 4.74era, 1.28whp, 3.55fip, sthrn

Underrated him last year. He continues to produce and he's surpassed Vizcaino in my opinion.

44. Jonathan Singleton -1B, PHI

.290/.393/.478 in 445 PA, 13.7/16.4 bb/k, .188 ISOP, .375 wOBA, south atl

I like the swing a whole lot. Very athletic actions for his body type. His second-half struggles are likely fatigue, otherwise he wouldn't have been top 50. Could be a monster.

45. Gary Sanchez -C, NYY

.347/.417/.587 in 139 PA, 8.6/20.9 bb/k, .240 ISOP, .423 wOBA, rookie // brief stop in short-season

I like the swing/power and the scouting reports, but I am admittedly cautious with younger catchers.

46. Grant Green -SS, OAK

.318/.361/.520 in 606 PA, 6.3/19.3 bb/k, .202 ISOP, .373 wOBA, cal

"Looks like a ballplayer." Yet he's a difficult one to rank. He could move off the position, and he might not hit enough. Interested to see him outside of the Cal league... as his power was likely a bit inflated because of it, and his BABIP was a bit high. Needs to increase his BB% as well.

47. Jason Kipnis -2B, CLE

.300/.384/.478 237 PA, .178 ISOP, .373 wOBA, car // .310/.382/.502 353 PA, 8.8/17.3 bb/k, .192isp .382wOBA, eastrn

Not sure on his ceiling, but he looks like a solid regular at the least, so his safe floor pushes him up a bit.

48. Jarrod Parker -RHP, ARI

Reports from instructs are 'thumps up'. Big year for him.

49. Tyler Matzek -LHP, COL

23.4k, 16.5b, 89.1ip, 2.92 era, 1.38 whp, 4.63 fip, sal

More cautious with him for sure, but I expect him to bounce back. Ceiling is maybe not as high as I thought a year ago.

50. Casey Kelly -RHP, SD

18.9k, 8.2b, 95ip, 5.31 era, 1.61 whp, 4.19 fip, eastern

Like his bendy pitch but I still struggle to see the easy TOR potential that would force me to rank him higher.


51. Nick Franklin -SS/2B, SEA

Not sure if he can sustain the OBP... if he can't handle SS and Ackley takes over 2B, then he could be trade bait. The power was nice, but I need to see how he handles higher levels before I am completely sold.

52. Trey McNutt -RHP, CHC

Nice SP frame, pure stuff/movement is not quite as good as Archer though. Potential 2/3 if he can get that change down, maybe a closer if he can't [agreeing with John on that].

53. Jordan Lyles -RHP, HOU

Strong #2/3 potential. I love his changeup. Could surprise people and anchor a staff, much like James Shields has done in Tampa.

54. Zack Wheeler -RHP, SF

Perhaps a cautious ranking, as I feel he could really make a jump next year if healthy.

55. Miguel Sano -1B/3B, MIN

I believe in the power, not sure on the body/defense.

56. Brody Colvin -RHP, PHI

Underrated, and I like his stuff/health a bit better than Cosart.

57. Zach Lee -RHP, LAD

Super athletic, and despite not devoting all his efforts to baseball in high school, he looks great on the mound. Could be top 15 prospect next year. Huge growth potential.

58. Jean Segura -2B/SS, LAA

Looks like a good prototypical lead-off hitter. Would crack top 50 if he could stick at SS.

59. Simon Castro -RHP, SD

Has soured on me a bit from a year ago. Not a big fan of his throwing motion, though it is deceptive. He plants too early and uses a lot of arm/shoulder.

60. Alex White -RHP, CLE

Good 2/3 ceiling, and with his GB%/stuff, I think he could be an excellent reliever as an absolute floor.

61. Wilmer Flores -SS/3B, NYM

I have seen this kid more than anyone else on the list, and he's still one of the most difficult to rank. Has a nice, quick swing, and I can see the power potential. He looks more athletic defensively than he's given credit for, but at the same time, I don't think he can handle SS at the MLB level.

62. Jerry Sands -OF, LAD

Big guy, but his swing is great. A safe bet to be a good MLB hitter, and at the least, the next Jonny Gomes.

63. Jarred Cosart -RHP, PHI

Injuries keep him out of the top 50. Probably a higher ceiling than Colvin.

64. Dellin Betances -RHP, NYY

Agree with Callis in that I am uncertain if he will be a SP. Maybe its his history that gives me caution. Big potential.

65. Anthony Ranaudo -RHP, BOS

Originally had him lower because he looked like a tall-and-fall kinda guy, but after watching more video, he grew on me. He is more athletic upon repeat viewings, and his velocity looks easy. Would be higher if I was convinced of full health.

