Rating last year's rookies-Community Prospect #17

Craig Kimbrel becomes our first relief pitcher, and our third Atlanta Brave on the board, winning round 16.  Our winners so far include:

1.  Brett Lawrie, 3b Toronto Blue Jays (51%)

2,  Eric Hosmer, 1b Kansas City Royals (57%)

3.  Michael Pineda, P Seattle Mariners (38%)

4.  Dustin Ackley, 2b Seattle Mariners (41%)

5. Desmond Jennings, of Tampa Bay Rays (47%)

6. Jeremy Hellickson, P Tampa Bay Rays  (49%)

7. Freddie Freeman, 1B Atlanta Braves (45%)

8. Brandon Beachy, P Atlanta Braves (27%)

9. Brandon Belt, OF/!B San Francisco Giants (33%)

10. Mike Moustakas, 3b Kansas City Royals (38%)

11. Domonic Brown, of Philadelphia Phillies (32%) (70% runoff)

12. Jason Kipnis, 2b Cleveland Indians 29%

13. Cory Luebke, P San Diego Padres 19% (59% runoff)

14. Paul Goldschmidt, 1b Arizona Diamondbacks 26%

15. Danny Espinosa, 2b Washington Nationals 36%

16. Craig Kimbrel, P Atlanta Braves, 38%

The voting breakdown after Kimbrel was: Aroldis Chapman 21%, Chris Sale 17%, Salvador Perez 13%, Mark Trumbo 4%, Allen Craig 4%, Wilson Ramos 4% , Mike Minor 0%, Jose Altuve 0%, Ivan Nova 0%, Jordan Walden 0%, JD Martinez 0%

Because I am dropping so many guys with 0% anyway, I'm going to keep the standard at 4% for those already on the ballot. Mike Minor, Jose Altuve, Ivan Nova, Jordan Walden and JD Martinez are temporarily dropped.  We'll bring back Jemile Weeks, Kyle Drabek, Ben Revere and Henderson Alvarez this round.  Wilson  Ramos, who was dropped just the round before will come back on the ballot in round 18.

In rotation: Vance Worley 0% (round 13, Josh Collmenter 0% (round 13), Kenley Jansen 0% (round 14), Lucas Duda 0% (round 14), Zach Britton 0% (round 14), Danny Duffy 0% (round 15), Wilson Ramos 0% (round 15), Dayan Viciedo 0% (round 15), Mike Minor 0% (round 16), Jose Altuve 0% (round 16), Ivan Nova 0% (round 16), Jordan Walden 0% (round 16), JD Martinez 0% (round 16).

We'll give Mike Carp his first time on the ballot this round, leaving as future testers:

Juan Nicasio Alex CobbJordan Lyles, Jerry Sands, Aaron Crow and Dee Gordon.

As always voting is by +1 and there are places below to suggest testers or vote for players not currently on the ballot.  Not sure who I want to add next round from among the testers.  Any suggestions, either among those listed or someone else? 

Also, I am planning on taking this out to 25 rounds and then stopping, so with 16 rounds in the books, and far more than 9 between those on the ballot, in rotation, and lined up as testers, consider, when suggesting testers whether you could see yourself seriously considering voting for that player over the next 9 rounds.

So who is your number 17 prospect for future performance among last year's rookies?

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