2011 MLB Mock Draft #4

Very slow offseason so I thought why not do another Mock Draft? Here it is.


1- Pirates -Anthony Rendon-3B-Rice Remember when I said I wasnt a big fan? Well things have changed. I honestly love this guy now, I dont know what clicked but he just really grew on me. He should be the obvious #1 pick. (Previous- Anthony Rendon)

2- Mariners -Matt Purke-LHP-TCU Once again I think the M's go with the lefty who has Clayton Kershaw upside. (Previous- Matt Purke)

3-DBacks-Gerrit Cole-RHP-UCLA The DBacka need another legit starting picthing prospect and Cole is the best one available at this point in the draft. Kevin Towers needs to open up the pocket books though. (Previous- Gerrit Cole)

4- Orioles -Sonny Gray-RHP-Vandy Sonny Gray is one of my favorite pitchers in the draft. He has a great FB and a shutdown breaking bal.l Gray is a short guy, but guys like Oswalt and Lincecum have proven you dont need to be a tall guy to be an ace, which Gray could very well be. (Previous- Daniel Norris)

5- Royals -George Springer-OF-UConn Frankie Pillerie said Springer is the most exciting player he has ever scouted. That seems like a very big statement, but Springer has huge potential. He would fit perfectly into the Royals outfield next to Wil Myers. (Previous- George Springer)

6- Nationals - Daniel Norris-LHP-HS (Tennessee): The best HS arm available, he looks like an electric lefthander.  (Previous- Sonny Gray)

7-DBacks-Mikie Mahtook-OF-LSU With all the money spent of Cole, they should take a guy who wont cost as much, Mahtook could be that guy, and he also has a lot of potential. (Previous- Mikie Mahtook)

8- Indians-Jackie Bradley Jr-OF-South Carolina Bradely has tools galore and reminds me of former draft pick Jared Mitchell, although Bradley might be a little more polished. Bradley can be a very good defensive and offensive of'er pretty soon. (Previous-Bubba Starling)

9- Cubs -Taylor Jungmann-RHP-Texas The Cubs are always unpredictable, but I like the chances they take a big hard throwing college pitcher. (Previous- Taylor Jungmann)

10- Padres-Trevor Bauer- RHP-UCLA  I really like this guy, he is a year younger than most of these guys but he really impressed me in the CWS. Maybe a #1 but probably a #2.  (Previous- Jackie Bradley Jr)

11- Astros -Matt Barnes-RHP-UConn Another big hard thrower, would be a great fit for Houston who lacks in legit pitching prospects. (Previous- Matt Barnes)

12- Brewers- Bubba Starling-OF-HS (Kansas) Starling is a very talented kid. The Brewers would be very lucky for this 5-tool talent to drop to them. (Previous- Travis Harrison)

13- Mets- Archie Bradley-RHP-HS (Oklahoma) The Mets have the money to spend, and Archie is a great guy to spend on. A big workhorse with great stuff. (Previous- Archie Bradley)

14-Marlins-Travis Harrison-OF-HS (CA) The Marlins love them some high school prospects and Harrison has Mike Stanton type ability. (Previous- Dylan Bundy)

15-Brewers-Danny Hultzen-LHP-Virginia The Brewers need pitching and with a protected pick they take this safe college pitcher. (Previous- Danny Hultzen)

16- Dodgers-Henry Owens-LHP-HS (CA) Love this guy, he reminds me so much of Madison Bumgarner , a low 90's FB and a big slow CB, could go higher IMO. (Previous- Trevor Bauer)

17-Angels- Jason Esposito-3B-Vandy Esposito just makes too much sense for the Angels. With a new scouting director the Angels may change their habits and go the college route. The Angels have such little depth at 3rd base in the system, and Esposito will become thier best one, and closest to the MLB. I know drafting for need is not a good thing, but it really works here. Esposito is just to talented to pass up. (Previous- Henry Owens)

18-A's-Alex Dickerson-1B/OF-Indiana Dickerson has huge power potential and fits the A's draft style. They could also go with a high school pitcher here though.  (Previous- Jason Esposito)

19- Red Sox (From Detroit)- Dylan Bundy-RHP-HS (Oklahoma) Another good high school pitcher who looks like a workhorse. (Previous- Dillon Howard)

 20-Rockies- Michael Kelly-RHP-HS (Florida) I really like this kid. He has smooth mechanics and he could really shoot up boards with a strong season. (Previous- Preston Tucker)

 21- Blue Jays-Zach Cone-OF (Georgia) Drafted by the Angels a few years ago out of high school, he has 5 tool potential. The Jays are going in a new direction and Cone fits great in their plans (Previous-Dwight Smith Jr)

 22- Cardinals-Kolten Wong-2B-(Hawaii) Wong is the one of the top 2nd base prospects in the draft. He should be a solid defender with a pretty good bat. He could go a lot higher, but this is where I have him for now. (Previous-Fransisco Lindor)

23- White Sox- Austin Hedges-C-HS (California) I have Hedges as the top catching prospect in the draft. His defense is pretty good and hes gong to stick at catcher. I like his swing a lot, and I think he can be an impact bat at catcher, which the White Sox really need. (Previous-Jack Armstrong)

24- Rays- Josh Bell-OF-HS (TX) I really like this kid. He is a switch hitter and has enourmous tools. The Rays like toolsy guys and Bell would be perfect in this spot. (From Boston)- (Previous- Michael Kelly)

25-Padres- Francisco Lindor-SS-HS (CA) Id be suprised if Lindor drops this far, but it is possible. Lindor is a great pick this late in the 1st. (Previous- Tyler Beede)

26-Rangers- Jack Armstrong-RHP-Vandy Another big strong college righthander with a bunch of potential. The Rangers need pitching and Armstrong is pretty polished and could move fairly quickly. (Previous- Jed Bradley)

27- Reds- Dwight Smith Jr-OF-HS (Georgia) Another toolsy outfielder, Smith has a pretty impressive bat. He could be a very good pick this late. (Previous- Phil Evans)

28-Braves-Tyler Beede-RHP-HS (Mass) Beede is a big HS pitcher with good upside. Beede has the upside to go a lot higher with a good year. (Previous- Zach Cone)

29-Giants-Christian Lopes-SS-HS (CA) Lopez is an athletic SS, but could move to 2nd someday. He is going to have a pretty good bat and works here for San Fran. (Previous- Christian Lopes)

30-Twins-Josh Tobias-2B-HS (North Carolina) I still have Tobias going here to the Twins. Tobias fits the Twins system so well it is kind of scary. He has Rickie Weeks upside if he develops power. (Previous- Josh Tobias)

31-Yankees-Austin Wood-SP-USC Yankess really need pitching help soon and Wood could help soon. He definatley has some nice upside.  (Previous- BA Vollmuth)

32-Rays- Dillon Howard-RHP-HS (Ark) Another hard throwing HS pitcher with a lot of potential, Howard might not drop this far, but the Rays should be estatic if he does. (Previous- Blake Swihart)

33-Rangers (From Phillies)- Preston Tucker-1B-Florida Tucker has an akward looking swing, but he has pretty good power potential especially in Alrington where they dont have a clear cut answer at 1st base long term. (Previous- Dillon Maples)

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