2010 Sleeper Alert Review, Part One

2010 Sleeper Alert Review

Here is a review of all the players I gave Sleeper Alert ratings to in the 2010 Baseball Prospect Book. The 2011 book has its own list, of course, and this year we've put it in a convenient format at the end of the book. The point of a Sleeper Alert rating is to give notice about a player who can or should sneak up on people.

This is part one of the list, I will post part two tomorrow. Remember, this is a review of last year's list.


Fernando Abad, LHP, Houston Astros: 2.35 ERA with a 42/8 K/BB in 46 innings in Double-A/Triple-A, then a 2.84 ERA with a 12/5 K/BB in 19 major league innings. Should be able to help in bullpen.

Kyle Allen, RHP, New York Mets: 5.24 ERA with 53/54 K/BB in 101 innings in High-A. A bad season, with a striking collapse in K/BB ratio, but he wasn't fully healthy. Young enough to rebound.

Alexia Amarista, 2B, Los Angeles Angels: Breakout season, hit a combined .309/.350/.421 with 25 steals between High-A, Double-A, and Triple-A, pushing himself up the prospect charts very nicely.

Jeff Antigua, LHP, Chicago Cubs: 4.16 ERA with 88/33 K/BB in 93 innings in Low-A. Not a great season, not terrible, still just 20 years old, remains a sleeper for success.

Jon Bachanov, RHP, Los Angeles Angels: Limited to just 26 innings in Low-A, with a 23/14 K/BB and a 5.47 ERA. Missed most of the season due to sore elbow.

Chris Balcom-Miller, RHP, Colorado Rockies: Traded to Red Sox. 3.30 ERA with a 120/19 K/BB in 115 innings in Low-A. I regard this as a breakthrough season and he should make more positive noise in 2011.

Jeff Beliveau, LHP, Chicago Cubs: 2.66 ERA with 97/29 K/BB in 64 innings in Low-A and High-A. A very strong relief season, great K/IP and H/IP marks, remains someone to watch.

Robert Bell, RHP, Toronto Blue Jays: 5.93 ERA with 41/16 K/BB in 58 innings between Double-A and rehab assignments. Injury season.

Nick Bucci, RHP, Milwaukee Brewers: 3.51 ERA with 100/68 K/BB in 121 innings in Low-A. Needs to lower walk rate, but got good reviews from scouts and is one of the best prospects in a now-thin system.

Jose Casilla, RHP, San Francisco Giants: 1.16 ERA with 41/17 K/BB in 54 innings in Low-A, 14 saves, and a 2.46 GO/AO. Nothing to complain about here, a very successful season.

Ryan Chaffee, RHP, Los Angeles Angels: 6.36 ERA with 83/46 K/BB in 105 innings in High-A, 126  hits. No way to spin this as anything but a bad season, although his last three starts in late August and September were very good.

Edward Concepcion, RHP, San Francisco Giants: 6.39 ERA with a 57/46 K/BB in 63 innings in short-season-A. A horrible year with serious command issues.

Brandon Cooney, RHP, Baltimore Orioles: 2.64 ERA with 56/28 K/BB in 61 innings between High-A and Double-A, 2.32 GO/AO. Ground ball specialist could help in bullpen this year.

Drew Cumberland, INF, San Diego Padres: Still has problems staying healthy, but hit .350/.385/.505 with 21 steals in 75 games between High-A and Double-A.

Justin De Fratus, RHP, Philadelphia Phillies: 1.94 ERA with 71/16 K/BB in 65 innings, 21 saves between High-A and Double-A, along with a strong Arizona Fall League performance. Another one who can help in a major league pen.

Enerio del Rosario, RHP, Cincinnati Reds: 3.09 ERA, 34/17 K/BB in 64 innings in Triple-A, pitched 10 innings in the majors with a 4.50 ERA and 4/4 K/BB but 2.57 GO/AO. Ground ball specialist can help in pen.

Vincent DiFazio, C, Texas Rangers: .275/.395/.520 in 59 games in Low-A and High-A. Showed power and patience but missed much of season with injuries and is now 24, needs to move forward this year.

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