I'm about to start my annual draft, 16 team h2h cat league and I had an owner flake on me. Here is the constitution. I'm looking for a committed, passionate owner. Also, this is a money league. $30 per year.



LEAGUE CONSTITUTION ... last updated 2/25/11

***** SECTION I. H2H CATEGORY SCORING & PLAYOFFS (see above) *****

* PLAYOFFS: A total of 6 teams will make the playoffs. All 4 division winners plus 1 wildcard per conference with the 2 teams having the best conference record receiving a week 1 bye.

... 1.1: If at season's end a tie breaker is necessary to determine playoff seeding we will go to the following method; head to head record will be the first tie breaker followed by divisional record and lastly overall ERA.
... 1.2: During the playoffs, in the event of a tie the home team wins and will get to move on to the next round.


* REGULAR SEASON: We play each team in our division 3 times, within conference 2 times and out of conference 4 times for a total of 21 periods over 22 weeks.

... 2.1: The out of conference matches will rotate every year alternating whole divisions.
... 2.2: Any games including the All Star week that don't fit in to a set scoring period will be added to the upcoming week so as not to miss any games.
... 2.3: The schedule will be updated prior to the start of the season and a link can be found on your league home page.

* PLAYOFFS: The playoffs will consist of 3 rounds starting in period 23 and lasting a total of 4 periods with the championship & 3rd place game being a 2 week event. The 5th place game will be played in round 2.

... 2.4: Any extra MLB games added to the season to determine playoff implications will be counted/added to the 2 week event.
... 2.5: Changes are allowed after the first week during the 2 week event.


* LEGAL ROSTER: A legal roster consists of 25 active players in their proper positions with nobody on injured reserve or in the minor leagues by the time lineups lock. Rosters must be made legal no later than 8:00 P.M. on Sunday, April 4th when lineups lock and at no time can a team be over the 50 player limit which consists of 25 actives and 25 bench players. At this time any player drafted in the annual draft who hasn't signed a major/minor league contract must be released at this time.

... 3.1: Players drafted during the current season as well as players who haven't signed their first major/minor league contract by opening day cannot be claimed. They are saved for the following years draft.
... 3.2: Any player who has not appeared in at least one major league game by noon on June 1st can no longer be claimed from this point forward. These players will be saved for the following year's draft.

* ACTIVE ROSTER: The active roster consists of 16 hitters (2xC, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, 2xDH, 6xOF) & 9 pitchers (6xSP, 3xRP) for a total of 25 total players. Please find a list below of guidelines & regulations.

... 3.3: All position players must have played at least 10 games at a position, either the previous season or the current season, to be eligible for that position.
... 3.4: If a player was inactive for whatever reason the previous year(s) whether that be the disabled list or benched before he is eligible for any position, per league standard, the current years eligibility defaults to the last year he was position eligible.
... 3.5: If a player has played multiple positions but has never qualified at any position, per league standard, that player would be allowed to play any position he has played until he qualifies. At this point he will not be allowed to play any other position until he qualifies at that position.
... 3.6: RP/SP Eligibility rule is simple and is as follows. If a pitcher is pitching in relief then he can be used as a RP. If he is in the rotation then he must be used as a SP. Example... Kerry Wood comes off the dl and goes to the pen. He is eligible as a RP. Once he goes into the rotation he must be changed to a SP.
... 3.7: If a player has been put in an ineligible position the commissioner will attempt to maneuver a legal roster. If this cannot be achieved the player(s) will be removed for the week. Retro-active if necessary.
... 3.8: Teams should not be short players on their active roster. If that happens the commissioner will adjust the waivers order as though a player(s) were added. You will not get the benefit of a higher waivers position when you should be claiming players to fill your roster.
... 3.9: A disabled player as well as minor leaguers who are thought to be activated during the week can be added to the active roster and may remain there until there is evidence to the contrary. This is a gray area and will fall under the commissioner's discretion.
... 3.10: Any player definitively sent to the minor leagues or the disabled list must be removed by the next scoring period or I will do so for you. Should this action put you over the bench limit any applicable penalties will apply. However, should this occur on the same day as lineups lock (usually monday) they can remain in the lineup for the week.
... 3.11: In the best interests of the league the commissioner reserves the right to take action if any of these guidelines are not followed properly. This will especially be the case with repeat offenders.

* BENCH ROSTER: Each team is allowed up to 25 total players made up of minors (must be currently in the minors) or reserve, however you choose. Please make sure they are categorized correctly.

... 3.12: Based on the above rules, should any team be over the 25 man bench limit player(s) will be cut based on waivers selection. Last in, first out. This applies to claimed players who are not on the active roster only.

* INJURED RESERVE: Each team is allowed a maximum of 8 IR players.

... 3.13: No player is allowed to be placed on the IR until he is marked as such by CBS. However, you will be allowed to leave that player on your active roster until CBS updates.
... 3.14: Once a player is taken off the DL owners will be given 48 hours to rectify their respective roster should the team exceed the 50 player limit. The penalty for exceeding this threshold will result in the commissioner dropping the last player(s) claimed via waivers.
... 3.15: Injured reserve officially opens on Sunday, March 28th at noon and closes at noon, October 10th. If players remain on IR after this date the commissioner will back track and release the amount of players necessary to conform to league specs based on the order of waivers election. Last in, first out.