66. Garret Richards -RHP, LAA

Great SP frame and good stuff. Need to see him do it at higher levels, but could shoot up lists next year.

67. Tyler Skaggs -LHP, ARI

I like the arsenal. Fantastic K% and GB%.

68. Drake Britton -LHP, BOS

Buying into the hype.

69. Josh Sale -OF, TB

Love the power potential, and his thick thighs will work to his advantage with that swing of his.

70. Jose Iglesias -SS, BOS

Is this a low ranking? He hasn't really done anything to drop, moreso just been passed up by more attractive offerings.

71. Yonder Alonso -1B/OF, CIN

A bit torn on Yonder. Not a huge fan of the bat, but he does have easy power, and he will be a MLB regular at the worst. he's mostly just a safe bat with a bit of upside, kind of like Billy Butler, but lesser.

72. Hak-Ju Lee -SS, TB

Everything you want to see in a young SS prospect, and I believe the bat will begin to produce some numbers.

73. Tony Sanchez -C, PIT

Needs to stay healthy before I put him top 50. Great potential though.

74. Garin Cecchini  -SS/3B, BOS

Dat Swing. I realize this is higher than anyone else will rank him. But I have a great feeling about him.

75. Matt Lipka -SS, ATL

All aboard this hype train. I love his swing a lot, as it reminds me of a shorter/compact Wil-Myers-swing. Potential to be the biggest steal of the draft.

76. Nick Weglarz -OF, CLE

Often overlooked, he is a big bat that will play anywhere, and he gets on base. Injuries keep him out of my top 50.

77. Chris Carter -1B/OF, OAK

Pretty confident in his power playing in MLB, otherwise he wouldn't be top 100.

78. Fabio Martinez-Mesa -RHP, LAA

I love his stuff, and I love his frame. If he can drop his BB%, then he could be a top 10 prospect real quick. Almost like a right-handed Matt Moore, just hasn't shown that he can sustain a decent BB% yet.

79. Aaron Sanchez -RHP, TOR

Very projectable like Cole, but with a more athletic stride. I like the mechanics a lot and the potential for increased velocity.

80. A.J. Cole -RHP, WAS

Looks very projectable, and I already like the velocity and downward-movement on his FB.

81. Nick Castellanos -3B, DET

Powerful swing for a teenage kid, gets great extension and the power potential could play way up if he sticks at 3B.

82. Jake Odorizzi -RHP, KC

KLaw instilled a bit of doubt in me over his offerings, but I am tempering Klaw's doubt with my own optimism.

83. Christian Yelich -1B/OF, FLA

Beautiful lefty swing, reminds me of Eric Chavez/Jeremy Hermida when they were drafted.

84. Wilin Rosario -C, COL

Cautious grade because of the type of injury. Worried about his mobility on the defensive end.

85. Arodys Vizcaino -RHP, ATL

Got to see him in-person, and came away mostly unimpressed, but it did turn out to be one of his worst games of the year, statistically. The FB got flat many times, and he gave up a lot of solid contact to a low-a club

86. Trayvon Robinson -OF, LAD

KLaw did make me a bit wary of his arm, so this may be seen as a cautious grade for his potential/upside.

87. Robbie Erlin -LHP, TEX

limited upside, but he knows how to pitch and the numbers are hard to ignore.

88. Kaleb Cowart -3B, LAA

Preferred him as a pitcher, but his swing isn't bad at all, and now that he's focusing on it, could improve.

89. Brett Eibner -OF, KC

I think he's underrated and gets lost in the KC shuffle. John has said he agrees with me. I like the swing and the power potential.

90. Chris Nelson -SS/2B/3B, COL

All he needs is consistent playing time, and he will be at least a league average IFer, with potential for more.

91. Andrew Oliver -LHP, DET

Looked good from the video I saw, and could settle in as a solid 2/3 if all goes well.

92. Asher Wojciechowski -RHP, TOR

Cautious grade because I hate shoulder injuries on pitchers. Under-rated stuff

93. Danny Espinosa -SS/2B, WAS

Not sure of his OB-ability, but the potential power for a MIFer is nice.

94. Reymond Fuentes -OF, SD

I love the swing, and though it isn't geared for power, I could see him bulking up and adding some as he matures. If he does, then he could really become great. Its cliche, but he does remind me of his cousin Carlos Beltran.

95. Stetson Allie -RHP, PIT

Looks like a future closer to me, but if he learns how to harness his stuff and maybe sacrifice a bit of speed for better command, then he might really take off.

96. Chad James -LHP, FLA

Inconsistent release/mechanics, but strong #2 potential.

97. Enny Romero -LHP, TB

Gets lost in the TB shuffle. Huge potential from a young LHP, and could shoot up lists next year.

