2011 MLB Draft : Cleveland Indians Draft Report

The Indians took a few high ceiling players and a few bullpen arms and not much in between. The high ceiling players are spread over several positions and even a couple arms, so it was a well rounded draft in that way. If any of the pitchers end up as starters, the Indians did very well developmentally. Lindor is the key to this draft, though.

1 Francisco Lindor , SS , CLE $2,900,000 18.70 11/14/1993 Both Right 5'11" 175

Lindor could be a steal in this draft. Reports coming out of instructional camp have been crazy good on him. He was one of the youngest players in this years draft and he's a lock to stay at SS. I wasn't as high on him at draft time as some but it looks like I was low on him.

2 Dillon Howard , RHP , CLE $1,850,000 20.07 7/1/1992 Right Right 6'4" 210

Howard has a great pitchers frame and is very athletic. He needs reps, but every high school arm does. He has a heavy fastball and potential for 3 plus pitchers. He could be a #2 starter if everything breaks right.

3 Jake Sisco , RHP , CLE $325,000 20.63 12/9/1991 Right Right 6'3" 200

Sisco raised his stock a lot this year. He is a junior college product and will need reps but his stuff made him a solid choice in the 3rd round.

4 Jake Lowery , C , CLE $220,000 22.02 7/21/1990 Left Right 5'10"

Lowery has the arm to be a catcher but will need a lot of work to be viable. He crushed the ball in college and will have to continue to hit if he has to move off catcher. He is short for 1st base, so I'm not sure where he'd move to.

5 William Roberts , RHP , CLE $150,000 21.94 8/17/1990 Left Right 6'5" 195

Roberts' stuff isn't great. He has a low 90's fastball an average breaking ball and has a short track record. He does have a projectable pitchers frame. I don't know too much more about him.

6 Bryson Myles , OF , CLE $112,500 22.85 9/18/1989 Right Right 5'11" 230

Myles is built like a rock at 5'11 and 230 pounds. He doesn't have a ton of power in his swing but he has very good bat speed and could gain power in time. His speed isn't off the charts but he can run and he knows how to use it as an asset. He best profiles in LF.

7 Eric Haase , C , CLE $580,000 19.60 12/18/1992 Right Right 5'11" 180

Haase is a player you need to project a lot on. He has the tools to succeed. He has good bat speed, an athletic frame and a good arm. He shows plus pop times as a catcher but his accuracy isn't there and he doesn't have a long track record behind the dish. You are looking at a 5 year developmental guy, probably, but he may be worth the wait.

9 Jordan Smith , 3B , CLE $125,000 22.06 7/5/1990 Left Right 6'4" 205

As a division II player, Smith dominated. He held his own in short season ball, but didn't hit for any power. His plate discipline was good but his defense was below average. He will likely be an outfielder where the bat will have to play up.

10 Jeffrey Johnson , RHP , CLE $100,000 22.46 2/9/1990 Right Right 5'11" 180

Johnson is a short RHP with a mid 90's fastball and a pretty good slider when he's on. Another back end of the pen kind of guy.

11 Luis DeJesus , RHP , CLE $100,000 20.61 12/16/1991 Right Right 6'3" 190

12 Steven Sides , RHP , CLE 23.10 6/22/1989 Right Right 6'4" 215

Sides is a fireballing RHP who has had Tommy John surgery and recovered to throw in the mid 90's again. Control is his biggest issue but he could be a valuable set up type of bullpen arm.

13 Zach MacPhee , 2B , CLE $150,000 22.45 2/13/1990 Both Right 5'8" 172

MacPhee just crushed Pac-10 pitching in 2010 before falling off a cliff in 2011 with the new bats draining his power. If he hits like he did in 2010, he could be a player but if he hits like he did in 2011, he won't be worth much because he doesn't offer much for defensive value. He doesn't have a very good arm or very good speed.

14 Cody Anderson , RHP , CLE $250,000 21.87 9/14/1990 Right Right 6'4" 220

15 Todd Hankins , 2B , CLE $110,000 21.69 11/18/1990 Right Right 5'11" 185

16 Ryan Merritt , LHP , CLE $150,000 20.43 2/21/1992 Left Left 6' 160

18 Shawn Armstrong , RHP , CLE $325,000 21.87 9/11/1990 Right Right 6'2" 210

19 Shawn Morimando , LHP , CLE $350,000 19.68 11/20/1992 Left Left 5'11" 170

Morimando has a long stride as he delivers to the plate. He has a low 90's fastball and a chance to have two average pitches.

21 Cody Elliott , OF , CLE 22.25 4/26/1990 Right Right 6'

23 Cody Allen , RHP , CLE 23.68 11/20/1988 Right Right 6'1" 210

27 Evan Frazar , SS , CLE 21.36 3/17/1991 Right Right 6'2" 185

33 Jack Wagoner , RHP , CLE 23.10 6/20/1989 Right Right 6'1" 205

35 Mason Radeke , RHP , CLE 22.12 6/13/1990 Right Right 6'1" 175

36 Abelisario Guerrero , LHP , CLE 20.58 12/28/1991 Left Left 6' 180

Abel has a low 90's fastball that could gain a few more ticks. He has a ton of potential and was a good get that late in the draft. Keep an eye on him.

38 Yhoxian Medina , SS , CLE 22.21 5/11/1990 Right Right 5'10" 165

39 John Barr , OF , CLE 24.11 6/17/1988 Right Right 6'2" 190

41 Brian Ruiz , OF , CLE 19.87 9/11/1992 Right Right 6'3" 180

42 KC Serna , SS , CLE 22.78 10/15/1989 Right Right 6' 185

43 Geoffrey Davenport , LHP , CLE $100,000 22.37 3/14/1990 Left Left 6'1" 180

46 Rob Nixon , RHP , CLE 23.73 11/1/1988 Right Right 6'1" 190

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