Dominatio's 2011 Top Fantasy Baseball Hitting Prospects #1-20



This list is meant for GM's in fantasy baseball dynasty leagues or fantasy baseball keeper leagues. Defense is of no concern when compiling the list, however position, and position scarcity is. I personally usually value high upside players over low-upside players with a better chance to make it in mlb. I've included each players likely probable potential line in their 3rd year in MLB (not their 1st season in MLB) Some players who have better projected 3rd year lines could be lower than other players due to that other player having a higher ceiling or higher floor or just more value.


1. Mike Trout

I think the power will develop just a little more. Theres a decent chance he will end up putting up lines like this in MLB...

.310 AVG 15 HR 35 SB .900 OPS

2. Jesus Montero

Odds are he will end up having catcher-eligiblity for at least a few years. The bat is just so good, even if he moves to 1B or ends up DHing he will be a fantasy force.

.290 35 HR 0 SB .900 OPS

3. Desmond Jennings

I don't think he has more power than he showed in 2010. Love the walk rate.

.290 5 HR 50 SB .800 OPS

4. Bryce Harper

He has amazing power potential but what position will he settle into and how fastly will he reach the show?

.290 30 HR 10 SB .850 OPS

5. William Myers

He could stick at catcher or move to right-field but either way this is a special bat.

.300 25 HR 5 SB .900 OPS

6. Mike Moustakas

I like him to be very good but not great, and I think he is a relatively safe pick to reach a very good level in fantasy leagues.

.280 30 HR .850 OPS

7. Eric Hosmer

He has come a long way since even 1 year ago, I can't wait to see what he does this year.

.290 30 HR .900 OPS

8. Domonic Brown

I'm not as high on him as others, there are some minor flaws with him and I think he will be very good but not great.

.280 20 HR 15 SB .800 OPS

9. Freddie Freeman

I think a lot of people underrate him. He's very impressive, especially for his age.

.290 25 HR .875 OPS

10. Jason Kipnis

Another player very underrated. He has a good chance to stick at 2B in MLB. Maybe down the line he move's off the position but the Indians are going to give him a shot, especially with Chisenhall coming up at 3B.

.290 25 HR 10 SB .900 OPS

11. Jean Segura

A middle infielder with moderate power, great speed, and decent on-base and average skills? Sign me up.

.280 10 HR 40 SB .775 OPS

12. Jurickson Profar

The 3rd middle infielder in a row on this list. Profar is very young and has a huge ceiling. Quality middle infielders are very hard to come by in fantasy.

.290 20 HR 10 SB .825 OPS

13. Brandon Belt

He may move to the outfield but his bat will play anywhere if he maintains his patience at the plate.

.290 25 HR 5 SB .900 OPS

14. Manny Machado

Manny has an even higher upside than Profar but he is less of a safer bet to reach it. This will be a very agressive projection for him but its certainly not outrageous.

.290 35 HR 5 SB .875 OPS

15. Dustin Ackley

Ackley is lacking in power/speed potential but is pretty solid elsewhere and will play a premium position in 2B.

.290 10-15 HR 10-15 SB .775 OPS

16. Jon Giavotiella

Surprise, but I feel Gia and Ackley are pretty interchangeable. I think Gia has great on-base skills and the power can develop similar to Pedroia's, it's not definite, but it's a possiblity.

.290 15 HR 5-10 SB .800 OPS

17. Wilin Rosario

If Rosario can get back fully healthy he can stick at catcher, and if he can stick at catcher he can be a 20+ HR catcher in MLB.

.275 20 HR 0 SB .800 OPS

18. Miguel Sano

I believe in him a lot and think he will be solid across the board. It's really too early to project anything but I'll give my best guess. He has potential for far more than this though.

.280 15 HR 10 SB .800 OPS

19. Lonnie Chisenhall

He will be solid at 3B. Low ceiling, high floor in my opinion.

.275 20 HR 0 SB .800 OPS

20. Nick Franklin

Franklin might end up moving off of shortstop but he could end up at 2B, so still an important middle-infield position. His strikeout rate is a little high but the power is for real.

.270 20 HR 10 SB .775 OPS

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