2010 Sleeper Alert Review, Part Two

Part Two of the 2010 Sleeper Alert list. Part three will follow later.

Remember, this is a look at last year's list to see how it came out. The new list is in the 2011 book, and I will post that here sometime after the book ships.

Jeurys Familia, RHP, New York Mets: 5.58 ERA with 137/74 K/BB in 121 innings in High-A. Command issues are the problem here, though strong K/IP ratio continues to point to good upside.

Cory Gearrin, RHP, Atlanta Braves: 3.36 ERA with 66/32 K/BB and 2.67 GO/AO in 80 innings in Triple-A. Remains a middle relief candidate.

Miguel Gonzalez, C, Chicago White Sox: .218/.260/.276 in 92 games in Low-A. Awful year with the bat. Caught 50% of runners though other glove aspects still need polish. Young enough at age 20 to rebound.

Connor Hoehn, RHP, Oakland Athletics: 3.80 ERA with 101/39 K/BB in 88 innings in Low-A. K/IP and H/IP ratios are excellent, still looks very interesting going forward.

T.J. House, LHP, Cleveland Indians: 3.91 ERA with 106/61 K/BB in 136 innings in High-A.  OK season, not great, still interesting pitcher but not a breakthrough year.

Jiwan James, OF, Philadelphia Phillies: .270/.321/.365 with 33 steals (but 20 caught) in 133 games in Low-A. Physical tools are outstanding, but baseball skills, plate discipline remain very raw. Not a breakthrough year.

Steven Johnson, RHP, Baltimore Orioles: 5.09 ERA, 128/78 K/BB in 145 innings in Double-A. A blah season, very strong fly ball tendency (24 homers, 0.45 GO/AO) looks like a handicap.

James Jones, OF, Seattle Mariners: .269/.356/.432 in Low-A, 24 steals, 12 homers, 62 walks. Struggled in the first half but caught fire in the second. Excellent tools, skills are coming along, I like him a lot.

Josh Judy, RHP, Cleveland Indians: 2.68 ERA, 55/14 K/BB in 47 innings in Triple-A, then pitched great in Dominican Winter League. Should help in bullpen this year.

Kyeong Kang, OF, Tampa Bay Rays: .241/.328/.315 in 86 games in High-A. Power not developing, still draws walks, could rebound this year with some better BABIP luck, but overall he's been disappointing.

Nathan Karns, RHP, Washington Nationals: Injured.

Pat Lehman, RHP, Washington Nationals: 4.53 ERA with 98/28 K/BB in 97 innings between High-A and brief injury rehab in rookie ball. K/IP ratio points to potential, but is already 24 and needs to move fast in '11.

Robinson Lopez, RHP, Atlanta Braves: Traded to Cubs. 4.19 ERA with 76/52 K/BB in 103 innings in Low-A between the two organizations. Not a breakthrough season obviously, but still an interesting prospect.

Brett Lorin, RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates: 4.62 ERA with 41/12 K/BB in 49 innings in Low-A and rookie ball rehab. Good K/BB ratio, but season was slowed by injury recovery. We'll see if he can change that in '11.

Jeremy McBryde, RHP, San Diego Padres: 4.33 ERA with 55/18 K/BB in 69 innings between High-A and rehab. Good K/BB ratio still there, still has potential, turns 24 in May and needs to move forward this year.

Roman Mendez, RHP, Boston Red Sox: Traded to Rangers. Very erratic, 11.40 ERA in 15 innings in Low-A, but more effective in short-season ball after being demoted. Overall: 5.73 ERA with 66/32 K/BB in 60 innings. Live arm, just 20, has plenty of time to figure things out.

Diego Moreno, RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates: 2.15 ERA with 69/8 K/BB in 46 innings, just 24 hits between High-A and Double-A. Amazing component ratios and he has a live arm, can help in bullpen.

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