* TIME STAMP: The time stamp on the league message board, an add/drop or a trade announcement is boss. It's the only thing that matters so if a deadline has passed or a player is added, whatever the situation the time stamp is again, the only thing that matters. This applies to anything. No exceptions. Period.

* WAIVERS: Waivers will be in effect as soon as the draft is completed until rosters freeze on Monday, September 6th at 2:00 A.M. However, players can be dropped at any time.

... 4.1: Waivers will be held 2 times per week and will run at 1:00 A.M. on Monday & Thursday.
... 4.2: If anyone claims a player(s) off waivers and as a result exceeds the 50 player threshhold those players will be released immediately and no adjustment will be made to the waivers order.
... 4.3: Players not in the database will be exempt from waivers but can be added every Saturday starting at noon and ending Sunday at noon on a first come, first served basis prior to the prospect deadline. Any player added must be posted individually on the league message board. Just write the name of the player in the header and post. If you submit a list it won't count. If you do not have room on your roster the transaction is null & void. The commish will then add him to the respective team as a placemarker. Also, make sure the player you are adding is not in the database. Players are added every day so this is very important.
Now, players are added to the database continuously so if you claim a player who is already owned (via placemarker) you will lose your waiver position so you must make sure you check beforehand. This is done by going to the roster grid and using the "control f" search option. This is the only way to check rosters for players that I add manually.
Lastly, if I've added a placemarker and that player is added to the database DO NOT go through the waivers process or you will move down the waivers order. Message me and I'll make the swap for you without penalty.
... 4.4: Teams are allowed to add players on Monday after waivers run if they are short by posting to the league message board. However, you will only be allowed to add players who are going straight to the active roster. No bench or minors moves will be allowed.

* TRADES: Trading is allowed from October 10th, starting at noon up until the trade deadline on August 29th at midnight.

... 4.5: A trade can consist of any combination of players or draft picks. Also, all trades must be transparent and future considerations are not allowed. There will be no trade committee at this time but in case of extreme circumstances the commissioner can step in when it concerns the best interests of the league.
... 4.6: Any team that exceeds the 50 player threshold as a result of an uneven trade will be given 48 hours to rectify their respective roster from the time the trade is posted. The penalty for exceeding this threshold will result in the commissioner dropping the last player(s) claimed via waivers.
... 4.7: A trade is official once it is accepted via the trade tool and is posted to the main board. In addition, I would ask a trade announcement be posted when involving draft picks. If a trade is accepted by accident a message must be sent to everyone via the main message board right away as these things have happened in the past. However, the team making the offer will have zero recourse for obvious reasons.
... 4.8: Any deal that includes assets traded they do not possess will be immediately revoked. I'm not going to allow time to re-negotiate a deal based on a "gentleman's agreement". In short, make sure when you make a deal you're trading assets you own or the deal will be voided. In all actuality, this is incumbent on all trading parties to make sure their trade partner actually owns what they are trading.
... 4.9: Once the trade deadline has passed there are to be no negotiations whatsoever. Any negotiations that don't happen at the deadline need to be tabled until trading officially re-opens.


... 5.1: Draft Order: For the first round, the top 6 teams will draft at the end from 6th on down to 1st. The remainder of the teams who finished 7th-16th will be thrown into a lottery system with the highest weight given to the higher finishing teams. For example, the 7th & 8th place teams will receive 9 chances, the 9th & 10th place teams - 7 chances, the 11th & 12th place teams - 5 chances, the 13th & 14th place teams - 3 chances and the 15th & 16th place teams only 1 chance. Basically, we are adopting an NBA style draft system. All outcomes will be conducted through a randomizer. The rotation will be last to first in all subsequent rounds.
... 5.2: Draft Picks: You will receive a draft pick for every open roster spot available. The final date to make roster spots available for the draft will be tbd.
... 5.3: Draft Eligibility: Any player can be drafted. However, they must be signed to a major/minor league contract before the start of the season or they must be released.
... 5.4: Teams are no longer allowed to trade picks they do not own. For example, if a team trades 7 picks then that team must have a maximum of 43 players at the cut deadline. However, picks acquired via trade will not factor into this equation So, for example , if you're only planning on making 1 pick you can't trade picks 2-10 or you'll be forced to cut 9 players. NOTE: This applies to any trade made after 4/1/10. Anything made prior to this date will be grandfathered in.


... 6.1: The annual league dues are $30 per team. The winner will receive $200 while 2nd place receives $80 and third will garner $50. The remaining $150 goes towards this site.


... 7.1: In the event that an owner is deemed not fit for ownership, the commisioner can remove said owner at anytime providing it is in the best interests of the league. Should this happen an explanation will be provided by the commissioner upon request.


... 8.1: Rules changes can be proposed and voted on during the offseason only. To propose a rules change, email it to the league. It will be reviewed and discussed. If enough momentum gathers so to speak I will put it to a vote with all voters decisions posted on the message board. A two-thirds majority vote is required to pass an amendment and all owners will be required to participate.
... 8.2: The commissioner reserves the right to have executive power on everything for purposes of closing rule loopholes and to protect the integrity of the league and the spirit of the constitutional laws outlined here. The commissioner also has the right to impose rule changes unilaterally if deemed necessary.

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