98. Mike Foltynewicz  -RHP, HOU

A long way to go, but I love his stuff and arm action.

99. Nolan Arenado -3B, COL

Questionable OB-skills and not sure if he will stick at 3B. the power looks to be really good though.

100. Alex Wimmers -RHP, MIN

I agree with John in that his stuff looks to be under-rated, though I don't like him as much as John seems to.

101. Matt Davidson -3B/1B, ARI

Big potential power bat, and he has some OB-skills. defense is the question.

102. Zach Stewart -RHP, TOR

I recognize his multi-pitch arsenal is good enough for a SP, but its his BB% coupled with his age that holds him back. I think he should have figured it out by now.

103. Alex Colome -RHP, TB

I have slightly soured on him, and I'm not sure his upside is anything close to the TOR potential I believed he had last year.

104. Jaff Decker -OF, SD

A good bat, but his upside looks limited to me. Reminds me of Matt Stairs.

105. Travis D'Arnaud -C, TOR

Like Alex Eisenberg, I love his swing, and consider him the best Toronto C prospect, over Arencibia and Perez. only injury holds him back.

106. Rubby De La Rosa -RHP, LAD

Potential 2/3 with good GB rates.

107. Yasmani Grandal -C, CIN

Not too impressed with the swing or the potential bat. But has a chance to be a good regular/starting C.

108. Jared Mitchell -OF, CHW

Cautious grade, because he was considered raw for a college player, and speed is a big part of his game.

109. Andrew Brackman -RHP, NYY

Wasn't top 125 until I read Frankie P's report. Still unsure if he can make it as an SP, but I am paying attention to him now.

110. Tim Beckham -SS, TB

The reports of his body being "bad" are overblown. He still has quick wrists, and he was instructed to work on his defense in 2010. This is a cautious grade from me, but I would not be surprised if he vaulted up lists next year. And he will not be repeating the level, so he is right on schedule and will be young for AA.

111. Hank Conger -C, LAA

not confident he will stick defensively, and if he doesn't, then he's a 1B with not-enough-power.

112. Jake McGee -LHP, TB

I know the Rays try to extend the value of their players as much as possible, but I ultimately see him as a reliever.

113. Chris Withrow -RHP, LAD

the loss of velocity is worrying, but i expect him to bounce back.

114. Daniel Fields -OF, DET

Had a good year, especially considering his ARL and very limited pro experience. Don't agree with the Tigers' methods, but Fields held his own and displayed impressive BB%/patience at the plate.

115. Cesar Puello -OF, NYM

Love the quick wrists/ great bat speed.

116. Alex Torres -LHP, TB

Kind of in the same boat as Stewart, but in a reliever's body.

117. Craig Kimbrel -RHP, ATL

Wicked stuff, potentially excellent MLB closer.

118. J.P. Arencibia -C/DH, TOR

Huge power but will he catch?

119. Zach Cox -3B/2B, STL

I'd like him to make the move to 2B, and his bat will play better there.

120. Engel Beltre -OF, TEX

Nice overall package, but needs to increase BB% to become a leadoff type.

121. Drew Cumberland -SS, SD

Injuries de-railed what was becoming a nice breakout campaign. needs to increase his BB% though.

122. Anthony Rizzo -1B, SD

Solid power, but feels more like a league-average 1B than a potential star bat.

123. Aaron Crow -RHP, KC

Not sure what happened exactly.

124. Matt Dominguez -3B, FLA

I don't like his swing. He makes the list because I have to trust the scouting reports about his D.

125. Yorman Rodriguez -OF, CIN

I like the swing, but still a bit skeptical on the overall ceiling.


Luis Heredia -RHP, PIT --huge potential, and in year's past i might have ranked a player like him much higher

Michael Choice -OF, OAK -- the strikeouts and swing are worrying

Tanner Scheppers -RHP, TEX -- i don' know what happened, and at this point, his ceiling is only as a reliever

Christian Colon -SS, KC --not a big fan of the bat.

Christian Friedrich -LHP, COL

Starling Marte -OF, PIT

Peter Tago -RHP, COL

Carlos Perez -C, TOR

Tyler Chatwood -RHP, LAA -- not a big fan, but i do recognize his GB skills

Delino DeShields Jr. -2B, HOU

Scott Elbert -LHP, LAD

Juan Urbina -LHP, NYM -- huge potential but so far away

Drew Vettleson -OF, TB  -- beautiful swing.

Tyrell Jenkins -RHP, STL

Trevor May -RHP, PHI

Donovan Tate -OF, SD -- still athletic...

Liam Hendricks -RHP, MIN -- limited upside/stuff, but so far he's done well with what he's got

Brent Morel -3B, CHW 

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